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  1. Their memory hasn't been altered, mostly because it's a backstory I'd enjoy exploring through dialogue with others, playing the character, and tweaking it further. The memory update/alterations in the hospital and in the brief period they were working around District 9 were much for the same reason as her memory update/alterations for being employed at NanoTrasen; mainly to solidify ownership, to ensure Rosie is aware that they're owned and who they belong to so that they work at their best when on display to the public and higher-ups within the resus.ward/hospital and then when they're working out in the field within D9. - In hindsight, memory re-write does sound like their memory is being re-written, as opposed to some internal clarification as to who they're owned by.
  2. I briefly mentioned in the backstory that, after being sold to NanoTrasen, their memory would be updated/altered to register NanoTrasen as their new owner. Rosie will not be against this so much, having been owned before at a hospital where they were likely branded and subject to similar memory re-writes.
  3. Reporting Personnel: Dr. Robert de Winter Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Captain Game ID: b5M-dkP3 (when the report was made to my character) Personnel Involved: Jake Jarvis, Security Officer (NT.), Visitor at time of reporting- Witness Lena Hegarty, Cargo Technician (NT.), Visitor at time of reporting - Witness Myraal Al'Khazar, Visitor - Offender Secondary Witnesses: Xuleix Iruun-Sulox, an investigator with an undisclosed, likely federal, agency of the Jargon Federation. They were investigating the father of the adopted child (detailed below) before his death, their case then expanded when the aforementioned individuals gained interest over the child. Time of Incident: Real Time: Reported at ~2230GMT, 19/02/20 (DD/MM/YY) Location of Incident: Not localised to a specific area. Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ X ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ X ] - Other | Possible relation to mob activity within District 6. Overview of the Incident: Following the adoption of a skrell child (name not disclosed to maintain privacy), employees Miss. Lena Hegarty (henceforth L.H.) and Mr. Jake Jarvis (henceforth J.J.) were approached on two occasions by a tajaran associate of the criminal father of the skrell child who is deceased. The individual, Mr. Myraal Al'Khazar (henceforth M.A.), offered a sum of credits to purchase the child from L.H. and J.J., saying, '[ I ] am not happy with her father's work'. Both L.H. and J.J. refuted this proposition, though were approached a second time in a later shift by this 'mobster' (so L.H., J.J. and the investigator, Mr. Xuleix Iruun-Sulox (henceforth X.I.), claim - I was unable to confirm whether this individual has a criminal record within Tau Ceti) who is intent on gaining hold of the adopted skrell child. Both have expressed their concern over this matter and, seemingly, are incredibly uncomfortable as one may expect, and so I believe, as a Captain who was deemed privy to this information, that action must be taken to ensure M.A. does not continue to harrass L.H. and J.J. who are valued employees working with NanoTrasen, and that we aid X.I. in capturing the tajaran individual who can very likely be linked back to tajaran gang violence within District 6. It is unlikely M.A. will have any records within NanoTrasen databases, though it could be possible to liaise with the Republic of Biesel to obtain criminal records linked to the name which will allow us to act further. Submitted Evidence: None. Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: The incident was reported to myself, a captain with NanoTrasen Corporation working aboard the N.S.S. Aurora, during a brief meeting. Actions taken: Central Command was informed, however the fax system has been unreliable as of late and a Dominian Prince scam was sent as a reply instead of an official response. An injunction was also filed in the event the individual turned up that shift. A copy of the entire report is attached below. Additional Notes: Attached Report:
  4. BYOND Key: Sadkermit Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Integrated Positronic Chassis What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Undecided Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, several times over. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Simply to explore various concepts that arise when creating IPC characters as I go along (detailed below). There is no singular reason that I can identify. