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What's on your wishlist?

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In the spirit of Christmas, the most blindly materialistic and consumerism-driven holiday cash grab of the year, I'm making a thread for essentially just saying anything you really want, or hope to even get for Christmas if you still have any relatives left alive. I know I don't.

But yeah.

What do you really feel like buying? And why?

Anyhing you've been saving up for?

Or what's one thing you'd like to receive this holiday?

I want books.

Mainly Ciaphas Cain books. I just bought a $30 omnibus about him that's upwards of 1000 pages, in hopes of finally finding his famous one-liner where he shoots his brunette housemaid and says, "Sorry, I prefer blondes."


Okay, go.

(Hopefully this thread can rival Incognito's sushi thread in terms of unpopularity.)

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I don't want anything in particular but in an attempt to change my friend's steam name to something more festive I learned that he hates Christmas. So when I visit my grandma's house we're going to bake him so many christmas cookies and send them up as a Christmas gift.

So I guess I do want something: More fucking yuletide cheer.

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