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Tips of the round actually containing tips of the round


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More than half of the tips of the rounds are memes. While this is funny to some, I feel that the tip of the round has a lot of potential to inform users of actually useful mechanics or recently changed mechanics. Perhaps seperate the two by displaying a helpful tip of the round at round start, and a memey "Message of the Round" statement at the end of the round.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

"The second antag contest is still ongoing."

I love some of those tips, honestly, they're funnier the longer you've been here.



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I personally love the memes, we may be a HRP server, but we have a capacity to have human feels such as humor in the server. Overall, I was thinking of making more memes to expand the pool. If you want tips, look on the wiki, or forum, or ask ooc, or even ahelp. -1

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