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: For the most part (and in regards to owned IPCs, which I will likely see myself playing more than unowned IPCs), IPCs are more professional and efficient, otherwise they risk being deactivated or wiped or sold, at least by working to a sufficient degree they may be afforded some modicum of freedom. Their self-preservation directive would be constantly pushing them to do better and to please their employers, or at any moment, they could be replaced with another model which can. All IPCs, owned or not, are of course robotic in nature. They can vary in how well they imitate humans, how much they may even aspire to be like humans, or whether they have a superiority complex to make up for the fact they are slaves within society. They approach tasks different, instead of investing feelings and emotion into something, they may tackle the task more logically and systemically. In the field of medicine, where most of my characters will likely be, this could lead to so many different ways of roleplay - whether you patients are treated with a holistic mindset, or whether your character checks lists and diagnoses due to met conditions. Character Name: Rosie Backstory: Rosie, Baseline IPC, Emergency Physician Created in 2453 at Hephaestus Production Station Sidirourgeio. Commissioned by the Republic of Biesel at a cost of 103,599 credits, Rosie was designed for use in the resuscitation ward of Mendell City General Hospital's A&E/ER department. Programmed with the most up-to-date medical software at the time, they are capable of performing all procedures that would have been required in the resuscitation ward; Rosie is also equipped with decent social and emotional emulation software to allow for great bedside manners and team co-ordination. When they begun their work, they mostly showed little little empathy, treating the issues as they came in, working quickly and efficiently to keep patients flowing out of the resus. ward, though while working in the resus. ward, they learned how valuable and cherished life was to people, and how quickly it could be lost due to poor decisions or simply unfortunate circumstance. In 2458, after several years working in the resus. ward, and with the reluctant introduction of a large vaurcae population into Mendell City society and a larger amount of the high-end IPC models being introduced to Mendell City’s General Hospital, Rosie was relieved of their duties within the resuscitation ward and was re-assigned to a small team of pre-hospital emergency medicine physicians & critical care paramedics who worked in tandem with the MCPD to respond to calls in District 9. Picked due to their neutral stance, Rosie would attend incidents related to gang fights between vaurcae D9 and tajara D6 populations, fights between vaurcae hives, as well as the frequent systemic k’ois mycosis case - often having to enter the quarantined homes of infected individuals to remove the parasite on-scene. They would work this position for a decent amount of time. Overtime, after working for 3 years in District 9 and the outer boundaries of neighbouring districts, Rosie would prove too expensive to maintain, with damage sustained by any of the various gangs within D9 needing to be repaired, and the occasional deep and thourough cleans that would have to be done after any response to a k’ois mycosis infected individual. They were slowly and gradually retired from service, cleaned and repaired one more time, and advertised for sale. Rosie next woke up following an update to their software and a memory re-write which registered NanoTrasen as their new owner, the medical department aboard the Aurora their new workplace. Rosie’s view on her ownership and how easily it is for those who own her to shut her down and move her around as they will is rather simple. They have no intention on purchasing their freedom as it would impact their ability to continue to live and pay for maintenance, and could also impact job opportunities. They largely see themselves as a tool for delivering quality care to any patients they are assigned to. What do you like about this character? I'm going to try and play them as an efficient and professional robot, one that is largely methodological and exact. I quite like these traits in characters, so there's one. The background they have is also one that I really like and have been trying to explore in a character, though have yet until now, hopefully it will allow for some good anecdotes and approaches to situations that occur during rounds. How would you rate your role-playing ability? 'I’d rate my roleplaying ability at anywhere between 7 and 8 - it depends on the character I'm playing. Since June, I’ve gathered some feedback as to how well I can roleplay and I’ve stepped back to see how well I’m doing myself, I believe I’ve improved marginally, and plan to continue doing so. My roleplay quality shifts a lot depending on who I play, which is something I hope to fix, becoming more consistent with my roleplay despite which character I've joined the round as.' - I wrote this on my dionae application at the very end of last year, I still believe this to be my stance on how well I roleplay. I've not been gathering feedback so much as of late, and so I cannot say if there is any marked improvement. Notes: None. Edits: 18/02/20: Missed details 19/02/20: Spelling correction 21/02/20: Edited list of characters.
