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[Dismissed] Stop people from abusing SSD rules

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Whenever I play police officer I always have this one shitter who goes SSD the second I make an arrest, every single time. several times a day. for the sole purpose of abusing the rule and avoiding role play. They also purposefully get themselves arrested by doing things like refusing a search when on code blue with probable cause even when they have nothing on them of any suspicion. and I know they do it to avoid arrest because they get up every like, 30 seconds to check if i'm still there and then immediately go SSD and try to pretend that nobody knows what they're doing. I've been bwoinked for it which is kind of stupid considering the problem doesn't lie anywhere with me, it lies with the person abusing the rule. the reason this is not a player complaint is because this isn't an issue with a player, it's an issue with a rule.


So my suggestion is to make it so that people who who go SSD AFTER they have been arrested/put in cuffs can be moved to security and searched. I don't care what happens after that, whether we put them in cryo or whatever. I just don't think people who are just playing the game should be bwoinked, because it wastes staff time and the only person it harms is the officers who bother to roleplay. these people are just wasting everyones time as well.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

It's happened to me as sec. It's always really funny to me because I just roll with it as they got so angry that they popped a vein in their head and fell into anger-SSD.

Having somewhere that if you go SSD during an arrest sec can still process you would be nice. I've disconnected unintentionally only a handful of times during an arrest, and an even fewer number of times as an antag during a chase or whatever.

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11 minutes ago, AmoryBlaine said:

If someone SSDs while being arrested , ahelp it. Cryo them after stripping them. I've yet to ever be talked to by staff for handling SSD shitters.

I think the issue here is that the person who SSD’d was staff, if this is the incident I’m thinking of from yesterday. Whether it was intentional or not, I do not know

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This reminds me of a time as warden when I had a variant of this. Every time I went to my office I could hear the person in the holding cell doing shit to try to get out, and every time I exited to investigate they cryo'd. After confirming this via cams, I took them out of cryo and shoved them back into their cell. They bwoinked it and after I explained what happened to the admin the admin reprimanded the guy.

TLDR: Ahelping is sufficient, admins also don't like shitters and will give you the OK to deal with them if they abuse it.

I also feel there is insufficient reason to add an extra rule when current enforcement should be sufficient, so unless proved otherwise...


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