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[2 dismissals] Add Autolathe to Robotics

Ian The Corgi

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I really dont see a reason why we would need an Autolathe as all it would do is make us even more resource demanding. Aside from that, the usual setup of 2 cleanbots and 2 medbots is quite easy to complete, and you have more than enough proximity sensors in the vendor. Welding masks are rarely demanded and I honestly dont see why you need more than 2 considering we also get welding googles.. and I have no idea why you have a demand to make minihoes, aside from the botanist asking for a farmbot.. in which case he should bring the materials himself.

Also adding more Autolathes just gives departments more chances to suddenly arm up, as ammo can be cheaply produced there so a hacked lathe can easily turn a department into a fortress.

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I disagree for the reason that it presently encourages Robotics to further interact with cargo or their own department coworkers. If you're in a situation without said coworkers, you'd likely be able to either ask the AI/HoP for access or simply break in yourself via tools.

As for balance (As if anyone cares about it), giving Robotics a lathe would make it one of the most frightening antag positions in the station. Nearly on par with an RD.

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Just now, VTCobaltblood said:

Not like R&D windoor is ever closed.


It's true, RD has hardly anything extra that a capable Roboticist couldn't easily access anyways since all they need do at the moment is e-mag a borg. Giving them a lathe just means they can print shit for themselves with 0 questions asked.

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