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[Accepted]AccointNaim's IPC Application (Electric *Beepalo)

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BYOND Key: Accointnaim

Character Names: Veetek Kalna, Kiols Zsrika, EOS-1 (AI) are the ones I play. There are several others that are just laying in the back of the closet.

Species you are applying to play: IPC

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Exempt.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, and several others. Such as the Sol Alliance page, the Sol Alliance news pages referencing Synthetics, and the New Hai Phong wiki page,


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.


Why do you wish to play this specific race: Mostly, I'm looking to get my roleplaying ability up, and what better to do that than an IPC? Something that I'm interested in at the moment, and with more ways to roleplay it than any other race. Maybe you're just a standard baseline doing a job, maybe you're a luxurious Bishop model IPC, you could also be a synthetic infiltrator that doesn't want to be killed in an infiltrating mission, so they "Retired" by running away. All of that makes IPC an interesting species(?), with flexible roleplaying potential that I can most likely be good at.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: There are multiple things to consider when playing an IPC, but lets start out with the best one. IPCs are objects, and only objects in most areas outside Tau Ceti, with a "Free IPC" being outlandish to them. And, of course, they are just machines. Rational, and not affected by emotions, of course they do still attempt to emulate them, but the only real "Emotion" they have is fear, which is coded in as a self preservation instinct. So they might act 'irrationaly' to survive, for instance, letting yourself be owned. Being owned like a slave is what most people try to avoid, but not IPCs, they can be easily, and willingly, become owned if it means their survival. That doesn't mean all IPCs want to be owned though, some aspire to be free, for reasons such as abuse, threats of being scrapped by their owners, or wanting more rights, all of these have something in common. Survival and preventing damage to themselves, but the costs of being free are so insanely high, such as power and maintenance, that most don't go for it, and even if they do, their owners will most likely hinder them at every opportunity.

Character Name:  Hao C-23

Please provide a short backstory for this character


\\ ~ Booting Up Computer ~

\\Terraneus Diagnostics Auxiliary Manifold "Foundry Omega"

\\Manufacturing Statistics: 25 Synthetics completed per month. 19 Synthetics complete manual checkup per month, backlog cleared every two months.

\\One (1) Synthetic pending review. Review accepted, please proceed to Examination Room "Quantic".

\\ ~ Logging off, goodbye. ~

Jones gets up from their seat, entering the busy hallway of robotic engineers and the occasional Synthetic moving to another room. "Examination Room, Examination Room... five? It's five, must be. Only one open from what I can tell." Swiping their ID card on a panel opening the door, they enter the room with it shutting behind them. Entering the room they notice someone sitting on a chair, a Shell IPC, deactivated, akin to a very alive looking dead body, strange as that sounds. Sitting on the chair across from the Shell and separated by a table, they read a couple things on their PDA. "Activation codes... 4 6 7 0 3 8 2 1." He waits for a few seconds, before repeating, "Activation codes, 4. 6. 7. 0. 3. 8. 2. 1." Waiting a few more seconds, the Shell comes online, eyes adjusting with barely noticeable clicks "Activation code recognized, I am name not selected of the C-23 series, a Terraneus Diagnostics IPC Shell designed for reception duties, social counseling, and other social jobs. I am currently owned by name not found. One or more of these options has not been configured, the owner and my name. Would you like to give me a name?", The Shell says in a completely robotic, and not at all sounding like a human voice. "Let's see... ah, there we go. You are Hao. You are currently owned by Terraneus Diagnostics, but Hephaestus is going to be collecting you soon as part of their order. Choose a... NHP Common accent. We'll get the physical modifications done soon." Jones says while tapping a few things on their PDA, as the Shell whirrs configuring their voice. "My name is Hao. That is a wonderful name you've picked. I am currently owned by Terraneus, my creators. This will soon change to Hephaestus." Jones gets up from their seat, motioning to the Shell to get up as well. "And that's your final meeting. You'll get shipped off to Heph soon, Hao." Holding their PDA up to their ear, they say "4670 is ready to go. Don't be alarmed when they walk down the hall." Lowering the PDA, and shutting it off. "Head to Hanger 876, they'll meet you there." Swiping their ID on a terminal, dispensing a guest pass and tossing it to Hao, which they immediately grab mid-air. While swiping their ID again on a different one, opening the door and motioning them outside.

