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  1. ------[ Alpha Legion Operative Portal ]------ Congratulations on your selection. Chaplains within the Alpha Legion have seen your performance in the Syndicate and have gone through your history and believe you to hold the key to secrecy itself [ Upon opening this letter you will be sworn to secrecy, any breech in this pact will result in your demise. You hereby grant us total competence over your whereabouts, feelings, skillset, mindset, ] and any and all aspects of your life. Whatever you may have owned in the past is forfeit, you will constantly be on the move and as such may not hold any property. You may be given property on a mission to mission basis, otherwise you must constantly be moving. Any personal effects may be held on your person though. Your name will be changed on a mission to mission basis, as will be your job, persona, and your records. To confirm this pact, cut yourself with the letter opener provided and fill the empty pict on the pommel with your blood. Turn over the opener onto [ the letter and let the blood dry into an image on the letter, close this letter and leave it in the location you found it for retrieval. Now that you have accepted this pact, your mission objectives. ] ------[ Objective ]------ [ We have received reports that the heads of staff of the installation NSS Aurora are connected to a Xenoarchelogy project on the asteroid. While its purpose is public, we have reason to ] believe that they are connected to Sol Alliance by funneling funds into boosting bluespace technology finds exclusive to Sol. Your objectives are to eliminate the heads of staff, with priority to the Captain and Research Director onboard the NSS Aurora with extreme prejudice. After eliminating your target, frame the Director and Captain for suicide at all costs, while the causes of death for the Head Of Security, Head Of Personnel, Chief Engineer, and Quartermaster may be left at your discretion. Note as is standard with all Legion operations, you must not be found out or have any trace to the incident at all. Provided is a pair of designer chameleon clothing that at will can appear as another piece of clothing utilizing state of the art holographic technology. Upon completion of these objectives, move about your routine as you had prior. Silence is key. If at any moment you are caught, you will be disowned by both organizations you work for and will be [ killed upon return, thus failure brings death to you, operative. ] ------[ Summary ]------ Kill the Research Director with no trace and framed for suicide Kill the Captain with no trace and framed for suicide Kill all other heads of staff with no trace using any means necessary Escape alive and with no suspicions The Emperor, protects
  2. Alpharius has seen steakhouse chefs and cooks utilize such technology as "Cleaver Sheathes" that can also house standard issue imperial bayonet knives. +1
  3. BYOND Key: Tristan63 Total Ban Length: Perma Banning staff member's Key: nightmare00 Reason of Ban: Reason for Appeal: Its been a long time since I was banned, almost 3 years ago. I feel like since then I have got past my immature griefing past behind me. I've heard how aurora has evolved into a better server since then aswell, and want to check things out and see if its HRP is any better than bay. I also don't remember anything leading up to the ban, but I know it was a welder bomb. It was also back when you guys used the default station map, and not the new aurora one. Thanks for your consideration.
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