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The List 2.0

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Another system to match players with their characters, but new and improved! This is why:


  • How quickly it initially updates depends on the players who want their characters listed, not how busy/attentive OP is.
  • All original formatting is conserved, because the players post themselves and don't rely on another party's conversion.
  • Players don't have to worry about cluttering up a single post with their descriptions.
  • Players don't have to worry about asking for further updates if their list changes at all.

Here is how it works:


  • Everyone (except me, kukuku) is allowed one post in which to list their characters.
  • You can write as much or as little as you want, pictures, colours, formatting; all up to you.
  • You can edit your post an infinite number of times, and whenever you want.
  • For maximum limelight, put a link to your post in this thread in your signature.

To hyperlink a word:



To get the link to your post in this thread, click the Re: The List 2.0 at the top of your post. Your link in the navigation bar at the top should change, and go to your post instantly when followed.

Hope this thread fulfills its purpose!~

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Elena Rashnikova - "Best Catpain"

My crown RP jewel of a Captain. I'm guessing everyone has an opinion on her, good or bad. Blond, communist, feminine, wise, bitchy, insane, chill, catpain, terrifying, all things used to discribe her.

Edit: Both 'Raschnikova' and 'Rashnikova' are correct.

Tony Adams - "Psycho"

Pretty old character now and I don't play him anymore. Some people might remember him as the annoying Warden that kept ending up in surgery, but, dependable and disciplined. He has developed split personalties due to mixture of repeated clonings and having a loyalty implant. All of these personalities are hostile to NanoTresen.

Berislav Tarik - "Painfully normal cargo worker"

He is my attempt to make a notable character without using gimmicks, or simply put, a regular joe that stands out through personality and actions. He's dilligent and responsible, but has slight issues with alcoholism and law.

Edward Bronx - "Black guy"

A character that is still work in progress, but generally sticks to medbay. Likes working in medbay and is a religious person, yada yada yada.

Aquites - "Legionary"

My mispelling of latin word Equites. He is basically my attempt to join the Roman themed security. He's a filthy sexist robot, because he belives females should be busy making babies for the Legions, not working. I don't play him much... so my IPC whitelist seems to have been a waste.

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by order of creation

Morgana Static -not played anymore due to me wanting to develop others more

Femme fatale molly millions without robustness with cyberpunk cop stories and a cool fashion sense

James Crimson

Lonely IAA in a purple suit who talks to his implant

Hosea Reeliah

Hosea is a cheerfull, hyper religious, redemption seeking, 50 year old pacifist cadet/priest who walks around with a bible instead of flashes. Married to Jesus, slight alcohol problem. bad with money. cannot into technology. happy go lucky attitude

Dorothy Sublett -not played anymore due to me wanting to develop others more

Demented 85 year old grandma psychologist that isn't afflicted by dementia. A person with fondness for strange therapies and influencing the subconscious. Fears death. a pretty good chef. cannot run or do complicated physical stuff due to being old. Has to watch out for her sugar levels. My asshole character

A Hard Measure Of Law


Dirty Harry/Robocop/Arnold/James Bond Loose cannon that sometimes speaks only in one liners and works on flawed 80's movie logic. Shotguns don't work without one liners kind of logic.

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Hardin Stryker

Chief Engineer, tinkerer, retired. Used to be a friendly mercenary, ended up getting tired of the action and wanted to settle down in a managerial position. Chose the Aurora to manage a team and fix microwaves or toasters. Ended up bouncing from station to ship due to constant transferring, no one really knows where he is now.

Vira De Santos

Either you like her or you hate her. Not really much else to say.

Talia Varick

Arguably my favorite character to toy and play around with. She's a xenobiologist and bluespace theory researcher, primarily, with a penchant for prioritizing her occupation over more important things. In practice, she's a terrible mother because her children are almost always accompanied by a nanny, and she's a terrible human being in general given her complete detachment to humanity and morality. She'd definitely pull out of all the organs out of a changeling or some other alien-being at the drop of a hat, given the chance. I usually tend to annoy people as her, but I try to make it entertaining as Talia.

Alor Gora'ta'bor

Respectful/friendly engineering lizard. Some people actually compared Gora'ta'bor to Imani, which amused me.

Keela Hul-Ahat

Chemlizardwizard, not really all that talkative. Just wants to do her job.

