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Sprite Request thread.

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No one asked for this but which looks better?







It's still "Nanotrasen Space Station", right?


V1 looks better (has more space, feels less cramped, as far as the image goes), and aye, you're right on the name + designation.

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The thing is again, as i have mentioned previously, we do not have a thread for developers (or well.. spriters in fact) to specific people to do something for them, with the how's and why's we should sprite them. I don't know if you people are all shy and dont want to message personally to people to do ask them do it (in which i would gladly accept after asking few questions and then take this request further if necesary to higher up standing rank people on aurora, but that's how i work) and then BAM! Everyones gona be happy knowing that some one is doing their wet dreams. (Apologies for calling it wet dream.. I have tons of them that i want to implement, the ideas.. not wet dreams.. erh.. anyway). But hey, if you are happy to do the whole thing together, i am not offended or anything just saying my own thoughts on all about this thread at all.

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