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Player Complaint - Isitfun4

Guest Menown

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Guest Menown

BYOND Key: Menown
Game ID: bZt-blDh
Player Byond Key: Isitfun4
Staff involved: None - No Admins Online
Reason for complaint: Self-Antagging, Bomb Construction
Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No, we had no admins online. I consulted admins via discord whether it would be worth the complaint given the nature of the incident, but I didn't reveal much as the round was on-going.
Approximate Date/Time: 4-5AM CMT

The player in question supposedly built and acquired equipment to build and detonate bombs within the round in question, Secret Extended. They were observed handing out communist and unabomber manifestos to various members of the crew and expressing anti-corporate sentiments. They were investigated for building a bomb after the equipment for such was found in their maintenance tunnel. There was supposedly a mentioned message, but I was unware of the details.

@CommanderXor, @Predatory Instinct were involved with handling the incident, in-game and ICly. I think @veradox and @MissNatcula were involved as well to some degree, cannot confirm.

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Hi, I was one of the officers involved.


Basically the player in question - the Librarian - was antag baiting/self-antaging and attempting to build bombs. They had printed off communist manifestios - which isn't too bad in of itself - and started spreading them around. I was then informed by the chemist that she had given him a high explosives manual - which he proved by giving me it - and told me that they had attempted to ask the chemist for the materials to make the things in the book. She was soon detained, however when we went to arrest her we found her leaving the maintenance tunnel. We arrested her and took the toolbelt she had on her during the detainment. I proceeded to investigate the tunnel within to find that she had dragged a welding fuel tank over and had a igniter and proximity sensor right next to it. It wasn't attached but according to the text description of them when I examined, they had been screwdrivered and ready to put on. We managed to stop them but they kept generally being a pain in the ass for the rest of the shift. Normally threats would be bad enough but trying to actually make explosives is self-antagging on a extended round.

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Guest Menown
4 hours ago, VTCobaltblood said:

Should be a ban request, no?

No. Rule violations do not equal bans, especially if the player is new. It's better to issue a warning and help them improve their behavior. I was barely involved in this so this will be the last I speak in it unless pinged.

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So this is about me, the round started with me distributing the communist manifesto to different lobbies around the station.

At the beginning I was not trying to start any sort of revolution against the company, I was advocating for equal access to education for the work force. It was the chemist Ryou Bakur who suggested I try to start a revolution, multiple times. Shortly after this security told me to stop "laying politicial manifestos out and about the station", I argued that I should be free to distribute books around the station. The Security Robot Rook was highly combative throughout our first encounter and this lead to my characters distrust and dissatisfaction with the security force. I go meet with the chemist that laid the seeds of revolution in my head, I am the one that brings up making a bomb, half joking. Security arrives a few minutes later with a warrant to search myself and the library and find no bomb making materials, because there were none yet. While searching the library the security robot sexually harasses my character, this along with the search increases my frustration with security. I search the book database for directions for making a bomb. I meet with Ryou Bakura again and he tells me to be more discreet, I give him a book on chemical bomb making materials. -- It’s my understanding he was suggesting these things to me and then reporting me to security. I collect a bunch of random tools and electrical components from surface tool storage. -- not knowing OOC or IC if they can be used to make a bomb, I never planned to make one myself and at this point thought the chemist was going to assist me Security arrives a few minutes later, again, and has a warrant for my arrest. The security robot beats me with a stun baton while I'm reading the warrant. I try to throw the chemist under the bus when they question me after realizing he was working against me from the start. They arrest me for suspicious activity and hooliganism. -- The warden claims because my PDA is blinking I must have gotten a message and deleted it. That blinking light was caused by a news feed having a story submitted to it. I go back into the maintenance by library once again and Rook follows me, bolting all the doors around me while standing between myself and the only exit.


So in short I didn't plan to make a bomb or start a revolution.

I feel that my character had reason enough to be upset with security and want to in particular destroy Rook the security robot with explosives.

I never distributed the Unabomber manifestos, I had one copy. 

I never took steps to make a bomb beyond collecting random electronics, so I didn't screw drive any igniters or proximity sensor. The welding tank used spawns in that part of maintenance.

I was not trying to self-antag on extended, it was a secret round that ended up being extended.


It seems to me that the people complaining against me are misrepresenting/misremembering how things happened to match a narrative they have in their heads.


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Alright, after looking into the logs and taking in consideration what the reported player in question, I do believe that things are much more clear. However, I still do not think this really had some proper escalation, Even if it was secret, you should just behave like it was an extended round, not really taking in consideration the gamemode to change your character's behavior. If you have any doubt on doing something, ahelp.


Since the reported player does not really have anything on bad behavior lately, I am adding a note. Take in consideration the server rules on escalation, jumping to explosives, or even joking around about them, would require some heavy context and escalation.


I will close this complaint in 24 hours, if no one brings anything else up.


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