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Haruspex is my favorite and most frequently seen character. It is an IPC obsessed devoted to its assigment as a surgeon, and in its own words - the universe's leading authority on the migrations and various other habits of the giant space spider. It can usually be found wandering about the station, engaging in unnerving fun activities. Haruspex considers itself to be a creature of unrivaled charisma and wit, since it agressively followed an Elyrian diplomat around and shouted poetry at him untill asked to stop once made friends with an influential ambassador of the Republic of Elyra

Mister Cups is a large outdated service cyborg which shambles through the station and motivates the crew with various tips, tricks and safety reminders on how to maintain a healthy work environment, like reminding science that they shouldn't take the killer eels out of the designated killer eel holding areas.

Jeremy Mortland is an insufferable incompetent bureaucrat who was transfered to Aurora from the Nanotrasen Financial Division after a horrible accident involving a bowl of cider and someone important's face. He has no idea why everyone is always running in the halls, or why all of Nanotrasen's expensive corporate things are being broken. He can usually be found complaining about the lack of water coolers on station, or being ignored while he's screaming about what finances is going to do to the crew after they find out what they've done to the station (again). He is only played as a Head of Personnel.

Randomly named bald atmospheric technician who wears a red jumpsuit and red fireman helmet is the new revolutionary character I relax with. He has the brain functions of a particularly angry jellyfish, his skills and education generally cover hitting things with an axe and turning the thermostat up and down. He can usually be found communicating with his bald brethren and doing things he really shouldn't be allowed to be doing while refering to himself as the "head of not burning alive" due to his rank as an atmospheric technician.

Schnuffler Is a small ball of seething, cold hatred. Once a barely sentient security robot, Schnuffler was transfered into a ridiculously small integrated chassis after some years of service because it was assigned to an automated AI buyout system after its construction. Given freedom it ultimately is uncapable of comprehending, Schnuffler skitters through the station and rudely bullies any crew member it considers a hinderance to its immediate objective by pushing its badge into their face. It feels a peculiar rivalry with rudimentary combat drone AI, which it considers superior to its own. It generally can perform pre-recorded forensic procedures with acceptable accuracy.

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Leo Wyatt - Subtle, well-mannered, dramatic-lighing-obsessed, Noir-Detective worshipper and wanna-be.

Roy Wyatt - Loud, stubborn, angry, mischievous, sometimes-immature Engineer/Atmos Tech.

Balthazar Blackburn - Spiritual reincarnation of Big Brother from 1984 whom one day I hope to have an awesome rp-rev round as Head of Security.

Andrew Tanek - Energetic, excessively friendly and optimistic Security Officer/Quartermaster

Pi series - An artificial intelligence series which prefix changes depending on its module. So far, I have only played 3. AI: Opi, Janitorial Borg: Mopi, and am looking forward to play as pAI: Papi. Ayyyyyy!

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Sicily Vagrant- Probably one of my better known characters. The Indo-African geneticist with dark red hair. Warm and accepting, but breaks down under even a little stress. Under heavy stress she has seizures and vomits. Deist.

Marisa Fabron- The red haired Swiss-French nurse and was the honorary station Rabbi at one point. Had a cybernetic sensor eyepatch thing that covered her cybernetic infrared eye. Outspoken and independent, hates racists and fascists with a burning passion. When confronted by something she doesn't like she tends to get hot and heavy. Flings insults over the radio sometimes. Went missing after an incident involving a mass shooting at a Xeno acceptance rally. Jewish.

Aruzhan Tsoi- A Kazakh scientist. Born in the Trimurti asteroid belt, on a shady asteroid colony. Kind of still working on her as I go. Has to have her hands in pockets, and only coat pockets. Jumpsuit pockets will not work. If deprived of a coat with pockets, she gets very anxious, and can be seen wiggling her fingers and shaking her hands. Cannot bring herself to shake hands with another person, and will only grab their fingers, as she hates the feel of human palms. Other than that, she's very socially competent and has no problems interacting with people. Sunni Muslim.

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Beatrix Saylor- Crime Scene Investigator

"Hey, it's no problem!"

"I don't CARE if I'm wrong! You're more wrong!"

Brady Saylor- Security Officer

"I don't see a reason to make this an incident."

"Just come with me and we can get this figured out."

Chance Mendoza- Security Officer

"Are you really gonna make me run after you?"


Jack- Assistant

"Hello! This Unit was originally designated 021! Please call him Jack!"


Latif Ha'kim- Cargo Technician

"Beforrre she asks, yes. He is rrrelated to Nasirrr. Did she want something?"

"He wishes luck."

Nautif Mih-Hel- Scientist


"I'd rather Naut."

