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Replace Laptop Vendors


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Hello, your friendly neighborhood XanderDox/Azande here.

I have a suggestion, and it's rather simple. Remove laptop vending machines.

Why? It's simple, buying a 1500 credit laptop every shift is weird, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and is just an extra no-roleplay step in your round running to vend one out. But wait! This topic is labelled 'REPLACE' laptop vendors, not 'REMOVE' laptop vendors! You can read, congratulations!

My idea is to provide the Librarian with a laptop cart, aka a cart of laptops, and be able to sign these out to the crew on loan through their library console - similar to a book. I got this idea from my old high school and my university, which do this to sign out laptops to students. This will mean instead of running to a nameless vending machine to get your laptop, you'll be able to interact with the librarian a bit, have some chitchat.

Additionally to go with this, laptops would be added to the loadout for those who do not wish to be stranded without one when there's no librarian, HOP or Captain. However, loadout laptops would be lower quality (the cheaper version) and the library laptops would have all the upgrades.

Whaddaya think?

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It is kind of a pointless money sink to have to buy them in rounds, so seems reasonable to me to have the library have them. 

But don't think you've fooled me! I see your secret agenda to try and make the librarian relevant again! How dare you try to change our librarian status quo of sadly sitting alone in the library for a half hour before cryoing or AFKing

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2 hours ago, ben10083 said:

How will the cart differentiate between qualities? (AKA if you want a card reader and jazz or a mix of good and bad)

It'd be all good laptops, I think that'd be easiest, and also discourage people from just spawning in with crappy ones from the loadout.

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This is a good idea. Or at the very least, make the vendors cost nothing, or be returnable for the quantity paid. It's insane that you're literally stuck with a brick if you choose the wrong department setting for the laptop and don't have access to it. The 'ADMIN' it is asking you to contact to reset the laptop is the CCIAA, or some other non-station ID authorization.

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