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Library Ideas


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1. Remove the Librarian job.

I know, I know, that's a huge shocker for everyone, how will we ever recover. But seriously, it's because of point 2.

2. Make the library public-access

We have visitor computers. That's nice! We can look up books! But we can't have them unless there's a librarian or a very kind and not-busy HoP on duty. Maybe we could just have it be like a book fair? You swipe your ID and for a few credits, it spits out the book you chose? Some of my characters are really interested in poetry, maybe they want to carry a poetry book. I know there are some people that may be interested in carting around some engineering textbooks from the database. We have a huge array of literature, and no one can ever access it.

We should make it accessible!

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Why do you feel that people who play librarian should no longer be allowed to play this job?


Honestly, I thought because the role would get even less use because of the all-access. Librarians don't do much, other than running dnd games, as I've been told. I thought librarians could join as visitors and do the exact same thing they already do.

But I suppose, as someone that doesn't have a librarian character, I don't really understand. There's no reason to remove it, only that this cuts the job to basically nothing. If it's wanted, there's no reason it can't stay.

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Wynter didn't die for this smh

But yeah, even if the public-access feature is added, there's no need to cut the role. You say they could do the same things if they just joined as visitor, but... then why destroy the flavor that comes with the job title? As long as the library exists as a physical location on the station, there's reason enough to have a job dedicated to tending it.

Maybe we should have book vending machines, unironically.

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