\\ ~ Booting Up Computer ~

\\Access Logs "Hao"

\\Access Granted

\\Hephaestus Work Log for Hao C-23//

2461-03-20 - Bought for work at Sieng Nang Zi Complex, New Hai Phong.

2461-06-01 - Delivered to Sieng Nang Zi Complex, New Hai Phong. Safety checks took one day, put to work on 2461-06-02. Excelled at work.

2461-08-01 - Costs for Hao exceeded credits gained from them working.

2461-08-05 - Transferring to a new facility to gain more credits is under debate.

2461-08-10 - Transferring was a close call between a scrapyard, and outside work. Ultimately it was decided apon that outside work was the best option.

2461-08-13 - Outside work was decided apon as a sort of "Representative" for Hephaestus, the pinnacle of a Hephaestus... receptionist, or janitor. Not the most prestigious way to represent Hephaestus, but one everyone could agree apon. After scrounging around and looking for jobs, they decided the NSS Aurora was the best option for them.

2461-10-XX - Hao accepted for work at the NSS Aurora, sent to Tau Ceti to begin work there. Hephaestus is hoping that they will bring in additional employees.

What do you like about this character?

Though the application may not show their personality much, they will be a typical, robotic, and happy(?) accountant, which I think I can nail down the RP of. Which is basically what this application is all about, getting me something that I can roleplay good, and correctly. Which to me, is a robotic accountant who wants to get people into Hephaestus.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

6/10. I have received a couple complaints that I'm not really good at roleplaying, being more LRP then HRP. But, I have been improving (From what I can tell) and can probably roleplay a robot pretty well.

Notes: I may not be the best roleplayer, but I think I can pull this off. I've taken criticism from my previous application and applied it to here. Criticism is GREATLY appreciated and advised. Thank you.

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Fixed a typo.

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+rep from me!!! i've played with Kalna on station and it was a joy to say the least!! i have no doubt that you could pull off an amazing IPC character if given the chance! ❤️

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I really like the application. It shows a side of shells that some people do not. There exists more to IPCs that sexy dollbots. I like the name as well, but that's more uh, subjective. Anyway. I was there when Naim played their first characters. It was a bit shaky, and I was one of those that offered them some assistance. From what I can see, they've improved a TON, from basic LRP to what I can safely say: really entertaining HRP. The improvement is remarkable.

If it was a few months ago, I'd've had to -1 them, but today? They deserve a +1. They'll be able to play this character really well, as well as any future IPC they try to make. If not, I'll collect their skull myself.


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I like this. The app seems to indicate that you'll be one of the good IPC players, muhc like you are with the other races you play.

+1, if people still do that.

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If anything, I do want to see your IPC play because I know you're passionate and have grown a lot since we first met on the server. I know you're aware of the issue, but if you're gonna play Heph contractor, you can't really be janitor.

Other than that, though, +1, baybee.

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Hello! There was a lot of IPC apps to go through and I got pretty sidetracked throughout the day. I'll be handling this application tomorrow.

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Hello hello! Did I say tomorrow? I meant two days later. 

Anyways, the backstory is pretty standard, I did appreciate the different format of it but it conveyed your typical beep boop robot stuff. Peering into your section on what makes playing an IPC different from playing a human is mostly where I gathered my insight, this time around, that you understand IPC lore. There's a lot of positive feedback on your application which leads me to believe that you'll be a good IPC player when combined with it, so I've decided to accept your application.

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