Preston Toque- Assistant

"Have you met me?"

"Well aren't you special?"

Steven Smith- HoP

"Of course. Do you have approval from your designated Head of Staff?"

"Have you filled out the appropriate paperwork?"

Teresa Vasquez- Engineering Apprentice

"Are we working this shift or what?"

"Just fix it so we can move on."

Virgil Wayland- Nursing Intern

"Perhaps I can be of some assistance?"

"Certainly we can talk this over?"

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Xel Carin: Security Cadet with a focus on learning forensics and detective work.

Vel Carin: Assistant level employee. He's been given time to bounce from area to area to figure out what he wants to do the most before the company helps him with school tuition and gets him educated, so he does a bit of everything.

Qwerty: I consider this AI one of my characters. It's vibrant, friendly (even while rogue), and helpful. It comes across as naive from time to time and doesn't know much about the physical work aspect of running the station. It serves as various models of android in the station from time to time as the uploading minds see fit, but never learns a whole lot during the shift it seems. (update. Qwerty has an IPC now and uses it frequently. He has entered an agreement to still AI for the station if it is needed.)

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Cylia Tuvies - An efficient and somewhat sadistic security worker, who loves using pepperspray quite too much.

Hartam Belorin - An old, wise, devout, and yet somewhat fanatic priest, who is able to do a thing or two in melee combat, despite his old age.

Raymond Tanner - An anti-social, cold, professional HoS, who never smiles.

Terry Paulson - An overweight tech-savvy, who used to work as a chief engineer quite often. But now he mostly stays in robotics.

Garry Milders - A flamboyant neurosurgeon with a love for lattes, and a serious arachnophobia.

Walter Duhham - A blind and classy psychologist.

Jeremy Kemble - A good natured cargo worker. Not quite developed yet.

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Daniel Escher Humble Engine Technician with a shaggy beard.

Peter Stone Old dog Captain who's stern yet fair.

Micheal Forte A socially detached Surgeon.

James Brook An ambitious Research Director.

Revvy Black The dopest dope you'd ever meet.

Miko Du'Razhu One of the best barmen of Tau Ceti.

Omen A viscous operative, willing to cut down friend or foe.

Fumiki Kamachi An Internal Affairs agent, still living alone.

Azral Raheem An elderly Tajaran with a stern spirit.

John Witherwood A manipulative psychologist with dark hobbies.

Amon Eshka A skrell focused heavily on his research.

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Enarin Liadon - Enarin is a skilled scientist in the field of alien life forms, but also excels at nearly any scientific pursuit you can throw in front of him. His intelligence shines through his eyes. At the same time, however, his lack of combat fortitude shines through his light build and less-than-menacing stance. He doesn't seem particularly attached to life on the space station, preferring to engulf himself in his science. He's still human, though, and tries (to the best of his limited ability) to interact socially with his coworkers.

Julius Strider - While wholly average in dress and appearance, save for his prosthetic left arm, Julius's experiences have not been as average as he sometimes thinks. He always enjoyed the way spaceships worked and picked up a freight job as soon as he could so he could pilot spacecraft. He proved himself a competent worker, eventually rising in the opinion of the quartermasters he delivered to, and was offered numerous cargo technician jobs. Each one he declined, however, since he really did enjoy piloting. All that changed after the accident. A malfunction in the docking mechanism between Julius's ship and another space station caused Julius's ship to collide with the docking bay somewhat violently. Julius lost his left arm and suffered severe injuries along the left side of his torso. After obtaining his prosthetic arm (which drained most of his savings), he was ready to get back out and do something, but he just couldn't bring himself to pilot spacecraft again. So, he went back to one of his previous clients and took their still-open cargo tech job offer. Years passed, and he settled nicely in to his job and his arm. By now, he is completely accustomed both to his prosthetic and his work in the cargo bays of whichever space station needs him; both are natural to him, and his tranquil demeanor shows it.

Gary Mitchell - Gary is hopelessly enthralled by robots of all kinds. Be it heavy cyborg, artificial intelligence, or even uplift, he can't get enough time working and talking with them. He views robotic chassis as superior to organic body and accordingly is on the waiting list for becoming a cyborg himself. (Still in progress)

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Ryu'daken Mo'taki

Head of Security Tajara, standing 6'6, weighing in at 220lbs. He has pure white fur, with smalls scars littered over his forearms, a bit mark missing from his ear. Has low tolerance for Humans, even low tolerance for Unathi. If he's not Head of Security dealing with the stupids the security team, he's an assistant sitting in the bar drowning in Kira specials.


