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In Defense of Mutes and Deaf People

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I always found the blanket no-questions requirement that all employees must speak Tau Ceti basic a little weird. It's probably because I've interacted with deaf and hard of hearing people and took a class, and know deaf+mute people work in regular workplaces all the time.

An example of this is here:


Someone's custom item app was questioned for its possibility in impeding someone's ability to speak.

Someone else got in trouble for making a deaf cargo technician who communicated in lip reading and sign language.

etc etc etc

I understand for situations that are pretty much mandatory you need radio communication (security, medical, engineering) but I think it's completely unreasonable (in terms of realism and creativity curtailing) that there's a blanket ban in the civilian departments. Nanotrasen would not really care if the bartender was deaf and read lips and sign language to figure out what people wanted. It would even be pretty fun to see; I've been wanting to make a deaf chef or janitor but this requirement prevents that.

But I mean, there's the explicit loophole that you're allowed to play someone who just never ever talks, ever, as long as they can speak, but never do.

I'd think it would be better if the requirement changed to that all employees must understand Tau Basic. Difficulties in communication is one of the small quirks of playing an alien (Intentionally missing analogies or twisting up sentences is good to be doing) but it's totally taken away from the hoomans.


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This sounds a lot better than the current stance on it.

I play Lyric every now and then, a mute due to circumstances, and I was recently told by another staff member 'no, you can't do that'. Seeing as I've been playing Lyric since before Aurora was founded and never had an issue with it, I didn't take much notice. Restricting disabled people in a workspace is discrimination (honk). Adding in this sort of thing would mean there's more roleplay opportunity for those who wish to play these sorts of characters. Loosening it to just understanding Tau Basic would be fine by me.

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As long as the person is able to function under the circumstances that concern their duties without being hindered by that disability. With that, I have in mind: EMTs, all Security Personnel, probably the command staff as well. Basically, people who rely on communication as a tool for all duties involved.

Sound simple enough?

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As long as the person is able to function under the circumstances that concern their duties without being hindered by that disability.


This is why you do not have Diona EMTs. Because they would not be able to do the job.

But I believe the concern was more of "We will have a station full of mutes" so I think placing restrictions on jobs would be an understandable boundary.

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I didn't even know we stopped accepting mute people. They're not bad characters, and there's no particular reason why they should be entirely barred from employment.

Now, jobs for which rapid communication is absolutely crucial (doctor, security officer), I'd understand not having anyone mute, but there's a ton of other jobs where the impediment wouldn't matter very much.

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and know deaf+mute people work in regular workplaces all the time.


Can verify that, seeing how y'know. Mute.

But yeah, I don't have a problem with this with the mentioned restrictions.


I didn't know that, actually.

I recall a while ago where a certain someone did ridicule another player for having a mute/deaf character in the workplace, and called their character a special snowflake for whatever reason...

A deaf engineer would probably not have their job given safety regulations protecting employees and whatnot, and having to respond to calls.

Anything less emergency or communicative-intensive would be a bit more plausible.

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