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[Accepted] Pegasus's Human Lore Developer Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: AndurilFlame

Position Being Applied For: (Species Maintainer, Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Human/Megacorporation Lore Developer

Past Experiences/Knowledge: The majority of my past work can be seen with the currently-running Frost arc, the multiple rewritten/new pages of Dominian lore, and the numerous edits and additions to megacorporation and human faction lore as a whole. I have worked alongside the lore writer team for several months now and have had an input in the majority of human lore developments since I became human lore deputy.

Examples of Past Work:  

Additional Comments: My essay. 


 I’m writing on the most important issues with human lore to provide perspective into what I would work on as human maintainer. These are, roughly, as follows: A lack of interactivity between the individual pieces of human lore, dependability of the lore as a whole on human lore to move forward, lacking ingame effects of human lore, and lack of consistency in human lore.

On lack of interactivity in human lore: We have several major factions, several at consistent and historical odds with each other. Look at Tau Ceti and the Sol Alliance, for one. These factions should be, in some way, demonstrated to be at least posturing and acting in politically logical ways. Whether it be purely through news, written lore, or ingame effects, the interactions between our factions should become more common. While several parts of it would have no direct in-game effect, I believe it is necessary to give an impression that the lore is not a merely static entity outside of the ingame station we see on the Aurora.

Dependability of the setting on humanity: The galaxy’s prime movers are human. The megacorporations, especially NanoTrasen. Tau Ceti. Sol. The Frontier Alliance. Changes in the galactic setting are largely dependent on the pieces of human lore to be able to move and effect changes outside of themselves. Human lore, of all the sections that make our space opera, needs to be active and move the setting forward. This is accomplished not only by maintaining a consistent flow of content, be it in the form of arcs or new pages, but also with working alongside the other lore developers to ensure that our narrative can keep moving forward.

In-game effects of human lore: The trickiest of these to do right. It’s hard to go into specific details beyond broad statements here, but like the others members of the lore team, I want the lore to have an appreciable impact beyond non-canon events where everyone gets killed. How this can be done most effectively is a topic for debate, but the lore exists to improve the in-game experience. The inability of much of our lore developments to have a noticeable impact in-game is to be expected given the distance of several parts of it from the Aurora, but this still leaves several ways to increase the amount of interactivity with the playerbase.

 Consistency in human lore: This was one of my main focuses when I applied for human deputy, and it remains a priority now. There’re too many inconsistencies in standards across pages: some pages are inaccessible unless you know about them, some lore isn’t updated to be current or is simply wrong, and many pages are unfinished. All of these need time and dedication to ensure the high quality expected of our lore is present across its entirety, not just newer material. 


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Pegasus is "the guy" when it comes to Dominia. I can't give enough credit to this man about how much Dominia has improved since several months ago when I used to be one of the biggest complainers about the subject. I won't leave out what Zundy had to do with it either because even Pegasus mentioned despite the differing time tables of the two of them that their teamwork made a long haul of fixes to what Dominia is today.

In my previous discussions with him, I've found him to be a very profound and thoughtful person, he also has a very progressive and action-driven attitude that drives him to do the best he can with what he has. Based on what he's discussed with me in the past, he's definitely of the attitude to try to keep pushing events forward instead of being content to uphold status quo. This is a stance I also took in my application and a promise I want to uphold if I were given the opportunity.

I wish I could give a +1, but I'm sadly competing for the same slot. I'll do you one better and just wish you luck instead!

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Pegasus, from what I've seen having worked with the guy and continued talking to afterwards, shows dedication with what he's working with, at the time primarily Dominia, and I think he can apply the same level of such to a broader scope of humanity and help drive it forward to better places.

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Pegasus is one of the first people I've interacted with in this community, and I deeply appreciate how welcomed they made me feel. Their responses to my questions were well thought-out, and they were very open to my, a total rando's, suggestions on how to improve the lore I was next to oblivious of half an hour ago. I think they would be an excellent pick for the human loredev if all human factions get the same amount of care as Dominia. +1

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After reviewing all of the applications over the past month, I've decided that to select you for human lore developer. Past experience of having been a deputy prior to this selection aside, you work well in a team and are already an active member of the team. Your essay reminds me a lot of how I feel about my approach to Tajara lore, with the obvious exception that humans are integral to our lore and the spiritual heart of most players. I do have some criticisms, two large ones. The first is that all of your posted examples are Dominia related, which to anyone who isn't an insider seems like it might hint at inflexibility, but having monitored a lot of your discussion across staff channels I know that you are plenty flexible. The second is on-server playtime. While you were very active in September, since then I only counted less than half a dozen rounds on the WI that have been played. While I'm not particularly active myself, as part of lore team management, I do want to say that I need to see an improvement here to coincide with your promotion.


I will be discussing with Pegasus if he would like to open deputy applications before closing other applications, in case any of the many other applicants would like to change their applications to deputy applications.

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