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Good ways to RP with other people?



I know it sounds like a weird question, but I can never really get lasting relationships between characters other than "OMG UR A SKRELL SO COOL!1212!@!!!"

It doesn't help I tend to play as a chemist or botanist, either, but it seems that whenever I go out to RP whether for innocent or antag reasons, everyone is doing something else involving their job or RPing with people they've already established relationships with. Any hints to help me out?

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Ill admit, this is a problem for new comers coming in, a lot of people here are long standing members, and have well established character with established stories and friends, enemies, stuff like that. As such, they might be more inclined to RP with people they already know, stories they're continuing. My advice is you just need to try and be more outgoing, don't force yourself on people, but just because people are talking to someone, or doing something else, don't let that stop you from trying to slip in. You may also want to try some of the more social jobs on the station, like cargo work, or medical, where you see lots of people every round, and plenty of downtime in some cases, and even if you don't have the down time, you have to work closely with others anyway.

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Unless you fall on a really shitty character, just plop in obvious visible range a drop a "hi". Depending on my characters, from 40% to 90% of the RP that happens started like that. The 60% to 10%? They were coworkers. And then there's THAT one character which talks with Sybil because they tried hitting on them romantically.

To have an idea, here's what I mean:


Phoebe Essel: Is mostly a surgeon, but was a lab assistant once. Now they're so close Phoebe could kill Sybil without Sybil suspecting anything because of how acceptable stalkery behavior is.

Geradine Kingsman: Plopped by Research, said hi, requested some things. Now regularly visits and talks.

Eric Derringer: Just plopped and said hi while watching research as a Captain. Sybil now knows things probably no one else does about Derringer.

Zahra Karimi (sp?): Offered an exosuit, once. Now they talk.

Robert Calhoun: The romantic.

But yeah, just like in real life: just plop in sight of someone and say hello, then offer a subject of discussion.

Of course - that's purely social roleplay initiation. You can also do various things in various departments that would have various effects:

-As an organic-

Be geneticist. Accidentally poison yourself while testing. BAM you have an opportunity to know someone in Medical.

Engineering. Offer projects for the construction room. If no one in Engineering wants to help, ask help on public comms. BAM almost guaranteed at least one person to RP with.

Pretty much everything involving Science with the public (and if you're creative enough, there's bound to be at least one scientist which will hang with you just because science.

Security. Patrol the halls, drop a hello to everyone you meet. If they're receptive, stop for a chat (or if you NEED to patrol, offer them to patrol with you - it's a doubleplusgood thing because you have someone to talk to AND someone that has your back if something happens, or at least that will let someone know what's happening while you get fucked)

But yeah. By far and wide, the easiest way to start RPing with people is to initiate.

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I don't mean to rude by saying this, but some of Killer's might hurt more than help.

In the case of the geneticist example he gave, geneticists are very, very stigmatized. If you poison yourself while working, people usually write you off as a chucklefuck, treat you and then throw you back, and Ive seen people demoted for testing on themselves.

The engineering one is pretty solid, and usually leads to some awesome, cool creations. Back when I played engineering, it was so fun to build in the abandoned rooms, and it was really cool getting other people involved in engineering's strip club Gentlemen's Club.

The security one is... Eeeehhh. People don't usually like security. Security is mostly filled with hard asses, ass holes, other various types of asses, and from my experience, security characters are usually hard to approach, for the same reason as what I said above for Geneticists.

-ALSO-, jobs to avoid if you want to be social more than anything else.

  • Virologist
  • Xenobio
  • Xenoarch
  • Captain
  • Head of Security

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You may have access to the entire station, but you also have steep responsibilities. Its not bad on extended round, but since thats pretty rare, you'll more than likely be caught up dealing with security issues remotely, or someone trying to murderface you. Even if not, a lot of the time you're acting as a faceless bureaucrat for paperwork a lot of the time too, being more of a stamp and a signature on paper than a person.

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JBoy, I'll be honest with you: it's not ALL geneticists which are stigmatized. It's just that the ones that people hear most about are the ones who abuse it - Safiya, Martin, so on.

If you create RP and aren't a completely irresponsible dick, I've found Genetics to be okay with most people.

And security, much of the same - yes, people don't like security. Why? Because 90% of the time I've seen security, they act as if they're not entirely part of the station - they just patrol halls and stay in their own department until shit goes down, and when that happens they deploy coldly. Same goes for the HoS times ten.

I've never ever seen anyone refuse a greeting.

Though the Captain is entirely valid - the Captain is fine until shit goes down, at which point you're lucky to even see him. Except when things go in your favor (like that one time, in what I consider the best Changeling round I've ever played, a Changeling successfully managed to devour all crew except maybe three of four. I spent half the round keeping a scared librarian from getting devoured while she helped me take measures to ensure our safety. It was glorious.)

Though xenobio, xenoarch and viro are entirely valid just due to how isolated they are. I'd also add shaft miner to this list.

