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    I can't believe you seriously allowed Joe to participate in this. What a disaster!
  1. What is an ERT? A miserable little cheat! I'm going to open with this: On this roleplaying server, who should be solving problems - the characters of the station crew, or a heavily armed group of faceless goons who are non-characters and can in 95% of scenarios wipe out the antagonists on their own? If you answered the latter, you may be a validhunter! In all seriousness, I do not think ERTs are conducive to creating interesting stories. Think about what they really bring to the table - at most, they might attempt to be mediators or simply support for the station. At worst (and in most situations), they take the situation out of the hands of the crew and place it solidly into the hands of the ERT, who will almost always be better equipped to deal with any problem than the crew is. The ERT is not a roleplay enhancement: the distress beacon is an "I win" button, that command clicks when they're forced to deal with the prospect that the valids may not be completely secured. Interesting scenarios, such as the crew being forced to arm themselves and attempt to fortify a location long enough to evacuate, or deal with being subjugated by an occupying force, or trying to attempt a valiant last stand against an enemy they may not be able to defeat? The ERT prevents this. A mercenary team can play admirably, roleplaying along the way, and if they're successful enough? Well, inevitably, the valid squad will come to shut down their round. It simply isn't fair, and it isn't fun for anybody except the valid squad. The worst situation ERTs can lead to is a premature distress beacon, when command totally jumps the gun on calling an ERT and effectively shuts down the rest of the round. Now, I do not actually propose outright removal of the ERT - I would actually really like if we did remove them completely, but I don't think enough popular support exists for this. What I do propose is: 1. The disabling of the NT-ERT - as it is obscenely powerful - and replacing it with something adjacent but less-capable, like NT civil protection. 2. Making it so an ERT cannot be sent without admin approval during a round when an admin is online. If any admin is not online, the distress beacon can be sent without approval. 3. Delay the spawning of the ERT, so it takes a considerably longer amount of time for them to arrive. Also welcoming additional suggestions.
  2. Wholly opposed to option number 1, as medical residents IRL are considerably older than 17 typically. I'd rather go with 2.
  3. Nobody is allowed to say "improve don't remove" except the person who will be coding these improvements. It is a rule (in my book, anyway), comrade
  4. Bump. I actually just went to make this thread before the forums politely reminded me I had already made it in the past. I'm going to approach the subject of wizard more diplomatically. I am sure that to some people on Aurora view me as an individual who makes scalding denunciations of things he dislikes, and to be sure this is quite true. Ignoring every other statement I've made about wizard, there's one thing people can agree on, I'm sure: Wizard is flawed by virtue of being a single antagonist gamemode that must engage the entire station. They are a high visibility, low capability antagonist that is alone. While I do not like wizard, I will not suggest removing visitors, magistake, or other gamemodes that incorporate wizards. Why? Because mixed bag gamemodes have a cast that can support the wizard. The antagonist to crew ratio is entirely skewed out of whack with wiz. I have seen many wizard rounds where there are forty, fifty, even sixty people on the server-- Which invariably leads to a brief wizard incursion that inevitably (d)evolves into extended. Wizard simply cannot support a station of more than ten to fifteen people. If people do not want to lose a chance to play wiz, increase the odds of visitors or other wizard-including gamemodes to compensate. This post is solely being made to point out that wizard is not viable as anything but an ultra-lowpop gamemode. Please ignore the rest of this thread, with that in mind!
  5. I liked the original onmob spriters and believe it unfortunate that they are being removed. However, I am glad to see the current ones go. No offense to whoever made them, but the sprites are just too huge.
  6. Mel is a great bean and in the past I've had a great time roleplaying with them. I'll always remember our first interaction on Aurora, and they were one of the first people to really speak to my character at the time. They have my support, +1
  7. I hate ERTs. I think they take the problem out of the hands of the crew, and instead put it in the hands of faceless goon non-characters (oftentimes respawns of dead sec officers). +1 from me, at the very least it'll make it so the crew might handle their own problems sometimes. Yes, but you can get guns from cargo AND call an ERT, which will instantly arrive. With this change, you'll have to choose between waiting for an ERT, or instantly receiving a shipment of gear.
