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  1. Hi Schev, those were some excellent points and as usual your detail was top notch. I agree I should have made more of an effort in engaging with you after Blondie was arrested but at this point I was going off two things. Firstly, I had told you to stop before and you did not (Void hadn’t worked out you were an IPC due to their dumb player) and was concerned you’d charge into security with Blondie where they couldn’t follow. I’m not faulting you here, I’d keep running if a merc was trying to taze me as an ipc too! Secondly, you were right outside of security and my team was in the ba
  2. Hi, Voidcrawler here. I want to clear a few things up. I did not know the ERT at all, they said something about recognising my character so I went along with it. You did surrender, but by that point we were in combat with security and we are not obligated to accept your surrender. This is not the UN and my Skrell did not have a blue helmet. The HoS I think was caused by an aiming problem (person activates aim intent and forgets to deactivate move, talk etc) and after one started shooting the rest joined in CM style (I am not innocent). The ERT decided that me giving them cash then and
  3. Title says it all, but will elaborate my reasonings here. During the round 606-draT I ended up being an antag in research. Decided to mess around with some chems and made smoke-poly grenades using the below recipe: 40 potassium, 40 phosphorus, 40 hydrochloric acid in one beaker 40 potassium, 40 sugar, 40 sulfuric acid in the other beaker large chemical grenade The resulting concoction took out @ReadThisNamePlz and @Yonnimer characters fairly quickly, killing them even though medical got right on them. Nothing could be done to save them (I am sure the pair tagged can provide
  4. Hi @Caelphon, those are some really great questions and definitely provoke some more thought into my character. Allow me to answer them one by one in a quoted format below: If I made any mistakes or you have any other questions let me know!!
  5. Nothing but praise for Val. Cement this WL today!
  6. BYOND Key: Rushodan Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: A yellowy-blue Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes I have Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: Recently I wanted to expand both my OOC understanding and my options when it came to the other races as currently I have only humans and IPCs at my disposal. I do h
  7. I mentioned this ages ago and am pleasantly surprised someone chucked it on the forums. Yes there are downsides to this, but in my opinion they are pretty niche and small compared to the problem this fixes. Doing the funny B O R E R (or something similar) in chat, having a bunch of people vote for a good wee chuckle and then having 3 out of like 20 people play the round with the rest going afk for two hours massacres player pop. Turning a server from decent pop to deadpop for your meme votes isn't fair on the people that actually want to play and enjoy the game. The main issue I can see
  8. Very good! I'll get you unbanned then. See you on the server and remember that failing to cryo might keep other players from claiming limited roles.
  9. Hi Alexanderself1, I banned you due to repeatedly ghosting and leaving without attempting to use cryo and not informing staff, typically on single slot roles too (like detective). It appears in this instance there was a bit of miscommunication as you asked if you could leave due to what I expected was your traitor role. I said it was fine for you to go and believed you would enter cryo. A little later you asked if you could ghost, to which I responded that instead you should use cryo. I do not believe you saw my last message as it was sent a few milliseconds before you ghosted and left
  10. I don't usually comment on these, but honestly I can think of only positives each time I have interacted with your HoP. Super sold character that I enjoy talking to and this lad certainly deserves their WL!! +1
  11. First and foremost I want my taser back. I would love to have a traditional taser that only works on un-armoured targets and the prongs stick in to zap you, but i'll take the magic light balls any day. Secondly - I really dislike the mini-rubbers. I will have to double check, but I believe trials were done in the past with NATO 5.56 rubbers and they deemed them too small to be effective. You either crank the velocity up and become in danger of killing someone, or they are a mild annoyance at best. Shotguns fill this role presently anyway. Finally - it's tricky. Everyone has their thought
  12. Unless I’m wrong, Fax is a level of access that can be toggled on like any other kind of access via the HoP/Captain. Command, Consular and Corporate Rep get it. If this gets pushed through, it may be worth looking into anyone being able to submit a fax but the machine stamping your ID details on the footer of the message sent to punish misuse of the fax machine and to keep a paper trail. Possibly have a check to see if the ID used is valid by ensuring the fingerprint and dna hash are not null. Just spitballing ideas!
  13. Please yes for this. Running around after getting blasted should be discouraged. Stopping movement? Lame. Punishing the heathens for sprinting when full of bullets? I see this as an absolute win
  14. Tbh Goret is sound from what I know of them ic and ooc. Give this person a trial mod!
  15. I'm not for removing it, the ninja bomb kinda adds to their spoopy aesthetic and as far as I was aware was designed to prevent the 'enemy' from getting access to any of the ninja's technology or body (kinda like the predator bomb but less nuclear). I actually like the damage it does too, gives some more drama to the round (and stuff for engineering to do). I am however up for something along the lines of what doc said, a big warning and a few seconds to get away when the deadman switch is popping off. Give us a scary red message and maybe something visual that clearly indicates 'this boi ab
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