Re: CampinKiller - Lying To CCIA As Loyalty Implanted HoS

AmoryBlaine wrote:
Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:04 pm
he had ahelp'd the original arrest and seizure of his property, forcing me to deal with a very extensive interrorgation, which took up time away from processing him, which was further hampered by power outages. Rather than taking into consideration his own ahelp's affect on my timing performance, he got more exasperated by it, and made a point of it being 20 minutes in his IR. I recieved no known OOC penalties for what I had done, to my knowledge.
The argument within the IR is your original arrest and the method of the arrest. Holding time was a minor concern given the context of the ahelp. I addressed the ahelp. Youre grasping at straws. And this isnt about you or dawnguard.

Me making a poor call does not justify bad behavior from marc price wherin he lies as a member of command to escape being reprimanded for his action. If i punch another kid on the playground, you are not allowed to start swinging when you see it happen, then lie about it. Marc Price the character is either lying to CCIA because he's corrupt, or he's lying because campinkiller does not want to be punished for the action.

His hos burnt a complaint on a security officer in front of the complainee. Hello????

The IR being weaponized would be true only if i attempted to extort something out of any party involved under threat of ir. I never asked for anything. I just went straight to complaining.

Thank you for your perspective.


Re: CampinKiller - Lying To CCIA As Loyalty Implanted HoS

Senpai Jackboot wrote:
Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:11 pm
My journalist is not a command character and the incident was not done during code red. Not sure what youre talking about.

A different incident where, according to others, your HoP threatened to shoot Price.

Moving on from that, this complaint seems like some assinine attempt to get me punished for nothing. What I feel like happened is that there was a lack of evidence, and now you’re going after me personally for no reason, other than I allegedly wronged one of your many annoying, edgy characters, who couldn’t take being charged with a breach of regulations. This reeks of you trying to influence a CCIA decision. It reeks of breaking the rule about “don’t be a dick.” It’s idiotic.

And don’t go on about my character being corrupt because of an (alleged) lie. That is absolutely rich coming from someone who’s head of personnel was actively suggesting to shoot him during a canon round. Maybe, for once, you can sit down and accept that not everything will go your way. Get over it. There was no violation of any rule by (allegedly) lying to CCIA when not loyalty implanted.

Re: CampinKiller - Lying To CCIA As Loyalty Implanted HoS

Posting in here at Garn's request.

To clarify on how we've handled LIs in the past, if the character is not working, we generally assume that the loyalty implant is not functioning. Following this thinking, Campin would have been able to play a disingenuous character if they had joined as a visitor without violating any of our policies or some sort of OOC trust. This interpretation may change at some point, but that's more of a team discussion with CCIA and admins.

Xander is also correct in that it's currently our policy to "allow" dishonest behavior from characters, and that the consequences for lying are typically severe. In most cases, this is a very bad idea for the involved character, since witnesses and logs tend to easily highlight inconsistencies. Dishonesty was brought up as a possibility on our side even before Jackboot became aware of the information that led to this complaint.

I see the decision to lie as an IC concern, but the discussion about the function of loyalty implants in the roleplay and the intentions of the players involved seem to be OOC concerns, which is why I encouraged a complaint.
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Re: CampinKiller - Lying To CCIA As Loyalty Implanted HoS

Gonna discuss this internally with staff to decide if we want to implement new policy or not. As i understand it CCIA do not feel it affects issues enough to matter. Lies are generally very easy to to discern in investigations. I personally believe we have higher expectations of actions under the influence of a loyalty implant. Perhaps we should have the same expectation when a HoS/Captain is being interviewed. The easiest way would be to wave a magic wand and assume loyalty implants are turned on during the interview. so that whatever is acceptable in one situation it is also acceptable in the other.

We will need some time to hash this out.

Re: CampinKiller - Lying To CCIA As Loyalty Implanted HoS

Spent a whole lot of time hashing out a potential policy change from this. The TLDR here is that things are going to remain the same. CCIA do not want visitors to have their implants turned on. They feel its very very easy to catch someone in a lie and then BTFO them. As is exactly what happened to price unfortunately. There is always the possibility that this could become a serious issue but as it stands right now its not a big enough one for me to force it on CCIA.

Nobody was punished OOC for this complaint. It was valid for Camp to do IC.

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