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No Security? I AM THE LAW

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So usually when I am playing in dead hour at times we have no security on the station and people decide its a great time to start breaking stuff, stealing things and being a pain in the ass. I was wondering what are we meant to do in these situations. Playing an engineer it gets really annoying having to fix the same window 5-10 times because some jackass thinks its fun to keep breaking it. What exactly can we do in these positions? Do we take the law into our own hands and deal out some street justice? Would like some feed back please and thank you

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Improvised weapons are a thing. Like, dude, no sec? Get creative. If they're a large enough pain in the ass, capture them, zip them up with cablecuffs, give them the boots, medium style, and throw them into a random place to rot (it would be nice if they had A way out, mind you). No sec will be around to arrest you for contraband or assault. And the staff usually don't mind, if the circumstances are stupid enough, and you don't just outright kill the person.

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Recall on one server, we had an assistant who stole a load of stuff from Engineering and Security were too busy chasing a clown. So we hunted the assistant down and dragged him into the nearest tunnel, we then proceeded to hammer down him with crowbars before stripping him naked and stealing all of his shit. Food for thought.

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