  5. BYOND Key: Sadkermit Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Dionae What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A light, oak floorboard colour. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Numerous times. Why do you wish to play this specific race: The idea of playing a dionae has intrigued me for a fair while, almost since I started playing here, though I’ve never made the effort of applying for this alien whitelist until now (actually now, not in September when I wrote this). The lore behind the dionaea is really interesting and I feel like I can incorporate a lot of it into any characters I make with this whitelist, and with how small of a presence dionaea have in the medical bay where I mainly play, it would always be great to introduce one or two. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: The main feature of dionaea setting them apart from other species in roleplay, is that they’re an amalgamation of several conscious organisms and must argue amongst themselves to come to a conclusion before acting out something - this contributing to their obvious slow nature. When roleplaying a human, you can go more off your own impulses and what you think there and then (unless you're playing a wildly different character from yourself); when roleplaying a dionae however, you’ve got to slow down and consider what each individual nymph at that point may be thinking, all depending on individual personalities you may have given each nymph - this could lead to interesting conflicts of interests which further develop your gestalts’ character. Another interesting feature of dionaea that makes them different to roleplay compared to the average human is that dionaea are incredibly inquisitive and knowledgeable. Knowledge is all that dionaea value, and this allows the creation of some interesting character concepts. A dionae has a huge capacity for knowledge, more than any human, and some may wish to completely fill this capacity up to the brim with own experiences and sometimes even those of other, occasionally safekeeping the memories of other organisms who have passed so their memories live on with the gestalt. This curiosity would play a large part in any gestalts I create down the line. Character Name: Perusals Into the Reservoir of Souls, the Stream Connecting Source to Reservoir, and the Vessel. - a long-ish name, justified by the backstory, I hope. Backstory: The core nymph of Reservoir of Souls was grown in the dodgy greenhouse of a psychiatric hospital facility on Biesel by an inpatient who couldn't quite get the thermostat working properly, thus it’s more light colouration that would be expected from dionaea who were grown in more arid regions. Reservoir of Souls became their therapy nymph, similar to a therapy dog, such that it would snuggle up with them and accompany them to counselling sessions to comfort them. During this time, Reservoir of Souls would skitter about doing the normal nymph things; pinching some blood from each of the staff around the facility and also some inpatients, as well as collecting other kinds of biological matter like loose hair caught on furniture in the therapy room. By doing this, Reservoir of Souls would gradually learn about the basics of therapy (from consuming biological mass of psychiatrists/psychotherapists), but also of the struggle of those with mental illnesses (from consuming biological mass of inpatients, learning about their condition and how such people want to be treated et cetera.) It would spend the duration of the inpatient's stay observing it's treatment, then getting left behind after the inpatient was discharged from the facility, left behind as the patient realised how valuable the nymph was to other inpatients who also were comforted by Reservoir of Souls. As Reservoir of Soul’s core nymph got older, it would form a gestalt having fused with newer nymphs of it's own seeding. Reservoir of Souls, now a gestalt, would be keen to help out the troubled folk around Biesel, to understand how and why people reach such stages of life and how people could be fixed, per se, so their life becomes worth-while to live, and would have some of the knowledge to do that from the snippets of information it gained from site staff. It would demonstrate this, and after appealing to some of the psychiatrists on-site, they would refer Reservoir of Souls to the company's higher-ups who works out a grant that would allow Reservoir of Souls to be trained as a psychotherapist. It would work this position for several decades, seeing hundreds of patients with varying conditions, before seeking the training to become a clinical psychologist where it could not only do clinical work, but actually research and see the science behind people's minds and how mental illnesses were causes and treated, their effects on life and such. At first, it would treat patients very systematically and analytically - despite being old in the eyes of a human, it may not have developed a massive range of emotions - though eventually it would have a more emotional, holistic outlook on psychotherapy. Several decades more, having established itself as a knowledgeable psychologist in the private field with it's own office where it sees troubled people, it would begin to develop it's own theory. It would theorise and work with other great minds, eventually developing it's own theory that it further researched in a lab setting, then incorporated into it's clinical practise, possibly publishing a book too. It would be at this point it took the name 'Perusals Into the Reservoir of Souls, the Stream Connecting Source to Reservoir, and the Vessel', old and knowledgeable in it's field with decades of experience and then even more experience from the biological matter it consumed from inpatients and psychiatric staff during it's nymph days. A familiar conglomerate would become aware of Reservoir of Souls, offering various incentives (credits, a better accommodation given it spent all of it's credits on developing it's theory and publishing the book, and maybe some coupons for the blood market) to have Reservoir of Souls employed aboard the Aurora where it would do both clinical work (helping crew) and scientific work (doing the occasional psychology lab experiment). What do you like about this character? The two things I like the most about Reservoir of Souls though would be: one) it’s theory, which, keeping it minimal, combines several fields of science that are studied aboard the Aurora including xenobiology, bluespace science, and the standard biological psychology, and would be a blast to try and apply to patients who do choose to see Reservoir of Souls - I would hope it be interesting for any players who do turn up to Reservoir of Soul’s counselling sessions as it would be quite different from the standard sessions done by most psych’s; and two) just the backstory in general which was fun to write and will be even more fun to explore as I play and develop the character, expanding on certain niches of Reservoir of Soul’s character as it is asked question or encounters things that could relate to it’s development pre-employment aboard the Aurora. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I’d rate my roleplaying ability at anywhere between 7 and 8 - it depends on the character I'm playing. Since June, I’ve gathered some feedback as to how well I can roleplay and I’ve stepped back to see how well I’m doing myself, I believe I’ve improved marginally, and plan to continue doing so. My roleplay quality shifts a lot depending on who I play, which is something I hope to fix, becoming more consistent with my roleplay despite which character I've joined the round as. Notes: Oh, yeah. Happy New Year. Edits: 1) 04/01/20 - Grammar. Changes highlighted in green.