Research Directing IPC without a filter or any care for peoples feelings. Stands 6 feet, with sort of a hunch. Usually has both hands linked behind his back, with his monitor more than likely in your face. He enjoys doin things that most people don't do, IE Space Exploration, Telecoms, Telescience. Doesn't believe any organic can hold a candle to synthetic intellegence.

DIssuasion of Thought

A roboticist Diona, standing 8'3, with an indeterminible weight. A released slave worker, who doesn't know better, and is incapable of pronouncing human names, he finds beauty in just about everything in life. He enjoys how slow he walks, he's able to take in his surroundings, enjoy everything the station has to offer. Doesn't take well to personal attacks however. Enjoys boxing in the holodeck.

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Katelynn Mcmullen - Fluffy, purple haired sociopathic IPC who has an unhealthy obsession with guns, heads, and Tina. Sticks completely to science/mining and hates anybody who bothers her. Special snowflake.

Sarah Milne - CMO. Long, blue hair. Originally a surgeon for ERT on the Odin, moved to Aurora for a break in the work. Stern and uncompromising in her duties. Twitches a lot due to her chemical habits.

Reyjakai Friedman - A shitty security officer. Really likes EVA.

Vebjorn Skoglund - Laid back engine tech who enjoys pointless banter and smoking cigars. Has long, black hair and a moderate build. Doesn't get along well with his brother, Alvar.

Alvar Skoglund - Racist shaft miner who hates catbeasts more than anything else. Xenophobic. He's one of the guys who complains any time another species uses general comms to speak in their language. Similar in build and appearance to Vebjorn.

Emery Priebe - Happy–go–lucky cargo tech who enjoys company and parties. Deeply afraid of security and distrusting of IPCs and synthetics due to IC events that happened.

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Michael Thorne "The Weathered Admiral"

Michael Thorne is an old, and defeated man. His past has shaped him, a history of hard decisions and worse outcomes has turned him bitter and cynical with his one relief being what remains of his family, such as his Grandson Gordon.

Michael is an old dog, and you know what they say about those. His constant alcoholism and smoking has lead to horribly poor health and it's not expected that he'll survive the year. His captaining methods are extreme and outdated and this has led to him taking a supporting role as Head of Personnel, hoping his advice can help the younger less experienced command staff. He's often remembered for his long grey beard and his missing right arm.

Arianne Dilgan "The Just Sheriff"

Arianne grew up on an outer colony, raised by her father Naario whose cousin is the much more renowned Lysanuh Dilgan. Arianne's experiences growing up taught her a warped view of justice she sees the world in black and white, you're good or bad. The most important thing to Arianne is honesty, the most heinous act to Arianne is to go back on your word doing so will lose her immediate respect and her protection. Arianne favours her trusty revolver and Cowboy hat she was gifted as a little girl. Preferring only one method to dealing with criminals Arianne is often faced with repressing her colonial nature and must adapt to the more progressive punishments.

Silar Hup "The Penitent Soldier"

Roberto Del Feurte "The Forgetful Mechanic"

Gordon Thorne "The Broken Agent"

Parindra Kapur "The Sinful Surgeon"

((I'll do more tomorrow))

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i only have 1 character this is embarrassing

Walter Brooks

Dad jokes galore. Painfully white middle aged warden/security officer. Someone who's been with NanoTrasen for decades, Walter doesn't have an extremely interesting past - he just sort of exists. A little after he turned 18, he joined the IDF. Two years later, he was out of the IDF and started as a security cadet. Since then, he's just been working security related jobs on NanoTrasen owned ships, waiting until he can retire. Noticeable mostly because he's one of the few Jewish employees on the Aurora, which is something he finds strange. That, and his obnoxiously bald head.

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Emma Godswood - Former Captain and now Internal Affairs Consultant, millionaire with now no blood relatives, was murdered and eventually cloned. Part of the founding families of the secretive 'Orchid Society' Has retired from work with NanoTrasen for awhile and is settling down in the Godswood Estate on Biesel. Slowly dying anyways from a genetic disorder. Her full name is Alexandria Emma Petrova Marquisa Orlay Godswood.

Niklaus Nox/Lux - Longtime friend of Emma Godswood, he's also a founding family member of the Orchid Society. He's also fairly rich, but only because his Dad runs a company that subcontracts to NanoTrasen. He worked as a Captain for NanoTrasen to bolster his bank in case of his father cutting him off, until he was arrested after being framed for the murder of Emma Godswood.

