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Add K'ois for Vaurca players

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Vaurca cuisine is viewed upon as extremely bland and tasteless to the other species. Generally consisting completely of their genetically engineered fungus that they grow en masse, it is grinded down into a paste, boiled, or eaten raw. It is describes as tasting chalk-like or like iron to Humans, and if eaten too much, some humans can get nauseated.

The fungus, K'ois ('The Substance'), is a white, bulbous mushroom that thrives in any environment it is placed in, apart from overly wet. While it appears this fungus is genetically bred to be so adaptable, it is also presumed it was naturally abundant over the Vaurcae home planet.


Quoted from: http://aurorastation.org/wiki/index.php?title=Vaurca

K'ois is the vaurca's primary/only food substance

As far as i can tell, this substance is not available anywhere on the station, despite NT employing an apparently very large number of Vaurca crewmembers. This is clearly species discrimination :P

The lore, as far as I can see, gives no indication as to whether or not they're actually able to eat other food substances, but in the current state they're forced to anyway. I feel this should be remedied. To do this, i recommend at least point 1 below, and possibly some or all of the other points too.

1. Add K'ois spores to the seed dispensers around the garden, and allow us to grow it. Hungry vaurca can grow their own in the public garden if there's no chef around.

2. Add some raw, frozen K'ois mushrooms to the cold storage in the kitchen, maybe only a little supply so there's still a reason to grow it

3. Add K'ois paste to condiment or drink dispensers around the cafeteria area

4. Add dried K'ois bars to candy vending machines around the station

In addition, i recommend all of the following, although optional

1. Make non Vaurca species take some toxin damage when they eat K'ois (it causes nausea in humans)

2. Make vaurca gain far less nutrition from non K'ois foods, and/or some mild toxin damage

3. Add in some recipes using K'ois as the main ingredient. Boiled K'ois, K'ois soup, K'ois pizza, K'ois paste sandwiches, etc. K'ois cooked in some way should be more nutritionally efficient, so there's a reason to not just eat it raw

I'm sick of typing K'ois now.

But yea, this would make a lot of sense. NT should be providing for the varied needs of their nonhuman employees. It would also give the chef's job a little bit more thought, instead of just sticking a ton of burgers on the counter and calling it a day

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I've been training the new Vaurca intern in medical, he shadows me and learns about stuff.

When it came to lunchtime, we had to settle for growing chanterelle mushrooms in the garden. But they're nowhere near K;ois visually, being that chanterelles are yellow and ribbonlike, whereas K'ois should be a bulbous white mushroom. Doesn't quite feel right

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I'm all for this. Here's hoping it'll stop Vaucra players from inexplicably slaughtering random animals and feasting on their innards because "dude ants lmao".

Generally agreed, that's an unathi job.

It should be noted though, that the vaurca lore also has them as cannibals. After major battles, the drones eat the corpses of their . so maybe eating meat is alright for them.

Mushrooms are generally a high protein food, too

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As far as I am aware ;

Vaurca don't gib mice out of hunger, but rather a sense of cleaning vermin out of the "hive".

Vaurca also can eat food other than K'ois, but they generally don't. It's their main food not their only food. Like the lore states they can cannibalize others of their species.

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I think specific nutrient chemicals should have a more generic name for them. I notice when you grind down k'ois, you get "k'ois" where if you grind down other food you get nutriment.

How about calling the chemical "vaurcament" or something genericy

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