  8. Woe unto rev, that most unengaging of gamemodes! For eons, rev has plagued HRP servers as a conversion gamemode, where others have thrived. Consider cult- By all means it should be less successful as a mode than rev is. It is a much louder mode, attracting security's ire more quickly. It is a mode that is less grounded and therefore harder to deal with realistically. It is a mode that would, logically speaking, attract less characters to the antagonist's side. And yet, cult can destroy the station. It can embroil it in chaos, force an evacuation. Cult is the successful conversion gamemode, and rev is the mediocre one, a filler mode that frequently begets nothing but disinterest. A "successful" rev round would be lucky to see a fifth of the action that occurs during a successful cult round. Why is there such a contrast? Because of two things: an endgame, and an ultimatum. Consider the conversion process for rev- You are given a choice when someone attempts to recruit you. "Yes" or "no". What are the consequences for declining? Nothing. The recruiter may attempt to attack you- but more likely than not, they'll move on, unwilling to blow their cover over a single person. And chances are, you'll either politely not inform security of this sedition, or you'll give them a one way ticket to the permabrig. Now consider cult- Your choice? Conversion or death. Like a zealous inquisitor, the cultist who has captured you will press the conversion attempt until you dissolve into nothingness or join their ranks. Unlike rev, your choice is to die and be removed from the round, or succumb and continue to play. Naturally, this is far more effective from a gameplay perspective. This is why you can see rounds where there are a dozen cultists. If you found a rev round with a dozen members of the fellowship or the contenders, I would be impressed. Astonished, in fact. Now, consider the endgame for rev: There is none. You set your own goals, but as far as achieving them is concerned, there's no tangible reward. There's no goodies. No impressive spectacle. No annihilation of all order on the station, unless you somehow manage to kill the entire security department and their respawns (in the form of an ERT). Meanwhile, on cult, you summon an eldritch blood God who annihilates the station and evaporates all those who come into contact with him, turning them into constructs of his nefarious and foul faith. An evacuation is forced, and if Nar'sie is summoned, it'd be a lucky thing indeed to escape alive. Here's the thing: Rev's problems come down to two things. A lack of engaged manpower on the side of the antagonists, and a lack of goodies. Even if cult can't perform many conversions, they can create constructs that close the gap- they can summon ghostpeople to serve as their faceless shock troops. And as far as rev equipment is concerned, their leaders can summon some guns. That's the extent of things. I am a total advocate for player agency, but to be frank, the choice system for rev does not work. 90% of characters do not wish to be engaged willingly. Simple fact of the matter? Rev leaders need to have a way to force the allegiance of crewmembers. Even flashrev would be preferable to choicerev. What I would propose is some sort of brainwashing device- similar to cult's conversion method, it would give the player a choice- join, or die. Or in this case, have your brain wiped and replaced by a brand new, fresh consciousness. As far as an endgame is concerned, perhaps if one side captures a comms console, they could summon a large term of well-equipped mercenaries to help them out? Better, high quality equipment? Something that really has the same oomph as Nar'sie. All in all, suggestions welcome!
  9. Yes king, it'll be ready shortly.
  10. If size is a concern, you'd be better off removing some songs we have that aren't particularly good. Anyway, Bay has a very good song called "phoron will make us rich", which I've always loved. I'd say the hardest part about finding recommendations is finding songs that feel like they belong in our setting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4goUdEQ5ifA
  11. I do not like to leave negative feedback. I think that as a person who is already known for being somewhat snide, leaving serious negative feedback just confirms that I am an individual who is innately negative. This is not the perception I want people to have of me. More importantly, I do not want to feel like an asshole. I might occasionally be a sardonic dick, but I do this all in good fun. I mean nothing serious when I tease somebody, and I am always the first to apologize when me and someone else have a disagreement. With that self-serving and egocentric header out of the way, I must say that I do not want to see Doc as a server moderator. Today there was a canon event round where I did something, ICly, with IC justification, that Doc did not like. When I saw them discussing it in another discord, I said "I did that and I would do it again", and then began to explain my reasoning. Their response to me saying "I'd do it again, too", was this. This is a mind-boggling response to me. To be frank, it upset me a lot. With IC justification, and OOC justification, I did something- Doc disliked it, and their response is to dryly state that things like this is why I am disliked by people within the community. If you have a problem with me, fine. I'd like to talk to you about it. But to me, this message is absolutely unacceptable behavior to be coming from someone who is a prospective moderator applicant, who just this Sunday said this:
  12. Generally speaking, whatever I want. To get into specifics, a security character I have made but not yet played wears a variety of loadout items: Including a jacket, different boots, and a number of minor accessories like patches and pins. I don’t particularly worry about being identifiable as security, because all the gear you carry will do that for you.
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