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Remove the security camera in the Vault, or make a requirement for a higher security clearance to access it.

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There's obviously a nuke in there. The nuke sprite is 100% obviously a nuke. Because of this, anyone in sec (even a cadet or detective) can instantly see the nuke.

This makes it common knowledge, indisputably. I don't like this at all, since we shouldn't have a nuke on board in the first place, but as long as it's there and can be seen by anyone, there's not much anyone can say to say it isn't.




Until this gets removed, the nuke is going to just have to be common knowledge or we're going to have to do five incident reports every single round because people will notice a bomb in the vault with giant "WARNING NUKE" signs on it every ten minutes.


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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I agree with this suggestion. We can play with it being common knowledge and justify self-destruct mechanisms (or "scuttling" in naval jargon) or remove the camera and keep it sealed behind the door, which would let people get away with not knowing about it.

Given that the nuke is only able to be activated and detonated by antagonists specifically tailored to making it blow up (Malf, nuke ops) or admin-triggered code delta, it's easy to say that the self-destruct mechanism is actually a code sent by CC or someone higher up and is an absolute last resort that's never been used before, or even just to scuttle decommissioned stations. Considering that we power the station on either a deadly explosive and radioactive supermatter core or a literal black hole I don't see it being that much worse to have a simple fission bomb tucked away somewhere with more safety measures than our source of power.

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Making cameras higher level access is odd. Actually, nevermind, change the network it's on I guess, and make a private network. *shrugs*

Also, regarding nuke and whether or not it's common knowledge for the time being:

People would know it's there. Some would probably believe it's a dud, others might believe it to be live, whatever. No one but the captain should 100% know that it's active, and that the codes for its activation are kept on station. So basically: the trigger for its activation is unknown to the crew, same for the circumstances under which it's activated, if at all (maybe you think it's a dud). A potential cover story to dissuade further investigation by pesky employees could be that it's there as a tool with which to destroy the station if it suffers a xenobiological outbreak from research (though the NT rep would make clear that this is done after a successful evacuation of the crew by NT's finest).

The nuke disk is, again, only known to the Captain. He knows what it is and what it's capable of doing. HoS may just know that the disk is super fucking important, and that its recovery is paramount, but he wouldn't know that it's used for amazing purposes. Everyone else would see it as a random disk.

As for stealing the nuke: I mean, it's still an explosive device and could be amazingly valuable in terms of the materials it has in it. Such things would fly like hotcakes on the black market.

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Yeah, it's not terrible if someone knows about it. It's canon that Aerianna knows about it and she's informed that it's just deactivated. Rather than be nosy and investigate, she just went with that. Whether or not it is active doesn't matter much because she's confident that it has a purpose for being there and that it's extremely well guarded like everything else in the vault.

So it isn't the worst thing if people know about it. The only people capable of actually doing anything with it are antags that have the sole purpose of activating it, the captain who will likely never have intent of activating it, and the malf AI who frankly can already know and see everything about the station anyways.

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We had a situation the other day where most of the station was taken over by ridiculously lethal plants. They somehow managed to take over science, medical, the chapel, and the hallway infront of security, pretty sure they were encircling the station and the hallways were only kept clear by people chopping at them. Oh and then there was a slime outbreak.

To be honest, that situation seemed like a pretty good time for CC-authorised code delta. they would heave eaten the station in its entireity within a few hours, and removing them would require thousands of laser guns, or the sacrifice of a lot of ERT troopers

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