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Hall of fame | Raider (Me as one) Committing suicide with garn's help and loved the reactons

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Please write your answers outside of the bold brackets. We do not like reading walls of bold text.


[b]BYOND key:[/b] SonicGotNuked

[b]Character names of all involved:[/b] Oliver Lutz (Raider | What I played as), Garnascus (Helped me commit suicide), Sarah Rice (Raider budy), Raymond Hawkins (Warden), Nicholas Nelond (Doctor trying to desperately save my blown apart body), Matt Dalmer (someone who was high on some drug, no clue)


[b]Documentation of the event, Link to post/Screenshot in game. If multiple screenshots please compose an album:[/b]


I have crappy phone picturs, if you need me I will copy them in the fourms with color.





[b]Have you read the application rules??:[/b] Yes

[b]Have you made sure this incident didn't result in administrative action?[/b] It was due to garnascus adding a shit ton of brute to help me to commit suicide (ended up making my limbs blow off)


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a [b]paragraph[/b] each.


[b]Why does this moment deserve a spot in the Hall Of Fame?:[/b] I think this moment deserves to be apart of the hall of fame because when we where raiders we got captured very quickly. we sat inside the prison talking and my raider that I was playing becoming slowly insane and one of them got borged with us trying to remind it of all of our fun raids till it was ordered to patrol. after a while the blob attacked the brig and we got moved to EVA storage for a make shift prison. I attempted suicide with wire cutters in a toolbox right next to me and they threw me inside a jacket to make sure I do not commit. After that garnascus asked if I want to commit suicide and told me to do a ME command of biting my tongue and he added a lot of brute.


[b]Are you certain we are all laughing together are not shaming someone?:[/b] Yes I am sure we all laughed together because people where freaking out trying to piece together how in the hell I could just randomly blow up while in a jacket that prevented my suicide. We also all agreed (I did not get crappy pictures of it sadly) That when a admin helps you commit suicide, you will die. All and all we all had a fun time sitting in EVA storage for a make shift prison because the blob destroyed the brig.


[b]Final thoughts/anything you want to add?:[/b] This was near when I was new to SS13 Heavy RP so I could of made mastakes. but this made me laugh so hard. I am sure it did to other people


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Oh I remember this, I believe that admins were putting him in to crit and I was actually there frantically trying to save him... and then all the sudden.. boom...and I had NO IDEA what happened, and was laughing my ass off, I was thinking "Was it an implant... was it his prosthetic exploding and something else just went really wrong?" .

Was definitely a great moment.

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I remember this round as well, was Raymond Hawkins the Warden. I think your organs scattered and I remember blood and your liver was on the same tile, so I acted like u had bits of your liver on my jacket.

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