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Adjust Sleeper Exosuit Module


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The suggestion is to increase the amount of time it takes for the sleeper module to swallow people, perhaps increasing it to six seconds, with some room to wiggle. I'm not against other suggestions.

Let me tell you why.

Presently, the module is useful and widely used by paramedics, which is not an issue when used in good faith, people that can use the exosuit scoot over to where wounded are, move them into the pod within 1 second or so and transport them back to medical.

The issue comes when it is used in bad faith. I've witnessed a few rounds where a fully kitted out antagonists, even a ninja, where the exosuit would walk up to a person and load them in a very very short period of time, knocking them out, effectively removing their capability to do anything until they were ejected. I feel like this is a very cheesy method and unhealthy to the roundof, as it's one thing to do it to a individual that's injured, downed and too injured to move on, it's another when all you need is one second of a person backed into a corner to completely disable them.

Some might argue that a second is enough for people to evade it, and while it may be true in some cases, the round tends to slow down as it goes on, or maybe the player has a above average ping so that one second window is in reality less.

Just a disclaimer. There's a possibility I may be wrong describing mechanical aspects of this module, so correct me.



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1 hour ago, geeves said:

i can look into this. if the person is unconscious, it goes as regular, but if they're awake, it takes 4. or maybe a prompt comes up if they want to accept getting loaded or not. watcha think?

Can you make it so that it needs the person to remain motionless? Like if the exosuit has you cornered, it shouldn't be able to suck you in if you are beating the exosuit.

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