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Aurora Characters in Other Games/Mediums

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Seeing as I could not see a thread dedicated to showing our character's appearance other than drawings, I am making this thread so people can post the equivalent of their Aurora characters in other games or mediums! This also includes drawings.

Roy Wyatt salutes you from Los Santos, San Andreas! (GTA V)

<SIZE size="85"><a href=http://i.imgur.com/tdgcIKd.jpg' alt='SIZE>'>

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The many stupid faces and expressions of Robert Carver, in the Sims 4:

A very smug Carver:



A very pleased Carver:



A very pleased Carver:



Bonus faces of friends' characters, based on my personal artistic interpretation:

Blake Poehl, described in the words of his player: "When a Xeno arrives on station n he's ur boss"



COMING SOON: Edmund Flashman-Adler, more Poehl, and maybe some Sims 3 variations if I can handle the load times.

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Oh boy, let's start.


-Aurora: ERT/ Military man.

-SWTOR: Lightside Imperial Agent with a strong sense of morality.

-Elder Scrolls: No nonsense bowman who detests bandits and thieves.

-Fallout: Paragon of justice, order and all round good bloke.

Sims: Author and computer nerd. Me.

-Warcraft: Angry Night Elf hunter, his original form, who hunts down horde attackers in the town and villages of the Alliance, specifically Darkshore and Ashenvale. (Always gunning for the bastards who hunt the 1hp auberdine refugees, 'cause killing defenceless refugees is ISIS level crap.)

Inis: Sister to Gollee in all mediums.

-Aurora: One of the snowflakiest of the snowflakey, currently a pacifistic religious uni-leaver; originally an unaging, regenerating "17 year old" HoS with Syndicate knowledge and superstrength.

-SWTOR: Lightside Jedi Knight, sister to gollee.

-Elder Scrolls: Top-tier magic user with an affinity with Kyne, and a supreme hatred for Daedra, undead, and rebel scum.

-Sims: Military or sports-mad, easygoing.

-Warcraft: Serene Night Elf druid, her original state, with a growing hatred of Orcs, has beaten every end-game boss to date; including beating Garrosh in Mists of Pandaria on 25 player heroic mode, after every other raid member had died to an AoE attack, (those idiots were all bunched up), you wouldn't imagine the cheers she got when she dropped him before he could kill her. Currently splits her time between conducting her campaign on Draenor and spectating in the Brawlpub.

Varan: Unrelated in Warcraft only.

-Aurora: Ex-military tufned mining magnate, with a strong compulsion towards honour aand chivalry.

-Mass Effect: Paragon soldier, survivor of the crucible.

-Warcraft: Human Paladin who lives in Darnassus with the Argent Dawn contingent, adopted a Night Elf adolescent who has become a powerful priest. Has an intense hatred of Garrosh after his forces killed two of his friends at Maestra's post, and killed his new daughter's parents at Silverwing Refuge.

Whisper: Clone of Inis in Aurora only.

-Aurora: hyperactive young woman, without much conection to very strong emotions other than excitement, clone of Inis.

-Warcraft: Orphaned at the young age of 101 by the horde attack on Silverwing refuge, escaped, along with ssveral sentinels, wardens, civillians, and Varan, who took her in, attempting to teach her about the holy light. Instead, she fused the powers of the Light with that of Elune's chosen priestesses, wielding both powers in deadly concert as she works with the newly resurrected Ancients to purge the Orcish filth from Ashenvale, with her never-ceasing smile and Varan's blade as her constant companions.

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Oh boy. Tina Kaekel has been my go-to character for a lot of games. Before Space Station, she was an insane cultist. While I originally made her to be a cultist in space station as she was in every other game I made her in, over time she's changed from that to... What she is now. And now when I make her in games I have to make her as some nerdy or preppy girl or it doesn't feel right anymore.

Pre-SS13 Tina

EVE Online: The "Original" Tina Kaekel

I say this is the original because it's where the last name Kaekel came from. Also the portrait looks really badass in my opinion.



Torchlight 2

Tina is the embermage. I happen to have this screenshot because me and my friends played throughout the whole game together and we took screenshots of our characters at the end of every act and with the last boss of every act.



Dark Souls

This is Gravelord Tina. And yes, I spent literally the whole game butt naked save for a shield, a sword (usually Silver Knight until I got Kellogg's Frostedblade and the Silver Tracer), and that awesome boar helmet. Because honestly, I like to roleplay my characters. And she was a Gravelord. So that's how she dressed. Or lack of dressed, really.




World of Warcraft

I have an MRP that outlines Tina here. Insane undead, typical cultist character. I never actually roleplayed in the game but I enjoyed having a backstory and description.




And then there's Space Station 13, but you can see her ingame and my profile picture.

Post-SS13 Tina

Grand Theft Auto V

Preppy Tina.



there are others that I dont have screenshots for, including

-Starbound, where she's a Floran spellcaster.

-Guild Wars 2, where she's a Sylvari Necromancer

-Wildstar, where she's a sorceress (can't remember the race but she's basically a human still, ponytail and all)

I hope you enjoyed my presentation.

EDIT: Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention! My friend recommended Divinity: Original Sin to me so I tried it out. In it, I made Tina and Ava as the main party members. Tina was a cleric I think with a pink ponytail, and Ava was a warrior (or paladin or something?) with long, flowing light blue hair. Unfortunately I can't find the screenshots I took, but it was amazing.

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EVE Online: The "Original" Tina Kaekel

I say this is the original because it's where the last name Kaekel came from. Also the portrait looks really badass in my opinion.



Very nice looking character :D

I should totally start playing EVE again.

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So many Tinas... But yeah, the EVE one looks absolutely badass.

I also forgot to mention that I had Cylia on warcraft as well. Though, only things shared between them, is name, and the lack of tits. In WoW, she was a mute thief, who later got noticed by SI:7 and hired by them. Unfortunately, she ended up with a crossbow bolt in her lung. Here's her last moments.


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Nah, I don't do that shit. Mainly in other games I adjust my characters to the universe, and don't keep names. I mean one kinda insert was, Wasteland 2. In Wasteland 2 Bryce Faust adventured as a Texan rifleman ranger, and was very neutral and snarky. Most of the original party died under his lead, and was replace by characters who have personality.

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Well, started playing EVE again and made Elena to mark the occasion. She's intended to be an industrialist and a trader, somewhat true to her Aurora counterpart.


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