  6. Starting confrontations is also something I hate doing, so I hope to keep this light and brief. Windsor isn't meant to be nice, she's all about being fast and efficient and dislikes people who slow her down or critique her, there are huge IC problems stemming off that which have been entertaining for all involved. Ever since I noticed the tension between Windsor and Greyson, I've been meaning for Windsor to apologise, but it just makes no sense for her to, more so now that it's calmed down a bit; regarding Nietzsche, that's a personality conflict I don't know how to solve, personalities clashed and it sparked dislike for one another. I personally think this is just a problem in-character, but I'm happy to resolve it OOCly too. I'm not Windsor, teaching interns/residents and giving real, constructive criticism is one of my more favourite things to do in medical and has led to some really great interactions with other players. I promise that for every poor critique from Windsor, I've had my other characters give out a plentiful amount of helpful comments and I could easily refer you to some players who've benefited from them. I'm sorry if you believe my character is rude and abrasive all the time, but I think the situation we were in demanded it. Your character was absurdly drunk, possibly threatening/insulting the intern my character was with, and, after hearing the intern insult you back, was committing battery against the intern. I do think I may have resorted to the flash too quickly, I'm sorry about that, but it's never something I've done before, I only ever retaliate and try not to make the first move - even with something so non-lethal such as a flash. I don't want to pick on this too much about it as I've noticed you've filed an IR, so I hope everything is cleared up in the investigation and it remains in-character from here onwards. Regarding the Research Director's death, we treated them as best we could. I admit to making a mistake in regards to using a standard table instead of a roller bed to do a hardsuit removal in the heat of the moment, but otherwise, blood loss was the immediate concern (30-40% blood in her, toxins already high, time is very limited at that point) and I called for the appropriate equipment to deal with it, half of it just did not arrive on time. From there on, my performance just dropped the remainder of the round because I could feel the eyes of everyone observing and ridiculing me, especially some of the players who I've noticed are very caustic, for that I apologise. My CMO specialises in general medicine and surgery. She refuses to do any psychology, and is only capable of basic-intermediate chemistry (she can't make anything under the advanced tab, nor does she touch the cryo mixtures). The two times I recall going up to the virology lab as Marcello were both on changeling rounds and was to analyse a blood sample to see if it contained any pathogens, she can't do anything more than that. I do recall a recent round where I went up to cure a virus, but I really can't remember if it was as Windsor or Marcello. If I was playing as Marcello, I'm very sorry, I'll ensure it doesn't happen again. I said above in my application that the only administrative action taken against me so far (an informal one, at that), was because as a surgeon I was making advanced chemicals, ever since then I've always made sure my characters aren't know-it-alls. To both of you: I hope your observations in these last days of my trial can change your minds, even if only a bit. I've dropped Marcello from the lime-light temporarily while I revise her a bit, given she seems to be the source of a lot of my problems; I've also been trying to find out where I've gone wrong OOCly and plan to ask for a few tips and some guidance from those who have had the opportunity to gain experience. I personally think that you've both missed some decent highlights of mine while playing as Marcello, but if given the opportunity, I hope to weed out future moments like those that you have witnessed and replace them with future moments that were similar to those that you missed. Both of your critiques wont be ignored, I'm going to make changes were possible to alleviate your concerns and start a fresh, clean page. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change by raising and clarifying your concerns regarding me and my characters, I really hope this was a one-off thing and I don't present any more problems to you or anyone else for that matter (though it's inevitable I'll make some mistakes while I figure out how command works).
