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  1. I’m glad something is being done, keep up the good work boss
  2. Okay. I turn off the lights to incapacitate the tree. It reaches into it's emergency backpack box and lights a flare, wanders over to a local oxygen locker and pulls out a flashlight, and promptly walks out of the room. I think you need to calm down - you talk about vitriol and anger, but your post is full of insults and ad hominems. We're all friends here, boss.
  3. +1 - not much to say beyond "They're a massive pain in the ass to deal with"
  4. What it says on the tin. I make this thread on behalf of people too cowardly to do it on their own 😏 Remember to remain civil. Many people think Dionae are a net negative as a station race, and oftentimes only exist for powergaming purposes. I cannot for the life of me tell you a single Diona character I have actually enjoyed on Aurora. They either: 1. Exist to have meme names (Seize the Means of Production!) 2. Exist to make themselves harder to kill as an antagonist, or to game antagonist mechanics (Like Cult) Something must be done.
  5. -1 to anything that is a MGSV reference, especially references so blatant as to use the name used in that particular game
  6. My deep cover insiders tell me that the official NBT internal release date has been moving up from May 30th of 2029 to December 31st of 2028! Hope you guys are excited.

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      Waiting for NBT and CBT. Still waiting.

  7. I have come to detest the Schlorrgo. They were funny at first, but they've since become overdone. Everyone won't shut up about them!
  8. While I'm not entirely unsympathetic to your plight - I don't feel at all comfortable nerfing ion rifles while IPCs remain as durable as they are now. IPCurity faces a lot of scrutiny for a reason: IPCurity is powerful. I remember a round where some Solarian marines came aboard the station, and a lone IPC managed to dunk on much of the team. If the ion rifle is to be nerfed (which it should be), I think IPCs need to be... Crunchier, as squishy isn't quite the term to use. Conventional weapons need to be able to get kills, especially ballistic weapons - which are the weapons antagonists most frequently have access to. Remember: Laser rifles are certainly effective, but how many laser rifles are available to antagonists? An EMP nerf hurts antagonists more than it does sec, and antags have the odds stacked up against them already.
  9. Can confirm, even I could implement them. They're quite simple, ultimately.
  10. As someone who detests radio-language shenanigans, I don't think this will amplify them. If anything, it may make it less prevalent? If people aren't as pigeonholed with their language choices, they may not be able to join in, because the radiotalkers aren't speaking a language they know.,
  11. One thing I think Bay does better than us is languages. Humanity comes from all over space - there's hundred of billions of Human beings. They inhabit hundreds of planets, come from hundreds of ethnic groups. How many languages do they speak? Three. Not counting Tau Ceti Basic, Humanity speaks three languages. Sol Common. Freespeak. Tradeband. In the future, apparently Humanity forgot how to speak every language that wasn't Mandarin, Hindi, or Latin. I know some people will complain about bloat, but I think that language is an exceptional tool when it comes to characterizing people. Bay has a total of nine languages that Humanity speaks - potentially more, but it's nine at the very least. Gutter is an option too, but isn't available for the character I made. Language changes based on background. To demonstrate why I think more is better, let me provide a personal example - I have a headcanon Solarian colony that was established by Eastern European settlers. On Aurora, I've had to make up a bullshit regional language - based off of Tradeband. On Bay, I'd have a far more logical option - I'd use Pan-Slavic. Think about it - why have Elyrans speak Tau Ceti Basic when they could speak Prototype Standard Arabic? Why have everyone in the Coalition speak a single language when the Coalition is supposed to be ultra-diverse? Ultimately this is something for the lore team, and I know their attention is elsewhere right now, but... Imagine how much more interesting characterization could be on Aurora, if your Dominians and Elyrans and Eridanians spoke their own languages. EDIT: As a clarification, I am not saying we should have a 1:1 port of Bay's languages. I just think we should have more than what we have right now.
  12. What do you mean by a "primal approach"? What sort of behaviors are you going to try and bring to the table, here? Furthermore, why do you feel that such an approach is only viable with the Tajara - or why it's viable with the Tajara in the first place? You say this, but you aren't really outlining what differences there is - in this line or in the preceding paragraph. It is important to note that despite certain physiological similarities, Tajara are not cats and are not felines. Why do you feel it'd be appropriate to play your Tajara with such mannerisms? They have their own, distinct set of behaviors already described in the lore. I'm not an expert on the naming conventions of the Taj, but I don't think this is quite in line with what the lore says is appropriate.
  13. I would be the best moderator Aurora would ever have.

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  14. One thing I've been thinking about - will new corporations be written for the NBT's departmental system, or will each department be using the ones we currently have access to? Another thing - will everyone be under the employ of a corporate entity? Right now there are a few roles on Aurora that are independent or government-aligned - consular officers and freelance reporters, in particular, but also visitors and such.
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