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  1. I would like to point out that .38 rubbers can be acquired from the lathe without hacking. This means that all a detective needs to do is ask cargo for rubber ammunition. This means that with my PR, there's really no effective change - you could get less-lethal ammo from the armory, sure, but no warden or HoS is going to freely distribute rubbers to a detective without a good reason. The availability in general doesn't actually change much at all.
  2. In regards to this - I would like to point out that the detective can currently get rubber .38 rounds, to my knowledge. Just like in my PR, though - they don't get any unless they are given it. Functionally, this is a more lore-friendly version of the revolver, all things considered.
  3. For whatever reason, this is apparently necessary. Here's the PR, the logic is explained there: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/8134
  4. If part of the discourse I receive in this thread will be blatant ad hominems accusing me of trying to stifle people's roleplay and deprive the player of choice, I really have no interest in keeping this going. I am not a masochist, I don't want to deal with people calling me the fun police. As far as security is concerned, there's already regulations regarding security and their uniforms, so anyone not following this can already be dealt with ICly. And like I said earlier, this thread's concept seems to be deeply unpopular anyway.
  5. It's clear from talking to people in the discord and from this thread that this is a proposal the community is vehemently against. I'm willing to retract this.
  6. I am willing to say that the civilian and cargo departments should not require a strict uniform. But security, medical, engineering, and science should all have a uniform policy. If you agree for the first three, I don't think it is necessary for me to outline my reasons; but science is working with caustic chemicals, dangerous materials, around machinery that can take your scalp off if your hair gets caught, et cetera. They should be required to wear a labcoat at the least, but their uniform is specifically described as being capable of protecting you from chemical spills.
  7. Did you know that in station procedure, there is a provision for uniforms? However, this provision only states that you are required to wear your uniform rolled up. Only security is explicitly required to wear their uniform at all times, and it is only security that people actually regularly wear your uniform. Look at the following images: The escape shuttle is essentially the congregation of the entire crew. Now- Who here can you identify at a glance, in terms of their department? Maybe half the shuttle. Let's break it down further - who can you identify EASILY, with absolute certainty. Half of that half, maybe? To be frank, I think this is a complete failure of game design. I am all for customizing your outfit, and that sort of thing - but those customizations should be done to your uniform without obscuring what department belong to. The Aurora, in spite of its recreational facilities, is not a clubhouse. You are at work, and you should wear the company uniform while you are on duty. Not your sweatpants. I'm not saying ban the loadout system, what I am saying is that you should be going to bandanas, badges, wallets and armbands. Not jackets and casual attire that you replace your uniform with. The proposal: Explicitly state that you are required to wear your departmental uniform, and that it must be clearly visible, while you are on-duty. To fail this is punishable in some capacity. Heads of staff are encouraged to enforce this. If you want to go off-duty, you are free to wear personal attire. But if you are on the job, you must wear your work uniform.
  8. Sky's a good friend of mine and quite the capable roleplayer. I've thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the character he primarily plays currently, and I have no doubt that'd he'd fit in perfectly as a consular officer for the hegemony. Additionally - Hegemony consulars are extremely rare ingame, so Sky's concept is a quite refreshing one. edit: i forgot to write +1
  9. I feel quite strongly that firearms are very, very underpowered. I think they need a buff as far as lethality is concerned - it is way too easy to walk off gunshots, at the moment.
  10. vote me 2020 edit: fren gang edit 2: fren gang
  11. Can we get a pic of someone wearing the prescription eyeglasses?
  12. Once again, I feel like this statement is inherently self-contradictory. You claim that your character is still your character, and not a mindless slave - and yet in spite of that, the character is no longer allowed to act in the way they would as that character. There is no free will, you have no choice - and in that case, how can play that character possibly not be a mindless slave? Here lies the meat of the problem - this is why this ruling is one that is opposed to roleplay. First off - this is a demand, not a request. The demand is to work with the borer regardless of how your character would normally act. If you do not go along with this, there are OOC consequences. Back to the point I was making: you are demanding the player not roleplay their character as they would naturally act. Instead, the player is required to act in a certain way in order to achieve a certain style of gameplay. Furthermore, the statements made here are at odds with Garnascus' statements. Garn specifically says that your actions MUST NOT ENDANGER the borer in your head. Garn says you MUST obey the borer in your head: Which is it? That you don't need to be a mindless slave and all that is required is that you do not rat them out immediately, or that Garnascus' original statement is the correct one? Blackmail is manipulation. Being forced to do something at gunpoint is manipulation. Having a slug in your brain forcing you to do things is mind control. You can resist the former, not the later. You are a person doing something they do not want to do in the first case - in the second, you aren't a person, you're a puppet.
  13. I think comparing being killed, attacked, manipulated, et cetera, to being forced into being a borer host is a false dichotomy. One is something happening to your character, the other is adopting a new role within the round's narrative. The difference between being shot and being infected is great - from an OOC perspective, once you are infected, you are essentially an extension of the antagonist. This is not the case with a traitor murdering me, or a traitor forcing me to choose between death and shooting my best friend. You are complying because you are being coerced, or in the former case - you are being removed from the round to achieve a narrative goal. When the borer slips through your ear canal, there is no question of coercion - you are OOCly required to buddy up with the brain parasite. You are an antagonist. When a character is killed or coerced, they are still that character put into an unfortunate situation. When a character is infested by a borer, they are no longer that character - just as a character who is an antagonist is likely a highly modified version of that character. A more apt comparison is not one of being murdered and being infested, it is one of turning into a changeling in the middle of the round and being infested.
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