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[RETRACTED] Satins CCIA Application

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CCIA Staff Application

Basic Information
Byond key: SatinsPrist666
Character names: Calanthia Demos, Tatyanna Atkinson, Asclepius, Stella Carr, Zune Carmichael, Scarlett Moore
Age: 27
Timezone: CST
What times are you most available?: 8am-9pmCST

How long have you played SS13?: Since 2012, on and off.
How long have you played on Aurora?: A little more than a year now
How active on the forums, discord and/or server are you? I check forums daily. Discord daily and I play daily.
Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Never been banned.
Have you ever volunteered as moderation staff for any other servers, SS13 or otherwise?: I was a host for a server, a Game Master for Hypatia, leader of Hypatia's CCIA, and a brief stint as Moderator on Aurora.
Do you have any other experience that you believe would be relevant to a position in the CCIA?: Well.... I'm not quite sure I'd count Hypatia's CCIA as experience for this. While yes, both of them did (or do?) basically the same thing, Hypatia's CCIA was a lot more cringy. IR's were filed and handled. CentComm messages were made. Faxes were responded to, but all in Hypatia's typical--err-- fashion. 

So theoretically? Yes, I have experience in this sort of thing, just from a different server... a much more dramatic server. (Which, I openly admit that at the time, I played a huge part in keeping that theme going. People grow up. I've gotten older.)

Why do you want to join the CCIA?: The concept, or rather goal, behind CCIA has always been a baby of mine. Hypatia's was ripped from the hands of someone who was abusing the idea for their power-gaming, one off CC character, and built into a checks and balance system (that didn't really work well in Hypatia's community.). The idea was to enforce role-play, and to try and curve out unsavory PLAYER actions ICly instead of OOCly. It felt a bit silly to constantly hand out OOC punishments for things that SHOULD have been handled in character by a HR department (or an IA department.).

I'd like to still help contribute to that thinking. Yes, some actions do demand admin intervention, but for the most part... handling things in character is what a hRP server should be reaching for. I've been tossing this application around in my mind for a bit, wondering if I really want to try and re-enter the IA aspect of the game. CCIA seems like it may need a bit of help with the onslaught of new players, and I'd like to help shape the community. It isn't about handing out punishments and being some kind of white-knight justice system. It's about bridging the gap between RP styles and subtly nudging characters/players on the right track.

What do you think are the most important qualities for a CCIA Agent to possess?: Professionalism (amusing coming from me), and a sort of charismatic nature. CCIA has always felt like the Men in Black. People fear them. (Characters. I hope players aren't out there fearing 2d spacemen...). An agent should be open to hearing someones side of the story, even if it (at first) sounds a bit crazy. You get more flies with honey, not vinegar.
What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is in an ongoing round?: Answer the faxes! and do so in a way that gives ANTAGS breathing room while still making Command happy. That's a very tricky balance and an art that can only be perfected with practice. Don't be too vague in the response either. Command shouldn't be berated for acting as they deem fit towards a rather vague "aloof" fax. There's people behind those characters. Mistakes are made.
What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is outside of the server?: Help streamline the complaint section of the forums. If you take an IR, get in contact with the players. OOCly, ICly, whatever you choose, but let them know it's about to be handled.
How do you handle stress?: Fairly well. 7/10 at least.
How well do you work autonomously?: I work best when gave a little freedom, actually.

Additional Notes:

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*Forgot a played Character*
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All I could say would be repeating what Soultheif said up there, every single interaction I ever had with Satin was great, I think she has the charisma to do this, and her way to treat people fits very well, I think she has all you could ask for to be CCIAA.

Would be awesome to get permasuspended by her. +1

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On 17/05/2019 at 06:25, Soultheif96 said:

I wholefully support Satin


Your past experiences with another CCIA team will be interesting, and certainly helps your application. I like some of your answers (even though some are not quite right, but that is just something you can learn if your application is accepted). I always reserve making a "aye or nay" until after the interview, so in the meantime here are some questions:

1. besides IRs, what other functions do you know CCIA does outside of the server?

2. I noticed you gave a focus on antag breathing room with your answers, can you give examples on how you plan to go about this?

3. Can you go into detail of notable differences between Our CCIA and the one you were in?

I await your response @SatinsPristOTD

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1 hour ago, ben10083 said:



1. besides IRs, what other functions do you know CCIA does outside of the server?

2. I noticed you gave a focus on antag breathing room with your answers, can you give examples on how you plan to go about this?

3. Can you go into detail of notable differences between Our CCIA and the one you were in?


1) I forgot to mention this in my app but, CCIA also does audits, ensures directives are being followed, and they maintain company performance ON server. Off server? I'm not 100% sure I understand the question. Answering questions about regulations and forum work is all I know. It's not exactly wrote down anywhere, so I can't be certain. I'd have to learn, which I'm open to.

2)I think a prime example of this is Rev rounds. CCIA has to go along with gimmicks when it comes to answering faxes... but I think that needs to be done within reason. If the Rev gimmick of "All women get back to the Kitchen." comes up again... well.. that's not exactly the sort of memery I'd expect to see on a hRP server. Sounds like something that should be taken to admins.

We had one a few months ago where it was a visitor that claimed to not be on the manifest due to a glitch, and that their records were still in transit. Naturally, a company would know better and keep better records, but it helps the gimmick if CCIA goes along with it and answers the fax with a confirmation to the visitors story. Same thing can be said for "Can you confirm this CentComm message is true?". Why question our messenger system. You don't even have to address the message. Simply fire back that the CCMS is stable.

3)Quite a bit. Hypatia's CCIA did not have "open complaints" the way Aurora has them.

There wasn't a forum system. There wasn't an automated system to state the case was being opened.
Interviews weren't really as a "sit-down" approach. Usually, CCIA on Hypatia ran more like a detective than a paper-pusher.
Hypatia's CCIA was a literal extension of admin power to IC. Players didn't make the complaints. CCIA saw fuckery ICly as their characters (or while ghosting, or through ahelps) and handled it that way.
CCIA made SoP enforceable by law. (Similar to CCIA notices, but SoP was a lot more strict.)

It wasn't a good system. A "complaint section" was added at a much later time, but I was leaving and Hypatia didn't last much long after that. I doubt it saw any sort of action. I can't speak highly of it, and I was the person who ran it. So that should really say something. It hit a lot of resistance with the community, since Hypatia was always extended. No one wanted to give up their eRP, but they didn't want to be dealt with by their boss for neglecting duty every shift they worked.

Aurora seems a lot more open to IA and that's refreshing. CCIA is smoother and has found focus in the right area: putting some of the power in the hands of the players.

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