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  1. As always, I must be a party pooper and reiterate the concern I voiced on RyverStyx's moderator application: While I personally have no problems with him, I am very apprehensive about giving staff positions to people who have only been playing the server for a short amount of time - and this would be his second staff position, if his moderator trial is successful. Moving on: This personally concerns me. As someone who had to deal with multiple accusations of bias towards my preferred faction when I made my Human lore deputy application, I feel like the same question should be brought up here - with how much of a fan you are of the Trinary Perfection (going so far as to have a symbol of their Trinary Perfection be your discord PFP, at one point), are you concerned about the possibility of bias in favor of the TP? I also recall you once saying you don't understand how the Trinary Perfection could be interpreted as anything but a "good" entity. I think there's a lot of nuance to the TP, and a synthlore deputy should be able to understand why one might identify it as a non-good entity.
  2. Just going to +1 this app, feel free to check out Boggle’s previous app for my justification.
  3. I'd like us to get a character-based mechanical skill system. I would not want to remove the present skill system just because it does nothing, though - you fix nothing and only make things more nebulous by removing it without a replacement.
  4. Unlike the other two candidates, Boggle has already answered the one question I had so I don't think it's necessary I ask it here - instead, I wanted to give him my +1! I think of the three options, he's probably going to be the freshest choice going forward, and I'd like to see what he does with the position.
  5. One year a canonization application. Time flies, really - truth be told, it is a little surprising to think that it has been a whole year since I made this application. It's a funny thing to think about. I've bumped the thread discretely and not-so-discretely a few times in the past, but I decided to take this opportunity to make a bump that is more of an update than unashamed self-advertisement. First I wanted to show off some sprites that I've made, were given to me by friends, or I have gotten permission to use: I'm getting ahead of myself, obviously, by having any sprites at all - but in my defense, they also served as creative exercises, practice, and backstory references. Some are better and some are worse, but I do want to thank the people who have contributed in this regard. Second I wanted to answer a question I've gotten a few times: "Why has this application taken so long to be handled, Danse?" I can't give you any exact reason. After all, I am the guy applying, here, not the guy handling it. But it is my understanding that there are a number of factors contributing to it. First, the Human lore team has been very busy - and may continue to be so, even with a new deputy and the summer arriving. They have a lot on their plate, and really, they don't need to rush to handle anything something as secondary as a canonization application. There is also the fact that there is a bit of a reluctance to add any additional new Human lore locations - which is in part because there are so many already. My philosophy is "The more the merrier", but there are valid reasons to feel differently. I do feel that Visegrad would be fitting an important niche if added - being a warlord planet. (After all, no warlord yet has a planet.) Third I have been told a few times to make a policy suggestion regarding the canonization application subforum - personally, I don't think it'd be a fair thing for me to do right now. Believe it or not, the human lore team has been very accommodating towards me and my questions, and the last thing I want to do is try to force them to give me any more attention than they already do. Again, these guys are volunteers with a lot of stuff on their plate. Maybe after the application is handled I'll make one - but only because there might be a genuine need to change how lore canonization applications are dealt with. There are a few that have sat for even longer than mine, after all. Finally, I have gotten one other question - "Is Visegrad a Polish planet?" oh my god no Anyway, in all seriousness- thanks for reading. Coincidentally, this one-year anniversary is coincides with my first road test, ever, so consider it a bad omen if I fail.
  6. I am somewhat surprised to see Kyres applying for a lore developer so soon after resigning from his previous position. I think he'd do a good job - nobody can deny his enthusiasm and general interest - I am just curious about the decision to try to get back into the lore team so soon after getting out. At the same time, though, I guess dissatisfaction with one job doesn't mean he can't try to get another. I have one question.
  7. I have one question: Nienna's roadmap before they left included mention of one concept, along with a design document's draft: biosynthetic shells. What is your take on biosynthetic shells, a la the androids of Alien or similar media? Are you conceptually opposed to them or are you interested in them? Would you have any plans to see them added to our lore and the game?
  8. As one of the subjects of this player complaint, I'm going to let this be my one comment on this thread, as I really don't think it'll need more than that - Not only do I think that what I said is not actionable, I also think this is an extremely hypocritical and ultimately quite bizarre complaint, and I'd prefer not to be involved in it.