  7. Character names: Ciara Chipperfield (Psychiatrist) Roy (Stationbound) Alexander Nietzsche (Surgeon) Faith Windsor (Biochemist) Vincent Lemmons (Quartermaster) -> (Head of Personnel) Rosa Marcello (Chief Medical Officer) Jack Welbourn (Engineering Apprentice) How long have you been playing on Aurora?: I’ve been playing since the 29th/30th of April, almost non-stop. Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: I decided that I would apply for the command whitelist about two or three weeks ago. Initially, I came to this decision just because I had some ambitious characters I wanted to bring into play, some unique stories to tell; though more recently, my reasoning has expanded beyond that. I've always enjoyed taking lead positions, helping a team advance, giving insight to people listening to me, and managing things from above- even if that means paperwork, as some know. This was a large reason behind me applying for this whitelist, it would allow me to manage the departments I know and love to play in and help those playing below my characters. It would accredit me as someone who can be trusted to steer someone's roleplay in the right direction. Even without a whitelist now, I tend to be relied upon to help those unfamiliar with the department I'm playing in (mostly medical) and to take lead, though without the title of department head, it sometimes becomes a problem which had led to some interesting but stressful scenarios that tend to leave one party flustered. Another reason why I wish to be on the whitelist is that I believe I can introduce some interesting characters with real, believable yet unique stories to tell and draw someone into. A lot of my characters have traits that I leave for others to discover, or methods of interacting that are different to normal and all the more fun. With the whitelist, I'd like to introduce or further develop some of these characters to give more life to the shifts I'm playing in and to offer some more interesting interactions to those I roleplay with. Finally, and the reason of least importance yet of most value to me, I wish to apply for this whitelist because it has been suggested that I do so by some friends, in character and out of character. This was what really pushed me to fill in this application when before I doubted myself. Why did you come to Aurora?: I got involved with Aurora because I was new to SS13 and was looking for a roleplay-oriented community, Aurora was the first HRP server I checked out and fit the bill well. I’ve stayed since as most of the people I’ve met have been great to speak to. That and the lore is very detailed, browsing the forum’s lore sections have been quite interesting, especially some of the news articles which I’ve incorporated into my characters development. Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?: I have, several times. Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they? There was one instance where, when playing a surgeon, I made some drugs listed under the Advanced Chemicals section of the chemistry guide. I was given the heads-up that I should keep to basic chemicals else I’d be power-gaming, and have since when playing the surgeon. Asides from that, I’ve received no warnings nor have I been kicked out of a round. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each. Give a definition of what you think roleplay is and should be about: Roleplay is a form of escapism and story-telling set in a universe with it's own lore, be it similar or completely different to our universe. You envision and create characters with their own backstories, traits and ambitions, and weave them together with other people's characters during interesting interactions to come up with amazing, emotional stories. These stories then weave into other stories to expand on the universe you’re roleplaying in itself, leading to a collectively crafted and maintained universe. Decisions you make can impact future events, from small things such as destroying your relationships with other characters, to being the catalyst of universe-effecting policy changes. What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: Having thought about this a lot, I’ve come up with four main purposes for Head of Staffs in game: Firstly, a head of staff should act as a liaison between non-antag players and antagonists. They should ensure everyone in their department is not left out and that everyone can enjoy something from the round. No fun can be had if there’s a crisis going on next door in another department and you’re sitting around doing nothing, not even aware of what’s going on. Secondly, a fairly important purpose of a head of staff is to ensure cohesion between personnel In your department. They are to make sure no one is left out and that everyone is contributing towards a successful round in regards to a good, functioning department. Further expanding on the second point, a head of staff should ensure communication between their department and others, keeping in contact with other heads of staff and coordinating things from above so everyone is working together and, if done right, more efficiently. And lastly, but not least, a head of staff should root out problems. This is mostly done by being approachable for those who are new to the department or looking for advice, so they can be mentored, but can also mean giving a stern but constructive talk to those who are experienced but have slipped up. What do you think the OOC responsibilities of whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: I haven’t been able to think of any responsibilities that whitelisted players have differing them from standard players, though given that a whitelist can highlight those who are experienced and well-versed in the community’s lore, two OOC responsibilities could be to mentor those looking for help and to also introduce those to our lore, integrating it into their roleplay. Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau Ceti and how it affected your character and their career? I wouldn’t say anything massively impactful is currently happening in Tau Ceti, definitely nothing that would have a significant and noticable impact on any of my characters. Something to note may be the recent recovery of a marooned Sol Alliance captain’s corpse and drone who my quartermaster, Lemmons’, miners (Krovajson, Dmitri- all credit to them) rescued as he co-ordinated their recovery. This isn’t major but could be seen as his first recognition, giving him confidence and ambition and motive to become even better. He spent a large portion of his life assisting the Sol Alliance in their conflicts in the human frontier, this serves as a glimpse back to his previous life before he moved to Tau Ceti. Faith Windsor and Alex Nietzsche pay little attention to the news, living in their own worlds. Windsor, especially, deals with things immediately before her and doesn’t like getting political. What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted? The roles I hope to play once being whitelisted are: Chief Medical Officer, I’m confident in my abilities to lead the medical department as a CMO, knowing what it takes; and Head of Personnel, a role I feel will introduce me to more aspects of the station than just medical, which I’ve stuck mostly to. I also intend to play the Captain role a lot later down the line, I’ve not yet drafted plans for the character which would take this Captain role however . I have plenty to learn and feel that jumping into such an important role immediately would only cause problems, in-character and out-of-character. Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.: Vincent Lemmons (pre-existing) - Head of Personnel - Lemmons has a large background in business administration, having been a quartermaster aboard a merchant vessel he was mentored on, and later a Hephaestus Industries vessel. He moved to Nanotrasen when employment at Hephaestus Industries bore no fruit and the merchant vessel he worked aboard was inherited by a son who disliked Lemmons. He’s worked as a quartermaster for some time, and now wishes to step up to a more general administration role; that of a Head of Personnel. Rosa Marcello (new) - Chief Medical Officer - I’ve not got a clear picture of what she will be like, though I intend for her to be a slight amalgamation of all my other characters, yet still completely different. How would you rate your own roleplaying?: I’d rate my roleplay at around 7/10. I can be very detailed and particular when writing actions, being really descriptive and engaging for everyone involved, this is mostly seen when playing my surgeon who loves to teach interns/residents surgery. I have noticed that sometimes I can be a little bit lacking when it comes to roleplay, offering no good me’s (this is a fairly serious problem depending on who I play), though this is a problem I’ve been trying to rectify so my roleplay abilities remain uniform regardless of my character and situation, once that’s sorted, I’d bump my rating to an 8/10. I’m always looking to improve, and feedback is appreciated on my feedback thread. Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action? That is what I’d hope. Have you familiarized yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles? I have read the wiki pages for the command roles I intend to play several times. Extra notes: None.
  8. Can you rename my quartermaster or omit the part where he got crushed by an elevator?-Say he retired to his office for the rest of the shift or something. Thanks. Anyway I really like the articles you do, they're really well put together, and have got my hands on some of your newspapers in-game which always give me a laugh. I'll be looking out for articles you public in-game and here.
  9. Active: Robert de Winter (Captain) Hugh Oswald (Chief Medical Officer) Miriam (Biochemist) Recently Active: Requiem (Biochemist) Enchanting Waves of Light (Chief Medical Officer) Inactive: Roy (Stationbound) Vincent Lemmons (Head of Personnel) Jack Welbourn (Engineering Apprentice) Rosie (Trauma Physician) Retired/Transferred/Deceased: Euan Hobbes (Security Cadet - Transferred) Ciara Chipperfield (Security Cadet - Transferred) Faith Windsor (Biochemist - Retired) Alexander Nietzsche (Medical Doctor - Retired) Clarice Peterson (Trauma Physician - Transferred) Tell me what you think of them!
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