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  1. BYOND Key: mcfluff Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: Arrow768 b]Reason of Ban:[/b] You, or another user of this computer or connection (rainbowsuplex) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Beat his head in with a wrench in an effort to suicide. Thereby violating the avoid pain / sane character rule. Reason for Appeal: Well, I'm not RainbowSuplex, he's my brother. I'm Mcfluff, I play Layla Starr. He plays Peter Richards. The Game ID when this happened must've been b9T-dthc. I've played on this server since 2016 and I don't have any major histo
    Very nice event. Did NOT expect Yammato dying to be scripted... sad and emotional but that's canon deaths for you...
  2. I'm fine with this now actually. Just keep the bar horizontal facing down
    The chessboard was aligned wrongly. The bottom right square is always supposed to be a white one.
  3. Reporting Personnel: Layla Starr Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Cook Game ID: b8g-cmzI Personnel Involved: Antonio Romano, Cook: Offender Song Sun, Psychiatrist: Witness. Saw Romano try to run away through the maintenance tunnels and the bar. Tried to stop him. Secondary Witnesses: Evangeline Watari, Cargo Technician: Romantically involved with Romano, talked about the incident. They might be able to fill out missing information. Time of Incident: unknown Real Time: (19:30 CEST, 22/07/2020) Location of Incident: Kitchen, bar, maintenance.
  4. Cargo mains on suicide watch But yeah a lot of this is really cool and definitely something I'd like to see
  5. I'm not really sure how I feel about this to be honest, but I can't really articulate why beyond "change bad". I just like the static setting, I guess, and the NT-centrism, but I feel like that's only because "that's how it's always been." Most of all I fear my character wouldn't fare very well on a ship, especially if Cargo is changed drastically. I feel it wouldn't make sense for Layla, who I've grown attached to over the years, to want to work on, or to be transferred to working on, a ship. I don't really have any objective criticism of the idea. I think it's a cool and ambitious
  6. Basically just what the title says. And of course have a setting for just keeping it at job default.
  7. Sandwiches are cool, her relationship is also over but she's trying to keep herself better fed by her own now. But mostly because sandwiches are cool.
  8. I mean I couldn't make Layla a lesbian, that'd make her even more boring.
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