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Aurora Station in Minecraft, Video Tour and Pictures

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I've been working for some time now on my third attempt of rebuilding the entire station in Minecraft.

I find it very fun to see how different areas of the map mesh together so well in 3D space. The 2D map is truly amazing, and being able to see how well it works in 3D is a nice treat.

Here is a video tour on YouTube of the map as of August 30, 2021. I've added timestamps so you can find your favorite areas more easily.

SS13 Aurora in Minecraft, 8/30/21

Outside of the video, here are some images of a couple honorable mentions of the project.

This is an image of the entire station, taken a couple days before the tour was recorded.


Here's the mural on the floor at Arrivals (I spent way too much time on this):


This is a great example of how 3D space gives us a new perspective on rooms that we couldn't normally see in 2D:


Here's the totally safe working environment that is disposals.


Here's the Cargo warehouse.


This is the Arrivals checkpoint.


Here's the civilian zone of the station, including the kitchen.


This is that one Security hallway where stuff always seems to go down:


And finally, here's an older image that was taken outside the Journalist's office.


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I love this. I've had a similar idea in the past for an older station. But never completed it. However, I love using minecraft as a place for visual representation. Good work, it must feel amazing to have built a replica of the station. One day, I may do so myself. 

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