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more tea-based drinks


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i mean, coffee got a huge update

how about an update for tea?

we've literally got only two teas - iced tea and black tea.

honestly, it would be pretty simple, just a few new text descriptions and maybe sprites if anyone's willing

first, we've got tea. (black)

add milk, get milk tea. add sugar, get sweet tea.

some other fun stuff :

bubble tea

herbal tea

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Cool. Quick and sloppy ideas:

Sleepytime tea - 5 parts tea, 1 part soporific.

Sweet tea - 2 parts sugar, 1 part iced tea

Milk tea - 1 part tea, 1 part milk

Bubble tea - 2 parts iced tea, 1 part soda water (I guess?)

Honeyed Tea - 2 parts tea, 1 part honey

Berry Iced Tea - 1 part iced tea, 1 part berry juice

Hot berry tea - 1 part tea, i part berry juice

Spiced Tea - 5 parts tea, 1 part (capascin? or space spices?)

Wish Tea - 1 part Wish Soup, 1 part ice

Half-and-Half tea: 1 part iced tea, 1 part lemonade

Potatea: 1 part tea, 1 part potato juice (why)

Mocha Tea: 1 part milk tea, 1 part cacao

No ideas for herbal tea.

edit: If people are interested in this idea, I am more than happy to write descriptions for them. I would not call myself a spriter, but I can do some basic stuff, as well.

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