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Aurora Civil War: Make your vote count!

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A storm is brewing deep in the Aurora community, their most precious resoruce is on the line and this could mean life or death to the server, so here you can make your voice heard choose a side, or create your own





This glorious red cup was the first on the scene it started off the Aurora cup vote in style knocking out Cyan, Forrest Green and Yellow without a second thought but now a challenger approaches:





This young upstart shot through the cupranks to quickly tie with Red cup, the pink stripe compliments the pink faces of the many Station Dwellers who drink their morning coffee with gusto


But you can also vote for a different colour than these too... if you want... I guess

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We must seize the means of (coffee) production. Красная Армия всех сильней!



name = "Russian"

id = "russiancoffee"

description = "Hey Comrade have you put something in this coffee well zalozhit za vorotnik!"

Zis would fit in the red cup huh comrade!

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Guest Complete Garbage

We could have a bunch of mug sprites, and have it a random chance for being one, like the cigarette machine with the colored cheap lighters, or tool vendors with screwdrivers, or cable coils

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