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Lin-Yu's Custom Equipment (DasFox)

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BYOND Key: DasFox
Character name: Lin-Yu Su-Yeongseon

Item name: Su-Yeongseon CR Skirt

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

It's a skirt that Lin-Yu would likely prefer wearing over a plain one.

Item function(s): This is just a CR Skirt, yo. It's color is what it will stay at.
Item description: A modified, yet still comfortable looking CR Skirt. Livery across the surface is the colors of Su-Yeongseon of the Scarab Fleet. Orange markings indicate Engineering proficiency. On a shield plate at the neck, the name "Lin-Yu" and some more information in Freespeak is apparent.
Item appearance: In DMI (This will be the same for all sprites.)


Item name: Insulated Starmitts

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

An obviously more comfortable alternative to regular insulated gloves. Something she'd bring with her from the Su-Yeongseon, because fully rubber gloves would be a pain and wouldn't fit very well.

Item function(s): It's just a pair of insulated gloves, chief.
Item description: A pair of starmitts, with insulated lining on the fingers. They seem to be in an icy blue instead of standard yellow. Along the seam of the bottom reads "Lin-Yu" in golden stitching.
Item appearance: In DMI.


Item name: Arclight Veil

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

A veil, much like the starlight veil, but with a flexible poly-carbonate lens weaved into the fabric of the veil. This would obviously be more comfortable to wear as it doesn't put pressure on one's eyes, and Lin-Yu would be used to something like this regardless.
Item function(s): Welding goggles, boss.
Item description: A starveil, modified to block arclight from torches and welders. A black, flexible poly-carbonate lens to block the light is woven into the fabric of the veil itself. On the back in gold stitching reads "Lin-Yu"
Item appearance: In DMI.


Item name: Pioneer's Cloak

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

This would be a special item, unique to Yin-Su. Her "sister", Min-La on the Su-Yeongseon, would have made it for her from the silk of the spiders from San-Kohl as a gift for the job well done during the event. Also as an award, in a way, because she was permanently scarred due to Security blasting her with three flashbangs.
Item function(s): Can function like a regular cloak, maybe? Attachable to things, also worn on suit slot?
Item description: A grey, spider-silk cloak. A pin on the longer side indicates it's owned by an engineer, with 'Lin-Yu' sewed into the neck in an icy blue.
Item appearance: In DMI.


Item name: Mayfly Ribbons

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

It's something one of the only friends she's kept gave her, particularly from the Mayfly. Sasha, one of the crewmembers to come with her as well, gave it to her, and in turn they traded a set of ribbons. She keeps this set close, to remember her friends.
Item function(s): Just an accessory, maybe. Like the ESS Ribbons
Item description: A Blue, Red, and white set of ribbons for an Exo-Stellar Skeleton. These have green, hydroponics markings, and the name "Sasha" embroidered on the right shoulder ribbon.
Item appearance: In DMI.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?
It's, clearly, not a spacer kit. While I don't expect people to go "Oh this is breathtaking, Amazing." It's certainly better than the blank ones I think. And unique, to boot.

Additional comments: The gloves and the veil would only be given as an Engineer job. :P Also thank Dronz for the cloak sprite. I love him dearly.

LinYu Things.dmi

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Personally I'm all for extra items to flesh out Off worlders. It makes them seem so much more unique, dynamic, or otherwise, rather than just giving them all NT equipment. These are folks that are constantly working with this stuff on their on shift so I've got no reason to believe why they wouldn't be responsible for their own equipment. Additionally basied on Lin-Yu's interactions she'll make good use of these items. From the short glimpses of the sprites I've seen, they appear to be very nice looking indeed to boot.

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I like it! Mainly because I want spacers to get more fluff without excessive bloating of their loadout gear. These kinds of personalized items bulk up the individuality of the subspecies without weighing down the potential of the individuality! Good stuff. Plus, this character is pretty neat so far.

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Normally we do not accept applications for items having special perms to them like this, however im willing to make a tiny exception. I dont feel the skirt is really anything super unique to what the Off-Worlders have, however the veil, gloves and cloak and ribbons are accepted. The caveat is, the gloves remain job restricted to engineering, welder helmet I can care less about  

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