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  1. I have interacted with Razorak Szsk a few times, and based off of my interactions with the character, I do not feel confident in Shadow's ability to play command - specifically HoS. Generally speaking, I think their play can be lackluster and the character itself is wholly unsuited to being a part of command. Notably, the character has a tendency to violently lash out at people for relatively innocuous things, even other security officers. HoS is a role that requires a cool head and the right demeanor, and I do not at all think Razorak Szsk has what it takes to make a good, reasonable command
  2. We don't really need to encourage more cowboy stuff. That coalition crate is an OOC joke, in any case -- moving on. I don't think this item should be added. I really don't like anachronistic weapons - and furthermore, the sprite itself just isn't very good. I don't mean to insult your abilities - spriting is a difficult thing that takes a lot of talent, and being able to sprite at all is something to be proud of - but it heavily conflicts with our current art style and is far too simplistic. It wouldn't fit in. As far as ranged firepower is concerned - why not just add the marksman rifle
  3. After having played a round where Aleksander was made an interim HoS, I must respectfully say I do not have any confidence in your ability to play command staff. I feel like you handled the situation very poorly and didn't quite know what to do in the given situation. I'm sorry, but -1 from me.
  4. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/11595 The final victory approaches
  5. The only thing that could vaguely be interpreted as being me saying something in poor form was a joke taken out of context about the appearance of a character, which was a comment made in passing. I see no reason why I am mentioned in this frankly bizarre player complaint, (which is in my opinion unactionable to begin with.), especially as apparently one of the most egregious offenders, apparently so egregious that I am at the top of the list. I have nothing to say beyond "I didn't do anything wrong, and don't know why I was mentioned at all", and would like to leave it at that.
  6. https://i.gyazo.com/d316f1bcc48106126d31042435af8cd8.mp4 Pretzel made this and I thought it’d be nice to share it
  7. That’s all, thanks for understanding
  8. BYOND Key: DanseMacabre Staff BYOND Key: Itzal Game ID: Not really applicable. Reason for complaint: I had a funny idea to play for April Fools. It involved playing a character I had made bearing a strong resemblance to a movie character - problem is, the name was locked to the original joke name of "Phoron Man". I had ahelped asking to have this changed to a name that sounded SIMILAR to "Phoron Man". Itzal took the ticket, asked me why, and I explained it was for April Fools. I was told this was not acceptable, and while this surprised me (Because of the things that normally fly on Apri
  9. I'd like to encourage the mappers of the NBT to make an important structural change: Avoid break rooms. You see, break rooms sound good in theory, but in practice they're a bad idea - they segregate casual roleplay from other departments. By giving every department a break room, you are encouraging insularity and making it so that if someone wants to hang out with their bros, they may do it in an area that can only be accessed by their departmental clique. I would say that one of the best changes you could make with the NBT is to have, instead of break rooms, a number of varied recreational fa
  10. Now, I know this is asking for a lot - but I cannot help but miss xenomorphs. Sure, they were abysmal on Aurora-- largely because it was the flawed Baystation version, which disastrously turned them into carbon mobs. The fact of the matter is that the niche is good. "Biological outbreak that uses the crew to sustain itself" is a fascinating concept, and has a lot of potential from a roleplay point of view. In essence, what I propose is the simplest way to do this- though I would gladly welcome more advanced ones. The Greimorian queen would get a rework: it wouldn't be a simple boss mob anym

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      SOlarian gang.............................

  12. New laser sprites, just so the thread is aware.
  13. I'm DanseMacabre#4973 in the Aurora discord.
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