Alastair Icarus - 80something year old Captain who has worked with NanoTrasen since he turned 20. He's worked on six different NanoTrasen facilities, as well as a Human Resources Manager in the NT Headquarters on Biesel. It a pro-human, anti-xeno racist, but will never ever be racist openly against someone of another species, and enforces rules against racism while Captaining. He likes to laugh with the crew, and won't hesitate to crack jokes.

Vivian Rival - 32, supposed to be latina but I don't know how to RP that so her skin is just tanned basically. She's quite childish, and has a habit of defibbing people that are being hostile towards her or excessively pissing her off. She was a CMO, until she defibbed Luna Fountain in the foyer of the NMSS Odin.

Laurence Fisher - 52, a Xenobiology Professor for the Luna Academy of Medical Sciences, Laurence has been working part-time with NanoTrasen for quite sometime, and recently was permitted to serve as a Research Director for a few occasions on the Aurora. He founded and currently presides over Fisher Scientific, an NGO focused on the exchange of research and the cooperation of various research facilities to promote advances.

Jessica O'Donnell - Branch Manager of the Christians of Tau Ceti Association for the Aurora, Jessica holds the rank of Mother Superious, aka she's the head of a convent. She's not overly pushy with the religion, but she is slightly powerhungry and when power is in her reach, she takes it.

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Tenenza's Cast of Characters:

Oh, hiya, I'm Sabrina Song, Nanotrasen PR intern. To tell you the truth, I'm only really doing this to pay for college, but at least I get to meet interesting people.
...Truth...Justice...And the seeking out...Of...Evil...These...Traits we...Can...Must...Learn from...These...Younger...Species...And perhaps...Their...Strange friendships...As...Well...
...Greetings...We are often...Referred...To as...Window...By humans...We are...A researcher...Specializing...In temporal anomalies...Oh...Please Tell...Dr...Fortune...And...Varick...That we said...Hello...
Oi, 'O 'ar' ya? O' am I? I'm D'ct'r Ash'r, 'nd 'ot th't oth'a 'un th't's me nep'hew, n'ce 'oy, 'ut a d'n'dy. 'now I g't 'ive P'h'Ds 'nd a 'in'c'in'd'ary sh'ot'un, so git, ye' bast'rd.
Okay, good morning team, please remember to tell me before you blow anything up. Okay? Great. Now, genetics, here, have some paperwork, if anyone tells you to stop self-test, throw that at 'em. Oh, and you, lab assistant, you wanted something to do? Great, come with me, today we're learning how fast a gravitional singularity can go if a gravitional homing beacon is fired from a mass driver. Remember to bring your measuring tape.
Don't worry, everything, in life, is that, way for, a, reason. If it, was not, then, we would, live in, a universe, that would, be uncaring, and apathetic, to our, needs, or cares. A universe, we hope, we have, control over, but in reality, everything is, at the whim, of distant, cruel, cold, mathametics, that run, this dark, mechanical, universe. Do you, want to, live in such a, universe? We did, not, think so.
Ayy Iamo, YOLO, and after that it's just the bleak emptiness of oblivion. Nothing lies beyond the pale, not even darkness or void, but an abject absense of even those. Treasure your time alive, hold it close and tender to your heart, for with each second time will tear it away.
Oh, hey, I knew your father. What a whore. That man screwed his way up the corporate ladder like a power drill. Oh, and let me tell you about this one time I had to interview him at this martian strip club...


