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anime pictures in yoru flavour text

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*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hive (as Adonis Tyrone Hitler) manages a fairly believable character because he gets enough game time. Unfortunately this is not true for the rest of the characters, who rarely seem more than two-dimensional. Despite the obvious talents of Hackie, The Autist Formerlly Known as Delta, Fire, Garn and others, not much of substance comes out of this game. It's almost like a typically tepid made-for-TV drama, earnest in its themes but too mild in its execution, and too short. This is one game of recent vintage that feels not long enough for character and plot development. The story jumps ahead by several years at a time and we piece together the action through dialog. For those already informed, this isn't difficult, but for the rest it may seem too whirlwind and superficial. Comparing John Halder's dilemma to the very similar one of Michael Moriarty in HOLOCAUST (1978) it's easy to see the advantages of more game time, greater plot detail and a forceful dramatic approach.

But Aurora is not a complete loss. The space locations are pleasing and effective, and the game has one unique touch: the use of music by Gustav Mahler to suggest Adonis Tyrone Hitler's subtle connection to a great culture heritage created by memes. This is effective as long as the viewer realizes we are hearing Mahler every time Adnois has one of his strange epiphanies.We can guess that Halder values this music as he values his meme friend (Hackie) and so the ultimate irony is set in motion. Not a bad thread, but too mild-mannered and lacking in real dramatic weight.

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Christ... You guys got me (mostly hive). You really did. You can stop now with the funny maymays.


Stop... I'm gonna pee.

Also, I actually don't like pics in flavour text at all. I feel it downplays the entire point of WRITING a good backstory only to describe your character with a picture. Feels kinda lazy to me.

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A cultural phenomenon for our time: Hivefleetchicken captures the comic geniuses behind the successful "Kings of Anime" tour. In the concert feature film "The Original Kings of Aurora," acclaimed director Hivefleetchicken brings his aesthetic sensibility and distinct style to the comedy concert film genre, as he documents and comes into his own with this appreciation of the individual talents of Hackie Mhan, Zundy, Butterrobber, and Hackie Mhan again and reveals the behind the scenes activities of a tour that continues to sell out bloodbowl arenas.

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I'll set the record straight for the most part: this is what I meant by "over-the-line shitposting." Minors play on this server and view these forums. Posting 'ironic' vore memes makes you no better than the people who actually enjoy that, and it's inappropriate of you to bring that to post here in this community. Furthermore, don't give those people attention either. They play on the other SS13 servers for a reason. So leave it be.

While the rest of the thread would be tame enough without it, I don't think it's disingenuous to assume it was going anywhere else than to forum hell.

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