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[1 Dismissal] Make Dionaea a Bit More Logical


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Dionaea should be able to wear eyewear, but shouldn't be able to be blinded by flashes.

This is just a mess. They can’t wear eyewear, but they can be flashed as though they had eyes? Do they or do they not have eyes? Not to mention, you can add mechanical eyes to a Dionaea on character creation. I would know. One of mine does. But they don’t see out of them. So all Dionaea should be able to wear something on their eyes (like, say, A medical hud) but should be immune to flashes (in fact, it should continue to heal them slightly).

Dionaea should also be allowed to wear masks. What do you mean my Dionaea can’t put a cigarette in itself and look edgey? I understand, no shoes and no gloves, obviously they wouldn’t fit what the Dionaea have for limbs. But they can part their vines a bit to put something in their "mouth" and they can wrap a sterile mask around their head if they wanna. (This one’s more of a joke, because a smoking Dionaea is as hilarious as a smoking IPC)

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Dionaea do not have eyes. They still intake and perceive light around them, for a full 360 degrees, which is why I'd argue that diona are the only characters that should be reacting to events behind them. Diona being flashed is much like humans being flashed, I would assume: a sudden, overwhelming flash of light disorientates the diona, and seeing as light is especially important to diona, I can see why it would be even more important.

I agree that diona should be able to wear masks and glasses, but they should provide no benefits.

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Dionae factually do have eyes. Those green spots all over their bodies are their eyes. They have one eye per Nymph, no single spot. Dionae can't wear Blinders and other eyewear because they factually would do nothing. Any form of blindness would still blind the rest of the Dionae viewing it even if the head-Nymph was shielded. And any vision through goggles would be useless for the other Nymphs guiding the Dionae, because they lack the ability to see through a singular means, which Ornias addressed. As it stands, the 'Blindness' from being flashed is a balancing mechanics, as far as I know. That said, I wouldn't like a Dionae buff, they are strong enough as it is, and their main weakness is being flashable and slow.

Remember from a Lore perspective they are not one entity, they are multiple. This suggestion makes no logical sense with their in-lore and even in-game biology.

For ref, straight from the wiki.


Their base form, the nymph, has very few organs (which have no set structure): the neuralias, which behaves like a cluster of neurons, the chlorodermates which attach together to form a light-sensitive skin that produces usable energy, the optical organs, the glucose sacs that process the sugars made by the chlorodermates, the "motor organs" which allow them (and their growths) to move, and the circulating system - which is equivalent to our heart, veins and arteries combined.

Notice the mention of a non-descript 'Optical Organ', which i'd wager is the light-green bulbous spot on the top of the Nymph.

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Alright, I see what you're both saying. I can see both of them as valid. They do have eyes, but all over their body. I do disagree slightly with both of them, though.

If we accept the fact Dionaea are multiple Nymphs together (as is stated in our current lore), they are a walking hivemind. This means each nymph is sensing everything around them (the nymph on the back of the leg is sensing the same amount but different things as the nymph on the top of the head, for example). Why, then, would a flash administered to one or two nymphs completely blind and knock down the entire mass? One nymph could sense "OH GOD, PLEASE NO!" while the others are like "M8 we're totally fine, don't panic" The benefit of a hivemind is to not be weak in the individual. If one nymph is cut off, the others will remain strong.

However, I can see this as a problem from a balancing perspective. I didn't think about that, going in. It's hard for me to remember this is a video game. Obviously, no longer being able to be flashed is a buff. This is actually how Dionaea used to work, if I recall right. Or maybe I don't. Whatever the case, flashing should still not feasibly knock down an entire mass as it currently does. Meeting halfway on the point, it could disorient as though one or two if its many pieces has been overloaded with information and it needs a second or two to sort through this.

I just can't reconcile "Flash of light!" and "Large plant that lives off of light falls over!"

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Well making the Diona unable to move after a flash because one cardinal direction has been overwhelmed so the leg nymphs can't coordinate movement for long enough to establish a grapple takedown cuffing should rectify this balance issue

maybe make it so a flashed diona can stand up but as soon as they try to move they collapse as half the nymphs fail to coordinate due to sensory overload

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