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Reconsider Mute/Deaf Restrictions/Additional Assistance for Handicaps

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There are some roles that could technically do everything they're supposed to despite these handicaps, or with text-to-speech tools. Imagine if your PDA came with a feature that allowed Text-To-Speech, so you could answer calls on your headset and more. Or if they had a wrist-mounted device(takes up hands slot) to broadcast what they wanted either over the radio channel or locally. Some ideas are below, and I think that some restrictions could be discussed. This device could also take audible language, locally, and display it like subtitles on the screen. I still do not think anyone with these handicaps should participate in any management or counseling positions.

[*]Librarians can still take book orders and returns without saying a word. They could even search for a book or lead someone to a bookshelf for other requests. All they technically need to do is give a nod or shake their head. Sign language, handwriting, or a voice synthesizer can be used for more specific questions, but all the mandatory responsibilities are possible. Perhaps allow the librarian to be mute, but not completely deaf?

[*]Chemists, chefs, and bartenders are other roles that could presumably function without much dialogue. A synthesizer could be used for more wiggle room in places, like journalists or miners.

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I don't see the purpose of being mute if you can just talk anyways.


You would have difficulty speaking without some sort of device. All it takes is removing the device from your gloves slot, at least with how I'm suggesting this. Your ability to talk relies solely on this being equipped and activated, I suppose.

Another thing is that the computer voice could be generic locally, and not really just "John Jamar says," and more like "Synthetic voice states." Anyone could use it, after all.

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[mention]Sharp[/mention] is drafting a disabilities/ableism policy for hiring. According to him it didn't go through as policy when it was initially addressed awhile back due to the contentiousness of it but I imagine when he has time to revisit the topic he'll present the newer and improved policy for these kinds of characters.

Since something like this is already in the works I'd suggest waiting until Abosh has something to say about it.

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I've see only one person be able to pull off muteness and her name is Cassidy Hendricks. Hendricks plays exclusively civilian jobs, and honestly people with communicative disabilities like that should not be able to realistically get hired in Security, Medical, and mining professions. It should be that way oocly because with those two jobs, people's lives hang in the balance as opposed to a cook or a gardener.

If your job is dealing with people or a job that relies heavily on verbal communication, you should not be hired as a deaf or mute person. This is sane from an IC standpoint as this is a state of the art daycare center research station, and sane from an OCC standpoint as chaos happens every round.

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Until such a time as such mechanics are present, the general thought process in regards to disabilities and the permitted roles remains the same.

Generally enforcement as is revolves around the notion that a person should be able to reasonably conduct their jobs.

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