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Port Paradise's Clothing Options


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Porting anything from non-Bay code is incredibly hard, for just new clothing, I'm not sure if wasting time on this would be viable, but I'm not sure if Paracode and Baycode differ that much in terms of the way clothing is coded.

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Just a quick heads-up: it's actually NOT hard to port clothes if the codebase is open-source. Download the source, extract the sprites, integrate them into our clothes.dmi and add the code that references them.


It's not the difficulty per say, it'd be how much work it'd be to get all the clothing, when that time could be spent on something better.

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Honestly, porting clothing is EASY and shouldn't take more then 10-15 minutes. You just need to copy the sprites over, code in the clothing (not difficult), and then add them to a locker or vending machine (easy). You could also throw them in at the special items stage during character creation (which creates some problems)...

The problem is, indeed, with the 'professionalism' of the station and having people in uniform. That being said, it'd be GREAT for Assistant's 'Visitor' class or if you wanted to implement more civilians.

You'd need a way to implement it and not have everyone wearing civilian attire around work. You could have some exceptions, perhaps a relaxed Doctor who still wears his labcoat or a chill HOP but it'd be dependent on the Captain or the CMO if they can get away with it. Certain departments like Security and Engineering definitely shouldn't be wearing jeans and polo shirts.

One problem with Polaris is that EVERYONE seems to wear them and it's kinda silly because you don't know who anyone is at a glance. Kinda hurts gameplay, IMO, and is annoying to have to inspect each person, find their ID, and see what they are for each person.

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