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MAKE WAY FOR SHITSEC - Intent Movement Reworks


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An Idea I had was to expand on how help/harm/grab/disarm intents have on two players who walk/run into each other and could possibly add depth to combat and some immersion when in the hallways.


Basically if someone runs into you with harm intent, you will be knocked down, unless of course you have a correct stance or if you also run into them.



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7 hours ago, mwhit030 said:

I love this, it's going to be great

It's going to add even more depth to the already extremely complex and engaging combat system

>Engaging combat system

My sides. This is literally the most unpleasant and unfulfilling combat system I've ever had in a video game. It's terrible.

The only thing I could say I like about this is I'll have to expend less effort in knocking someone down now because I can ram into them instead of frantically trying to click on them. And that makes my life marginally easier when I am forced to use this awful combat system.

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On a more serious note, this idea is both terrible in it's understanding and attempted implementation of mechanical changes. 'Disarm' is not a 'lol steal shit' intent, it's a defensive intent primarily used by Security to put up a fight without accidentally braining someone with the baton. Demanding the player fight solely on Harm intent is asking for more people to die, and this idea of 'run into someone and X might happen' is the most meme-tier shit I have ever seen suggested.

These are something I'd expect on a gimmicky antag item on /tg/, not a basic mechanic that would ruin not only what little flow there is to this abysmal combat system, but make generally going about the station during any emergency entirely unbearable. Enjoy watching an entire Cult charge themselves down. Enjoy watching Security steal each other's batons by accident.

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