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Planetside 2


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I have played Planetside. I have seen this trailer. Amusingly enough, I just realized the two were related.

See, this piece of video doesn't really do the game justice. Every game likes to show overhyped war footage in their trailers. The cool thing about Planetside is that it actually does more than 16v16 or 32v32 battle arenas.

You have a continent. 8km x 8km. This is the game map. It is divided in territories, with three factions fighting on it. Factions have roughly a few hundred players fighting on each at any given time. You have infantry, ground vehicles, and air vehicles. That's pretty much it. The rest is for you to figure out what's the most efficient way to take the other two factions' territory, whether that be by grouping up in huge armies, strike teams, tank rushes, whatever. Oh, and there's actually four continents like that.

This is where Planetside succeeds, in a way no other game has. The huge rushes of 50 soldiers with a column of 20 tanks, against an opposing force of an equal size? They're all player-controlled. There's a fuckton of missiles and explosions going on all around you, way more than in any other game - yep, all the chaos actually comes from players firing at something with intent. Hear the distant flak of an AA gun somewhere far away? You can be sure that's an actual player, firing at other player piloting actual airplanes.

And all of these are not just common, or even daily occurrences. They're just the way the game is played. Planetside gives you a completely unparalleled sense of being part of something bigger. And yeah, it's pretty fun.


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>not terrible repressors

>not team red

>not tactless recluses

>not transient rascals

>not tainted ramblers

>not thieving rightwingers

>not tawdry resistance

>not tragic revisions

>not tarnished roses

>not tasteless rumors

>not terrible remixes

>or possibly training restroom-attendants

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This guy in particular taught me how vital the Light Assault class is in neutralizing tank and other vehicle units, and otherwise creating massive amounts of map pressure around your own territory and the territory surrounding your sundies.

Barring from when I was new and coming into the game, I've never not played Light Assault.

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Recoil-less weapons are for cucks. Larger the recoil, the better.

Well, for me it works absolutely badass, as heavy can kill 3-4 people and still survive with minimum HP.

That doesn't make you more badass.

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What was wrong with it, despite it being useless fucking garbage?




  • Was hardly effected from the munitions pouch, unlike the Lancer which was given 4 reload cycles and thus 24 more rockets
  • Rearmed from engineering packs, from an incredibly slow speed despite 3 rocket 'magazine'
  • Severe hit detection issues
  • Bad direction detection for a weapon heavily focused around it
  • Firing a rocket not from behind and allowing it to redirect the rocket to hit a vehicle from behind would only cause low damage as if the rocket was fired from the front
  • Fast rocket launching mode would occasionally miss entirely stationary targets


It was a good launcher to take out Valkyries and Harassers (on good days), but it was plain up awful against anything else. It takes 8 rockets to disable a Lightning with it.

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