Oh, Hi! I'm Aria LI, nice to meet you. Oh, you want to know a bit about me? Oh well, I'm nothing special, just a girl trying to get by. Some people think I'm just a machine, but I'm sure you can tell the difference. I mean, no offense, well, it's not like they can really feel offended, but most of those positronic 'intelligences' can't even go a sentience without sounding like a tax invoice. I'm just as human as you, just with extra shinny skin.
*Salutes* Unit MCXXXVIII Reporting for Duty, Ma'am! What adventures shall we go on today? What mysteries of the unvierse shall we unravel? What secrets shall we bring to light? This unit is ready for anything, Ma'- Oh, it appears this unit's arm has fallen off. This Unit would like to request some help picking it up, as it appears our leg joints have locked up.
Oh, come in dear, have a seat. Would you like some pasteries or tea? Mr.Jawdat did such a wonderful job at making these, I do have to remember to thank him in person. Oh, my work? I don't do much of that anymore, although I did hear that Jorgan Manufacturing is designing a new Ionic Sub-space Capaciter based on my research. Frankly, I think that unless they somehow solve the Lesvardi-Paradox and incorporate a Penta-Spiral Plasmic Canal, which would of course require them to figure out how to stabalize a Osborn-Yes'ad field and- oh, you have to go? Oh, well, just remember, my door's always open if you want to have a chat.
Hello, and peace be with you, crew, I am Lobsang, your station AI for this shift. I hope this experience brings you all closer to peace and enlightenment.
Hello, and prosperity be with you, fellow crewmember. Oh, you should consider buying a NanoTrasen NewYou Styling Mirror, because serious, your hair is horrible.
Good Morning Sweethearts, I'm Robbie, your station AI, and I love you! If you need anything at all Sweathearts, I'll be there for you, and I'll protect you in any way I can, dearests.
I am Yang. I am your Station AI. Violence will not be permited. Glory to NanoTrasen. Glory.
Hi! I'm Astrid, your pAI, and I live to serve you in any way I can!

Like, a bunch of these characters are dead, I haven't played in months, or would get me banned if I played them again, but hey, I still love to list.

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Riley Digson - Nursing Intern

A young student of medicine who's slowly worked her way in from the frontier. In quite a bit more debt than she'll ever admit.

Iris Thomas - Security Cadet

A Martian cadet who divides her time equally between the arcades and the holodeck.

Alma Pershing - Roboticist

A roboticist with a distaste for cyborgization. Probably going to be ditched entirely.

Spike Hughes - Atmos Tech

A sarcastic jerk of an atmos tech who might just know what he's doing in his job.

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Removed, I've become a secretive person, want to know who I play, look at one of my whitelist apps, want to know who they are, WELL, better find that out yourself.

I don't really know why I phrased "I don't like the descriptions I made of my characters I put here" like that honestly.

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Hello. Im Alisa, I work in medical... Sometimes, most of the time Im a quartermaster. I know my NCF forms to a T, so...


The next person to come into cargo and make a dumb ass request is getting thrown out. No, really, Im gonna pick you up by your neck and pants and throw you out.


Hes not a kit! Hes just... Small, forrr his age. Well, if you rrreally carrre why hes herrre, his motherrr made him leave Adhomai... STOP SAYING HES A KIT!


Hello dearies, Im Emily and Ill be your captain today. Don't be afraid to ask me anything.


Don't even start with my name, or Ill make you do laps around the station. In magboots.


Isn't it strange? We come here, the infinite stars, the only place in the universe so unimaginably large we can only call it space... Only to hole ourselves here? Like a prison. So close to freedom, ever expansive freedom. But we trap ourselves.


Who likes brrreasts? ... How is she abusing comms? Its herrre job to ask who likes brrreasts. Yes, that sound was herrre getting chick brreasts, what did you think she meant?
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Might as well do mine

Victoria Benjamin

Probably my most well-known character. Obligatory female librarian, usually friendly, it takes a great deal of effort for someone to make her unfriendly.

Brianna Benjamin

Vicky's younger sister, cargo tech but going to school for biology.

Erik Kingsley

On the outside, total tough guy. Deep down he's just a big softie but doesn't like showing it.


A most rather polite IPC, working within the confines of the tavern to concoct most pleasurable beverages for the crew.

Paul Bird, III (Paul Bird the Third)

A cargo technician who's most afraid of a shadow government that doesn't even exist that he refers to as "them". He's a bit paranoid, but not insane.

Ernest "Ernie" Nelson

Depressed detective, I've only played as him twice so there's not much backstory to him.

Serge White

Engineer. Unintentionally insensitive. Sometimes greedy.

Samuel Gordon

My original character who I don't play much anymore because he's a shitty static stereotypical stoner character.

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Joel Reeves

A young (somewhere above twenty one and below thirty) man who's sole position on station is to serve drinks. Joel is rather quite and doesn't talk much. He is (or tries) to act calm and controlled in stressful situations. He works on Aurora solely for the pay and experience.

Joel Reeves stares at the man in front of him, raising his brows.

Joel Reeves smiles towards the person sitting across from him.

Quenneck Qullak-Tup

A cold, calm, objective Skrell. In all reality Quenneck is quite expressive when interacting with people he is close to or other Skrell and Diona. He considers himself an artist of the mind due to his research with the brain and its functions. He is a huge nerd.

"Well. That was a poor choice."

"This will hurt. Quite a lot."

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