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Loadout Saves

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Hey, welcome to my suggestion, remember to write +1 even if you don't like it. I'm kidding.


Okay, check this: LOADOUT SAVES

It is still surprising me that this is not a real thing after so much time so... how about we can have some ''loadout setups'' saved. 

Why would it be cool? Imagine having a character that sometimes you play it as Warden and sometimes you play it as Officer. You need to change stuff to have the cool loadout you want, and have it noted or remember it.. a real pain in the ass.

Or having a character that sometimes you play it as insert job and sometimes as visitor.

The selection could be placed right under or above ''loadout points spent''. Probably 2 or 3 saves would be enough.



Come on the only bad part of this idea is that somebody has to actually code it. Volunteers? :D

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+1 this would be really handy

Sometimes the job slots are full or you did not get it, and you want to play with that character so you will have to go was a ''Assistant/Visitor'' on some vacation from work, then you will have to remove the Job locked items from the layout, always when this happen and add new items to not make your character bland.

A loadout Save would speed that up.

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