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Synthetic Intelligence Movement Armband


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I'd like to start off by saying that I'd like this to be available for anyone to use, which is why it's not being posted under custom items.

An armband, signifying membership of the Synthetic Intelligence Movement. It's white, with a brown stripe that appears to look like an active positronic brain.


Blown up image of the item sprite.



Actual size of the item sprite.



I excluded the mob sprite because, with the background of dreammaker, they're a bit hard to see, but I believe they'll look better on an actual jumpsuit.

Dropbox Link:

(Contains mob, item, and item_overlay sprites)

(I'm a noob when it comes to dropbox, so if that link doesn't work, please tell me D:)

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name = "fucking IPC armband"
desc = "A fucking IPC armband. Shows they're not okay with being collared like dogs or someshit idk."
icon_state = "fuckingIPCarmband"
item_color = "fuckingIPCarmband"


That's just the basis behind the item for the thing itself. Custom loadout items are about as simple.


display_name = "fucking IPC armband"
path = /obj/item/clothing/tie/fuckingipcarmband
cost = 69

Disclaimer. These are not finished products, merely a showing of how simple it is to code said item.

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