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Weapons still used?


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assume no modern caliber outside of ones explicitly stated to be used ingame would be seen in universe as production models.

Otherwise, our weapons are sci-fi nonsense including "plasma bolters," "gauss thumpers," "laser rifles," etc. Gauss tech is seen as old and unrefined, unexplored territory that never got its chance to shine, with things like gauss thumpers being unwieldy and outdated compared to the weapons of today. Weapons predating that are Interstellar War era, and I've personally seen them as WW2 in comparison to our present tech, but in space. Whatever was used and isn't illegal today was manufactured for total war ideologies, making weapons of that era not only valuable (seeing as it's the space age,) but incredibly dangerous as well (see : Interstellar War Giant Fucking Robots.) More detail on exactly how grimdark that is can be seen below.


Here's where the logistical golden age of robotics kicked off and things like the Skirmisher, a battlemech in the flesh in all its technological beauty came to be.


Here it's detailed exactly how combat robots shaped the end-game for how war could be fought, used by the Alliance in the Interstellar War.


Here's the war itself on the wiki.

As for specifics as to what's in our code...


Most lore-friendly stuff can be seen above. Blasters are frequently used by TCFL and are aging, less lethal but more efficient than laser rifles of modern day.

Battlerifles, malellas and m8s are Solarian navy stuff, chambered in 7.62, 12g and 9mm respectively with no specifics as to what type of bullets they exactly are.

Bolters and slammers are Elyran plasma weapons, meme guns that shoot bolts that light people on fire and have such high AP they just pass through windows.

The wood-finished weapons short of the cannon are modern-day-esque tech, not really defined as anything specific in our lore.

The cannon is a Tajaran cartoon, made reality. Praise alberyk.

Pulse rifles are seen by Sol marines, which, in our lore, are generally a mixture of "really scary dudes in black suits" or "absolute crayon-eating weirdos who trip on their own 7 frag grenades in Avery's fifteenth sol marine event."

HAPT also utilizes pulse weapons, but HAPT is not technically canonically known to exist by the crew as they're essentially our server's deathsquad.

PMCs such as NT-ERT utilize 5.56 rampantly in things like bullpup carbines seen like literally every day in the hands of ERT.

Mercs use 7.62 ARs that carry much the same attributes as battle rifles with the exception of specialized magazines that can't be printed from autolathes.

Tajarans are rapidly advancing technology-wise as far as I know and, in depictions seen on offshoot servers like Menown's cat server, they had prototype lawgivers called Lawbringers. I don't know the context of that and the server is technically noncanon as far as "official statements" from me can go. However, I'm pretty sure I've seen them referenced before.

Ceres' Lance adopts Sol naval weapons and pulse rifles.

Eridani PMCs often use energy weapons able to switch between "stun," "ruin your day," and "kill you."

Frontiersmen mostly use high-powered ballistics and Gauss weaponry leftover post-interstellar war.

Jargon uses... nobody's really sure what they use, it's just overpowered, whatever it is.

Vaurca have access occasionally to ancient Tachyon weapons, which are just extremely powerful lasers that can go through walls and stuff.

And, finally, Unathi use spears and wear tanks (breacher suits).

That's the extent of my knowledge on who uses what.

Besides that, for the most part, our lore is devoid of specifics on weapons circlejerking and military lore. This was largely disregarded during former administration for very good reason in my eyes, due to the inherent fixation our server already has on the perpetuation of murder ingame even when it's counterproductive to the core of the server, being roleplay.

also they weren't really interested in it. However, I am, and while I want to explore it more, I do understand the majority of the playerbase' desire to not delve into pedantics of military nonsense. Until that changes some day, enjoy cool science fiction weapons that make zero sense but are as wicked as we can make them.




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Somewhat knowledgeable about things regarding Tajara lore, as I've created several variants of weapons for the setting. Ammunition from Adhomai is typically design with iron cores and steel casings, given the heavy metals found on Adhomai itself, with brass being a rare commodity.

Adhomai uses mostly single-action, accurate weaponry outside the machine guns used. Submachine guns have mostly fallen out of favor due to stoppages and issues that arise from the climate.

As for large-scale, artillery is still heavily used, typically to conceal advances or devastate foot positions. Nuclear weaponry has been used once in the mountains toward the north in Ras'nrr, as well as firebombing in the cities of Ron'Tul and Farro'biyn. There also exists experimental climate weaponry used by both the PRA and the ALA forces in the war.

Established weapons not created by me:

The Tui'ad (Icelance), a crank-operated three shot laser rifle, think laser musket from Fallout that isn't garbage.

The Lawbringer: a variant of the lawgiver using designs purchased by NKA envoys from NanoTrasen Corporation. Issued to the Imperial Dragoons, being the first to field the weapon.

The Handcannon, a portable man-fired naval canon (semicanon, still in meme status but I look forward to its implimentation.)

The Tsarrayut’yan, no translation other than "Republic Rifle", think an automatic SKS. A recent invention put in service following the Tampiska Draft in the People's Republic. The NKA are known to use captured variants given their largely semi-automatic possession regarding weaponry.

Weapons I myself have designed for the Adhomai setting:

RI-55, Royal Industries Type 55, a man-portable rifle cartridge chambered machine gun with a top fed magazine. Think Bren but altered.

RI-55H, Royal Industries Type 55-Heavy, a specialty heavy machine gun firing the same round as the man-portable variant, but with a larger design and built to be belt-fed, typically from 250 round belts. It mostly saw action in point defense, as its heavy design was unsuitable for troop movement. It was also mounted on armored transport vehicles in the NKA.

KTSA, Kaltir Technologies Service Automatic, the standard sidearm for non-dragoons in the Imperial Adhomian Army. It was a semi-automatic magazine fed pistol with an automatic magazine release and open bolt design, to assist in cooling due to the rapid fire capabilities and to assist in reload, given the mixed-race nature of the Levy Alam'ard found in the Imperial Army. It fired the standard .38 cartridge found in non-rifle caliber weapons in the country.

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Also, from the Scarabs page:


Ceremonial weaponry

Weapons and weapon-making are almost glorified in Scarab societies, often considered extremely prized possessions. An almost universal marriage rite is presenting a beautiful, ornate knife or dagger to the significant other, who will then return it with the handle going forward if the offer is accepted, and the blade going forward if it is denied. Some ships use a decorated gun instead of a knife, but the process is generally the same, going without much fanfare. When dealing with non-Scarabs, a Scarab would often ask to sit down at a table, and then lay their weapons on it. This ceremonial disarming is not only done to take caution, but also to look at how well-made the weaponry of the other person is.

Scarabs value a good weapon and displays of power, but nothing is more wasteful than ending the life of a worker. Thus, many Scarabs enjoy bouts with fellow crew, but, taking extreme care to not hurt anyone (since it would prevent them from working for some time), don’t use their weapons in these fights, and take care not to hit the opponent too hard. As an alternative, intellectual games such as chess and checkers are often played to display intellectual prowess.

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