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  1. @geeves I don't really understand the need for authority change? Why not have the head of staff communicate with the HoS if they want things done that are outside of a normal officer role.
  2. I'd rather have the AI be whitelisted than outright removed due to how useful it can be as a teaching tool, pointing things out for new players where they might otherwise be stuck and otherwise being generally useful during a round. Another thing it helps with is locking down overly hostile antags. Currently the only thing that stops a hyperzine fuelled borderline murderboning antag that steals the spare ID at roundstart is an AI. Hacking doors isn't tricky, either. So it's not like if an AI locks a door for a moment your round is over - just plan for it (screwdriver, multitool, cutters + gloves). One thing I would suggest is remove shocking doors. That has no purpose other than to fuck with antags/people antagging and CAN actually shut down someone's round (depending on how silly engineering are being with the grid load).
  3. "Inspirational quote."


  4. GEEVES. GIVE IT TO ME. +1 It's actually a pretty good idea, I once rp'd throwing up into a sink for medical and it just went on the floor
  5. Maint is absolutely huge, is fully of hidey holes and a smart antag can always manufacture some with hidden walls if they want to be extra safe and secure. I really do not see the need to keep security out of the one place that is poorly lit, dangerous and often provides the antag plenty of opportunities to ambush if they so choose. How would that SoP work even? Someone stabs someone and dabs into maint but officers can't pursue because its green? Or do they need to get a special warrant or what? If its a hard ban until code blue then what happens on low pop rounds where literally nobody can raise the code level? I really don't enjoy the notion that security players are going around maint and looking for contraband to purposely fuck over the antag - mostly for the reason that Nantei mentioned. I can agree with @Nantei that as someone who gets thrown into an antag role due to their luck half the time, I can't say I have ever wasted the first part of my round looking for a cool item to support a gimmick. Rev is actually the only one I can think of that would even need/want to do this. @Carver Also raises an excellent point - what about literally any department that wants to walk around and do the same thing? I know of some CTs that do it to add to the warehouse stock / so it can be sent to the right department. I've even done it once on a rather slow extended round.
  6. Hello Aurorians!

  7. Alternatively: Oh there is dangerous crap in maint, lets send someone on a sweep to collect it before it might get passed around and misused. Unlike other departments with a 'set up' phase, security does not really have one other than getting their stuff from their locker. Lets stop accusing security mains of having bad intentions because you don't like something they do. Besides, the warehouse always has infinitely more useful stuff than maint, so if you are an antag perhaps hit there first.
  8. TO: Moxie Maksell, Mechatronic Engineer, NSS Aurora FROM: Sasha Reyes, CCIA, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: An Investigation has been conducted regarding the incident, and appropriate action(s) has been taken. The matter is now considered resolved. -------------------- DTG: 05-22:48-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2461 SIGN: S. Reyes
  9. Killing can be important to drive a round, it should be easy, but dying should also be easy as well. People moan at security players for charging with a baton and demanding batons to be nerfed, but why is that even a thing? If I am a merc with an AR and I fire a few rounds into someone they should be stopped in their tracks. Firefights should be fast paced and dangerous - not "well I can take a good number of shots before running off for magic healing juice." I had a round, recently where a warden was lying on a bed with multiple gunshot wounds. They had murdered my tator partner so it was going to be part of the round where I manage to get our revenge for that person and continue escalating (trying to frame the AI for a person nearly dying earlier in the round). I typed out putting my shotgun against his head and pulling the trigger...two slugs to the head later and he pops up, one tap disarmed me and then shot me in the hand...causing me to drop my other tools. After executing me on the ground the warden gets spammed with meds and has no chance in dying. It was very frustrating and completely shattered any kind of immersion present. A few things needs to happen imo: - Medication needs to be less powerful - either needing more to achieve something or/and making it act far slower. - Some things require surgery as a default. Overdosing bicard to fix internal bleeding just feels a bit too easy. Splinting should render that arm/leg unusable (but stops the bone from jostling around, so stabilizes for movement - Shrapnel should cause infections / toxins over time so it cannot be ignored. Perhaps in IPCs shrapnel causes sparking (falling over / dropping something). - Getting shot in the head or torso without protection should make you drop from pain. Armor would negate this to some extend to prevent mercs/sec from getting dabbed on by one guy with a gun. Painkillers could negate this to some effect. - Food shouldn't help you regain blood. At least not enough to make you negate the effects of severe blood loss. Healing ten percent over like, thirty minutes? Sure. Currently gunfights feel as if they don't really have consequences and I rarely die, even when on the 'frontlines' so to speak. I know as soon as I see that crit message I can run away and get help with very little consequences. Just my two cents - but I always enjoyed a harder experience.
  10. Really like this: Having ghost roles that allow for some survivor or defenders of an away site would be great for interaction, could even bring them back for 'study'.
  11. There's no point to this change other than 'I don't like it'. Interacting with other contractors / as a contractor is pretty fun in my opinion and departments being contracted out is something that happens in real life. It's fine to not like it, people don't like it in real life either and yet it still happens. As with 'station secrets' being leaked out - what is to stop sci contractors from leaking info or even NT workers from giving away information? Anything that would apply to an NT worker can easily apply to an NI or Heph contractor, as they would have to sign a contract before operating on station. Hard -1 here
  12. TO: Moxie Maksell, Mechatronic Engineer, NSS Aurora FROM: AMS, CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to Sasha Reyes (shodan43893). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. -------------------- DTG: 27-18:04-TAU CETI STANDARD-09-2461 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  13. Its immersion breaking. I don't want a security department that looks like it is a bunch of college students doing a private security social event. We need to step away from memes, this would only lead to memes and nothing constructive.
  14. I can say with confidence that every interaction I have had with this player since their return, on an IC and OOC level has been extremely pleasant. I would give them a chance within CCIA. Although some parts of the app could be a little longer the base content is all there! +1
  15. Get a profile picture you nerd.

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