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[2 Dismissals: Archived] Emergency Stairs


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we already got ladders (usually in places that get locked off by the everencroaching wave of yellow doors with red blinking lights) and now I am here to lobby for stairs

Yes,I know it's already something the Devs are problably working on,it is exceptionally hard to find those things because I'm an idiot,but making this a "hey I haven't thought about this in a while" thing seems like a prudent idea

When the elevators stop working for one of a million reasons I think a little staircase would be prudent,there is afterall a reason we started implementing these in buildings after the first few hundred people died in fires

These would and should be located next to elevators and maybe close to the departments in case of emergencies (in case of service it should be a staircase in the back of the bar)

Many a time I was hammering an elevator button or couldn't get the elevator to raise because some chucklefuck emagged one elevator door

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While a logical idea, the last server I was in that had stairs had a mountain of problems with them.

Weird things like being unable to push or move objects both ways, inability to drag cuffed prisoners down stairs with you (you had to throw them down the staircase then hurry after them before they ran), mechs not being able to climb back down stairs after they went up,

It's possible that stairs, an object you don't interact with other than to walk into it, are a huge hassle to code for. Or maybe that server just had bad coders.

But it's possible ladders are here because stairs are awful.

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Voting for dismissal.

The decision to not map in stairs was quite intentional.

If the elevators are broken, then there are quite a few other ways to traverse z-levels:

  • Stationary, mapped in, Ladders
  • Portable Ladders
  • Hoists
  • Jetpack
  • Rigs with leg actuators
  • Jumping down and crying for medical


Generally, if the elevators are broken, then it adds a interesting aspect to gameplay.

Deal with it in one way or another.

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I have no faith that the dev and map teams are willing to consider this (I've been whining about a lack of stairs or accessible ladders since the map released) but I would enjoy to see either of those somewhere, someday, at some point, in a place where the average civilian role with none of the above items or access might stand a chance of believably going up a z-level.

Edit: Time to piggyback on this with my pre-existing related suggestion to make Emergency Maintenance Access something Command remembers to use, sometimes, maybe.

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It was a design decision to place in elevators instead of ladders or stairs. The stairs have been fixed, and there are ladders connecting every Z-level of the station in maintenance. If the elevators are not working for whatever the reason, then Command can and should revoke maintenance access to allow to move through the ladders. Not something we have planned to map, for now.

Voting for dismissal.

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