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  1. TO: Erwin Slagmiester, Paramedic, NSS Aurora FROM: Sasha Reyes, CCIA, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: An Investigation has been conducted regarding the incident, and appropriate action(s) has been taken. The matter is now considered resolved. -------------------- DTG: 18-18:08-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2461 SIGN: S. Reyes
  2. Here's the thing. And I can make this confidently after watching Lolziam for a good while now. Do they know all the little rules that command learn over months / years of playing? No. Not really. Do they understand when they make a mistake and correct it for next time? Yes, absolutely. Which I think is more important than the first point I raised. I was with CCIA joking about how often the captain was going for EBS and begging for an ERT when it wasn't needed. The next day I see the captain sending proper faxes, not requesting the ERT unless it was actually required and trying to simply serving as a force to help move the round along. Lolziam is a good person, they take criticism well and honestly I feel with experience they will make a great command member. Sure they will make mistakes over time, we all do. However what makes Lolziam shine is that when they make mistakes, they don't lie or try to weasel out of them. They own them and use the situation to perform better for the next situation they get thrown into. That is why I am giving this trial a turbo +1.
  3. TO: Erwin Slagmiester, Paramedic, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to agent Sasha Reyes, (shodan43893). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. -------------------- DTG: 14-12:41-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2461 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  4. TO: Oscar Easter, Security Officer, NSS Aurora FROM: Sasha Reyes, CCIA, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: An Investigation has been conducted regarding the incident, and appropriate action(s) has been taken. The matter is now considered resolved. -------------------- DTG: 13-15:48-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2461 SIGN: S. Reyes
  5. TO: Oscar Easter, Security Officer, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that the agent assigned to the investigation has been updated to Sasha Reyes (shodan43893). -------------------- DTG: 08-20:28-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2461 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  6. I admit I am not innocent either, however I did not include the bottom part as it /felt/ directed at me. If I misunderstood then that's on me.
  7. Perhaps we all need a chat about conduct, maybe Arrow shouldn't have made the brainfart comment, but unpopular opinion if you get offended by such a basic remark than thicker skin is required. I don't want the chat to be a safe space where I have to tread on eggshells in case x gets offended. On another note, para isn't innocent either here. I've had para insult me countless times over the years I have known them and the way it happens is typically like this: >Para makes a suggestion >I disagree with the suggestion and give a reason >We go back and forth on what we both think without a lot of progress >Para ends up insulting me and I ask him not to do so before the discussion kinda dies off. Why don't I save logs and make a Staff complaint about Para? Because I don't really care. I might get ticked off but at the end of the day we are reasonable people that can move past these arguments, at least from my side. Heres an example of what I am talking about below, in case anyone wants proof of what was said: Basically implying I am an idiot because apparently I believe that antags shouldn't be able to win.
  8. I never said it was a win button, I said it was a way to close off a round. ERT ideally is normally called when the station security has been decimated and another step of escalation is required to avoid things stagnating into the antag being able to do whatever they like. It's off-station assistance that the antags get plenty of warning about, especially when ERT prep takes ages because Tpr. A wants to get their kit just right. They also come in at the same place every time, the antag is able to plan around this if they think carefully. Using tactics is what the ERT do, being given crappy access and bad weaponry is not suggesting that tactics have to be used, its just making another barrier for...little reason. TCFL can still come with the 33% suggestion I offered, having statistically one out of three responses. In lore it doesn't make much sense either - I can go into detail if why but I am trying to keep this post short.
  9. I strongly oppose this as having mostly TCFL kind of defeats the point of what the ERT are for. They are not some cool guys you can call in to get some super cool roleplay with. They are called in emergencies when absolutely required and to help close off rounds effectively and efficiently. They are central's first responders when a threat gets so out of hand that station security can no longer deal with it, so why hinder them with limited access, weaponry and equipment. Making it easier for antags to deal with the station's final line of defense isn't something we should be walking towards. I'd set TCFL at 33% honestly, with a fax to go along with it on how all ERT assets are tied up so external assistance has been requested. It would be more interesting and add a bit of randomness to how rounds develop without removing how much of an asset calling for ERT is.
  10. I like Sammo as a character, generally quite pleasant to be around and definitely good to have on the engineering manifest. Seems to have an interesting personality. One thing I don't like about her as a sec player is how sometimes she seems to try and lawyer the regs to get out of situations, demands to know what our department is doing over common and otherwise can be a bit hostile when receiving charges. Thumbs up from me in general tho.
  11. TO: Erwin Slagmiester, Paramedic, NSS Aurora FROM: AMS, CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review. If necessary, you will be contacted by a CCIA Agent when an investigation begins. -------------------- DTG: 07-14:25-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2461 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  12. Oh wow. Okay - yeah I definitely think we should be trialing this PR before jumping to outright removal. It addresses the main reasons as to why they are a bit strong right now, however I don't agree with them having the same capacity as an improvised prod.
  13. Not always an option. Like if someone is grabbing an actively beating on you, running away isn't always possible. I had a situation recently where I was killed because I could not get away, they kept dragging and pulling me away from the table I was trying to climb. I just don't want sec players being killed because some of their essential gear was removed without a lot of thought into possible replacements. The reason I am asking for a replacement, is as Xor said it feels like sec gear is slowly being stripped or nerf without much thought into what can be used instead. It's not all baton rushes and antag removal - most of the time it is being used for a valid purpose.
  14. Alright, fair. But I meant more a voidsuited engineer attacking an officer for x reason. Do they just deploy .45 in that case?
  15. I still want an answer to dealing with voidsuits. As HoS can I just deploy the tranq rifle if someone if resisting arrest, or what steps would I use to deal with an engineering fighting sec for example? Would a .45 deployment be acceptable here? I understand how the baton can be used to instantly shutdown antags, and it sucks. But I do want something perhaps to deal with voidsuit personnel. One time that sticks in my mind is when an engineer attacked me when I was playing HoS, think it was rev. I tried using all my non lethal gear but none of it worked, including my taser deployment on their voidsuit. In the end I had to break their legs by using my telebaton to make them stop...which kind of sucked for us both. I don't want an officer to be stuck in this situation is all.
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