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  1. Skygazer's a good friend of mine and while I haven't interacted extensively with his current Aurora characters, I have watched them the rounds that I've observed and Hazel does not disappoint. Regardless of my own biases, I think Sky'd be a great addition to the forces of the Auroran Unathi Legion - after all, he's already doing great as a Human. I've talked server lore with him before and I can say with absolute certainty that he's very motivated and attentive to the game's world
  2. As a sec main I give this change a 0/10 for this exact reason!
  3. I would argue that this lets us determine who is a shitter at a glance, and act accordingly.
  4. I don't understand why these guys would have maintenance access when security (Or most of the station, for that matter) does not - carp killing is not a strong enough justification in my mind, and in fact I think them having maintenance access will only contribute to the issue of them becoming the station's militia force. When security can't pursue bad guys into maintenance, but these guys (Armed with only lethal weapons) can? I also do not understand the relationship between this and depsec - Depsec has been presented as being merely a restructuring of the security department that does not compromise security's functionality. You must also consider that while you personally may enjoy helping supply with crates and tending to the garden - I imagine the majority of the people who would go as this role probably wouldn't do so. You must remember that while somebody COULD do something, that COULD lies outside what the core of their gameplay is: A security officer COULD help the janitor clean the hallways. A paramedic COULD help out in the kitchen. But those are not part of the core of their gameplay. Just like being a scout would be the core of the scout's gameplay.
  5. I am of the opinion that mechanical systems that automate the flavor text and character creation process do nothing but water down the character creation process. Maybe that's just me, but it stems from my experience with such systems on Baystation and the likes. Anyway. Mandatory flavor text is a good thing IMO - Nobody is asking you to write an essay. If anything, it'd be a good anti-greytide tool. The only people I imagine are low effort enough to quit instead of writing "A young man standing at 5'10" with tan skin and an average build." would be griefers. If anything, I think forcing people to write something might stimulate them into writing more.
  6. I absolutely, fundamentally dislike this idea. It is a radical change that has no justification for necessity - It is a buff to the station's capabilities as a force for dealing with issues - and it compromises the chain of command by throwing a new wrench into the works. People thought contractors were bad for being a nebulous rogue agent under NT's command - now you're going to have government agents aboard the station. Armed government agents. Furthermore, there is the issue of purpose: this is, like on Baystation, like on Polaris, like on wherever else - an explorer role. Now that the original proposal has (Thankfully) been abandoned, the sole niche for scouts that aren't filled by other jobs currently is being a dedicated expeditionary. Yes, they could help supply move crates. Yes, they could maintain the garden - but so can an assistant. Expeditions happen so rarely currently that to add this job is to add a job that, for 90% of rounds, will go unused. This proposal would add armed government agents that have a very niche purpose that is not applicable to how most rounds currently play out - in fact, I imagine that the scouts, if added, would end up being more like a dedicated militia that immediately supplements security's strength in a crisis/mercenary boarding than the guys you ask tag along with an expedition. EDIT: Also, let me point out that these guys start off with lethal weapons and security doesn't.
  7. I like the concept of the bar being converted into a cafeteria. Seems to make more sense - it, currently, is huge for what it is, and a corporate cafeteria would be a better use of that space. A smaller bar for visitors would be thematically more appropriate.
  8. The top two both look better than the current .45 sprite. I think the third is probably the best, though - as the proportions for the current .45 just feel off to me.
  9. The left looks more "gunlike" to me, but at the same time the sprite is visually a lot dirtier than the current bullpup sprite. Too much visual noise, you know? Especially on the grip/stock.
  10. I like Fren a lot. Fren is very nice. In any other situation I would think the sprite is ill-fitting, just as I initially felt about Fren's name- But because it is Fren, I think an exception can be made in my mind. In fact, I think these sprites are perfect for Fren, and I really like the amount of animation going on here. My sole complaint is that the edges/shading could be a little bit better. Soften the outline a bit, perhaps. +1
  11. Big +1 from me as well. I love brainmed and have no qualms with seeing it here.
  12. Remember when I said I hadn't been ganked on Aurora yet? Well. I have been. With a parapen. They have not gotten any better. They are still just as bad.
  13. What it says on the tin. I just feels like it's kinda metagaming-ish? How is somebody supposed to, at a glance, recognize that this item belongs to so-and-so? An item name should be a physical description of something, not a method of announcing who something belongs to. If you want to change the description to say that their name is written on the inside or something, so be it. But right now it feels like people do this to prevent others from stealing their items, or as a method to identify somebody's corpse. All in all, I want for loadout item naming to be restricted to physical descriptions of the items themselves.
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