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  1. Holy shit yes. The new cargo interface is a mess.
    The chessboard was aligned wrongly. The bottom right square is always supposed to be a white one.
  2. Reporting Personnel: Layla Starr Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Cook Game ID: b8g-cmzI Personnel Involved: Antonio Romano, Cook: Offender Song Sun, Psychiatrist: Witness. Saw Romano try to run away through the maintenance tunnels and the bar. Tried to stop him. Secondary Witnesses: Evangeline Watari, Cargo Technician: Romantically involved with Romano, talked about the incident. They might be able to fill out missing information. Time of Incident: unknown Real Time: (19:30 CEST, 22/07/2020) Location of Incident: Kitchen, bar, maintenance. Nature of Incident: [X] - Workplace Hazard [X] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct Overview of the Incident: Antonio was upset about the fact that the cow in the crate in the maintenance tunnels had been killed by a cargo technician. He named the cow "Betsy". He has named many cows "Betsy", all of them came from the crate in the maintenance tunnels. He was saddened by the cows death (they cow is there to be butchered), as if he had known the cow for a long time. Throughout the shift, Antonio would hoard animals, primarily monkeys, in the kitchen. This, of course, is a hygienic disaster. Around the time that the transfer shuttle was on called I was asked if I knew where Antonio was. Whoever asked me was from the medical department, I believe. I checked the freezer room, and there he was. Bleeding. He was cutting himself with a knife, and dragging a large refrigerator after him. I chased him through the tunnels, out into the bar, where Dr. Song Sun and some other people who's names I don't remember start chasing him. He was taken into custody. Inside the refrigerator? The dead cow. He was taken in by security and suspended. In short, Antonio risked contaminating the crews food by letting monkeys hang on to him while working in the kitchen. Later in the shift, he self-harmed due to the grief of a dead cow. A cow whose sole purpose is to die. A cow which he acts as if he has met before. A cow which is placed in the maint tunnel between shifts, and replaced between shifts. He self-harmed because a random cow was killed. Submitted Evidence: N/A Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: I did not. Judging from the (suspended) next to his name on the PDA messenger I figured the HoP at the time (whose name escapes me. Tajara, blue suit, name starts with D) had already taken care of it. Actions taken: See above. He was suspended. Additional Notes: N/A
  3. Cargo mains on suicide watch But yeah a lot of this is really cool and definitely something I'd like to see
  4. I'm not really sure how I feel about this to be honest, but I can't really articulate why beyond "change bad". I just like the static setting, I guess, and the NT-centrism, but I feel like that's only because "that's how it's always been." Most of all I fear my character wouldn't fare very well on a ship, especially if Cargo is changed drastically. I feel it wouldn't make sense for Layla, who I've grown attached to over the years, to want to work on, or to be transferred to working on, a ship. I don't really have any objective criticism of the idea. I think it's a cool and ambitious concept, but I fear it might change too much too fast for me personally, and the setting would most likely either force me to shoehorn in an explanation for why my character is there, or to just abandon her. But hey then again I vote extended so my opinions are invalid
  5. Basically just what the title says. And of course have a setting for just keeping it at job default.
  6. Sandwiches are cool, her relationship is also over but she's trying to keep herself better fed by her own now. But mostly because sandwiches are cool.
  7. I mean I couldn't make Layla a lesbian, that'd make her even more boring.
  8. True, but Layla eats like two meals a day, so even that shitty sandwich makes all the difference. And it's leagues better than the cheezy honkers she'd eat instead.
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