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Captain is not a good example of jobs to avoid. Derringer has made more "friends" as captain than I have in ANY other role.

But tips from me would be the basis of what Killer wrote. Smalltalk. Chit-chat. Bullshit. Just say hi to people walking by. SOMEONE will stop and say hi back and converse. Get involved in conversations on the comms. Make yourself mildly known by being vocal but not pushy.When Qwerty went from AI to IPC, people seemed to flock to it a bit. Qwerty, via comms alone, had become a likable figure for the crew.

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Security officer; patrolling with a partner or even staying at the lobby's desk with them can create some nice friendship and interactions. Besides, fighting antags and other things alongside is also nice. Yinzr's work at sec resulted in him having several friendships with other characters.

Engineering; people seems to be very welcoming there, mostly when you want to learn and etc.

Miner is also not a bad job. When I played it, Aaron had a lot of interactions with other miners and the cargo crew, besides being well know by the crew. There is a great bound when miners works together to turn their outpost into a fortress.

Also, lore and character's backgrounds can be a good tool,since, you have something to talk about and aim to develop characters.

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Jerk off with a meat slab from Betsy in escape.

Ive found some amazing RP can be drawn from odd characters disabilities. One of my characters in horribly ashamed of having a prosthetic arm. One of my characters is incredibly weak to Slime telepathy. One of my characters is a clanless Unathi.

And do you know much rich, deep, fun RP Ive drawn out of this? A-fucking-lot, m8.

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With newcode you can reliably kidnap people as an antagonist, always a good way to get a bit of RP with the hostage. Especially so if they're a good enough sport to not try to fuck you over the moment they're uncuffed.

Worst case scenario? They're a human shield, and that's enough to try and goad Sec into giving you RP that isn't at the end of a baton.

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Guide 1

1. Go to the bar

1.5. Ask for a pan galactic gargle blaster or a gin fizz for bonus snowflake points

2. Flirt with the Tajaran next to you

3. Wait for a decent human to come in and accidentally say cat

4. Act super offended and say "WHAT ARRRRE YOU A FUCKING RRRACIST" and hug your tajaran friend who now cries and says "he hurrt her feelings oh golly"

5. ATTACK the decent human with your bottle

6. Suddenly notice the fire extinguisher cabinet is empty

7. Notice the red extinguisher your enemy has just as your skull cracks

8. Try to scream

9. Get killed and ahelp that a faggot who needs to go back to goon ruined your rp

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Guide 2

1. work your ass off and neglect the fact that the nurse is drawing in her own blood in the emergency cabinet because you don't judge

2. Decide your best option was to settle for a pint for a short while and recharge your mental batteries in the bar

3. See a few cooing TAJARAN girls in the bar, hide your wallet in your front pocket just so they can't rob you

4. Hear someone talk about runtime over the radio, make a silly comment about smart cats

5. Look on in surprise as everyone in the dyke bar starts spitting at you

6. Try to explain yourself

7. Fail

8. Grab the fire extinguisher

9. >I just fucking hate this world and the human worms festering on its carcass

10. Unleash righteous vindication

11. Get fucking banned

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Guide 3

1. Vote nuclear game mode

2. Spawn as warden

3. "I had a nightmare last night that syndicate attacked us, fuxking unload the armory"

4. HoS fucking lets you do it

5. Captain fucking lets you do it

6. Hear a transmission from peaceful traders in space

7. LOOC:50kOfDave: wow nuke ops trying to be passive >.> this is heavy RP idiots play the role right xD

8. Have AI lock and shock the nuke ops in, then just kill them all with no words

9. call yourself a hero and add to your backstory that your character has been a mercenary in 7 different communist wars that claimed millions of lives

10. Lose a boxing match to a bald assistant and cry for a whole round about how he cheated by hitting you when you started talking in the middle of the fight

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Guide 4

1. Play as a normal human being

2. Play as a female just to try it out

3. Get asked to fuck in maint by a girl, tell them you're straight

4. Get asked the same by a guy, tell them you don't netflix and drill in the workplace

5. Mind your own business

6. Rumor gets out that you probably fuck skrell or something I mean if you're not having sex with 2 coworkers a day then you obviously are a creep

7. Get almost killed by a girl that was "in love with you" and you rejected her and made her suicidal

8. Get refused treatment in medical because of how evilly you treated the nurse's girlfriend

9. "Lady your girlfriend wanted to fuck me you have some serious relationship problems"

10. Watch all of medical kill you and then sequentially kill themselves from space depression from yor harsh words

11. OOC:SnowflakeMountain: today was such an emotional day for my character.... Cyber bullying is a real issue..

12. Shake your fucking head and add them to the kill list

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Hey i have a better solution to the RP with people you dont/do like!

Before i say it, i will do it slowly and bold it out just for you, so you can understand it!

Okay.. ready?

Here we go!


Crazy i know right?! With this simple trick you can make whole lot of SS13 community go mad and they hate this trick! And guess what! ITS COMPLETELY FREE TIP!

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