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  1. Let me also point out that this is the best solution. For some reason, people hyperfixate on all the cool guns and stuff antagonists get. The fact of the matter is this: As long as you have a weapon that can consistently deal an okay amount of damage, and you have medical backing you up, you will always win. You could have a pulse rifle, and it would mean absolutely nothing if you get an arterial bleed. Antagonists, more than anything, need very good medical equipment in order to make the playing field level. Until then, security will continue to beat every antagonist without much effort - the
  2. Oh and mechanical skills might help, but that's another extremely involved solution.
  3. Aurora faces a problem - a mechanical problem, to be specific. An umbrella of mechanical problems: Combat is unsatisfying and heavily weighted in favor of the station, and against antagonists. Armor, as I mentioned in my thread about porting Bay's armor mechanics, plays a big part of this - but it is not all. Here are some issues: 1. Characters react too little to damage in the short term. Nobody goes down immediately in a fair fight - this means that fights can become mutually exhausting stalemates, because: 2. Characters without medical backing receive a long-term death sent
  4. It's a forum. Most discussion happens on the discord.
  5. Revenants as a mode has a place on Aurora. That place is not the secret rotation. I view revenants in the same way one views tower defense - it is a gamemode that occurs when the playerbase has decided roleplay is not their immediate priority, and they just want some dumb fun. As it is, revenants is a RP-less experience that is essentially a TDM. Not something people want 95% of the time.
  6. I have re-evaluated what I think in regards to this, and I am going to say I tentatively believe it to be better than the status-quo. Secret extended being removed is... Alright, I guess. To be frank, secret extended sometimes felt like the worst of both worlds - the paranoia of secret and the lack of action of extended. True extended is great - but part of why it is so great is the assurance that your round will not suddenly be derailed. Generally speaking, I do strongly feel that extended is the only gamemode where you can reliably, and consistently, develop your characters and their relatio
  7. I didn't realize this would be that much work. So, uh-- I guess everyone else, keep that in mind
  8. https://github.com/Baystation12/Baystation12/pull/27254 This essentially changes how armor works. Instead of making it so a percentage of the damage is subtracted, instead it is based off of armor vs. damage number - It's like a soft threshold system. If the damage is lower than the armor protection, a very significant portion of the damage is subtracted - if the damage is higher, barely any damage is subtracted at all. Consider the current system: bulletproof armor? It is not bulletproof. Riot gear? You can still punch someone in riot gear to death. It'll just take much longer. With this
  9. I suppose fundamentally I don’t care about whether or not this system is implemented. It isn’t better or worse than what we current have - what I do care about is extended and wizard. For one, doesn’t this mean secret extended is going out the window? Additionally, I hope this doesn’t impact the frequency of extended in any way. anyway, remove wizard while you’re at it.
  10. This is what I wrote when Ati applied for Unathi, and it is still true. +1
  11. That’s all well and good, but the real question is “when are we removing wizard?”
  12. Danse? What the hell are you thinking? SS13 fanfiction? What a fool. Disgraceful. Why waste your time with such a thing? Idk thought it'd be fun. Check part 1 out HERE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h3d2dix9JeMkpqmkmNHvdR7EeUpYevvEtRr-uqQrYSU/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Seems reasonable. I'm sick of people voting for meme gamemodes and then sticking the rest of us with their mess. Borer voters, I'm looking at you
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