  9. In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to say that I have recently asked the Human lore team to not consider me a candidate for this position. Ultimately, this application took a lot out of me - and I lost a lot of the enthusiasm I previously had for the position, and I ended up deciding I'd rather see someone else get it for the time being. I didn't want it closed because I wanted to continue engaging with people and to answer their questions, but in the end I felt like I would much rather wait for the next time around than try to move forward with this. I'd like to thank everyone who replied to this thread with an open mind and good faith - your questions and comments meant a lot to me. See you next time!
  10. Just going to point out some things I noticed. First off, I do not think Mictlan should be renamed. I don't see any gain to be gotten from renaming an established planet that has been canon for years now. Moving on. It is not possible for hybridization to occur between an Earth species and a species from another planet. If you're implying that the Aztlanian llama is a species native to Aztlan and it is able to hybridize with Earth Alpacas, this is not at all biologically sound and shouldn't really be a thing. If Humans, for example, cannot hybridize with their closest extant relatives in terms of species, how could two species that don't even come from the same biosphere do so? Another thing that is more personal preference than anything else - but you should consider coming up with unique names for animal life instead of saying Aztlanian (x). For example, the Llama could be "Melena", which is the Spanish word for mane. Generally speaking I think that hard numbers for population and ethnic makeup are a net detriment to worldbuilding and are generally pointless. I suspect the lore team feels the same way, as you'll notice that new planets and articles tend to omit this detail. I think this entire paragraph presents a problem, because you're trying to touch bases with every species - and this is wholly unnecessary. Mictlan is a Human planet - it would be acceptable for it to not have any aliens at all. If, however, you feel it necessary or desirable to include one or two species because it makes sense - more power to you. However, there really isn't a need to include mention of every single species in our lore. Ask yourself this: Why would aliens come to this particular (Solarian) planet, when Tau Ceti exists? The reason must be fairly substantial, as things will be a lot better for them in Tau Ceti than here, surely. Also, let me point out a problem that goes back to your previous use of hard numbers in terms of percentage. 2% of 2.4 billion is 48 million. This number is pretty huge for an alien population, all things considered. Moving on to specific species: Tajara not being present makes sense. Unathi being an established population could make sense, I suppose, but not in their present role: Aztlan was a Solarian world and as a middle ring colony, the general opinion of the population regarding Unathi is going to be low - and having them be police officers and members of the military (What military are you referring to, by the way?) directly contradicts that - as these are positions of authority. In my mind, Unathi would be menial laborers and unskilled workers, if they're present at all. Skrell, despite being present in *very* large numbers, appear not to be mentioned at all in this section. Dionae being present makes sense, I suppose. As a species it is well known that I'm not fond of them, and therefore don't really have the experience to comment on their situation. Vaurcae being present at all doesn't make sense to me. IPCs being present is fine, though I would say that their situation as it is described too strongly resembles the situation they face on Silversun. Why didn't Sol intervene in this conflict? If Aztlan is such a vital breadbasket, why is it that they allowed this civil war to take place - this sort of thing would have major repercussions for the supply chain. Once again, a problem with hard numbers - with a population of 2.4 billion, don't you think the capital of the planet would be more than five million? Santiago (The capital of Chile), for example, has a population of half a million more people than that - and it isn't even one of the top five largest cities in the Americas. IRL religions are never really mentioned in Auroralore as a rule, and I suspect that Aztlan won't be treated any differently. You may want to consider coming up with a folk religion to fit the niche of religious lore for the planet. Having such a blatantly sexist Human society may prove controversial for some. I do not mind it, personally, but I suspect that at this point in the timeline, sexism such as this is a thing of the past.
  11. Cybs is a good friend of mine and someone I know from his time as a moderator on Bay. With that experience in mind and my personal knowledge of who he is as a person and how he acts, I have no doubt that he'll do just fine as a moderator. +1 from me.
  12. I don't have any outstanding problems with RyverStyx, but at the same time I don't really know them either. I think that less than a month of time on the server is just far too little to be applying for moderator with. I'd say wait a few more months and then try again.
  13. I'm going to answer this in a straight-forward manner - I don't foresee this being a problem. I dislike megacorporations as a science fiction trope/theme, yes, but I will also say that I don't detest them - and I can even find them interesting, with enough modification to the original formula. Furthermore, I believe I'll manage just fine with writing things I don't enjoy. Think of it this way: writing is work, and you do not need to enjoy work to do it. It just so happens that I do frequently enjoy writing - but at the same time, I have spent plenty of time writing about things I have positively no interest in, or have no desire to write about. Schoolwork, anyone? I hope you'll forgive me for pointing you at answer five in my response to Lain's questions, as I believe I sufficiently answer this question there. If you want further elaboration, do let me know.
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