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My resignation as staff, and as a player.

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Hey, Chaz here.

A lot of you might have seen me around. Along with Tool and F_Sphere, I was one of the original trio that guided Aurora when we split from Apollo, and the guy who hosted. I handed off to Sphere when I had some personal issues, and have stuck around as staff since then. For lack of better words, I'm one of the Old Guard. More and more recently, I've had run-ins with staff for issues which are trivial, but have been blown more and more out of propertion, with Aurora becoming more focused on rules and such, rather than people having fun. Alongside this, I've noticed a lot of issues where conduct of staff and players hasn't been good.

These have included:

- Being told I can't have a mute character, after explaining the character repeatedly and having never been told so before.

- Being told I can't shorten a half hour/45-minute wait down to five minutes by building a console myself.

- Having Skull go over my head when I was dealing with a case and then accusing me of things in Skype messages.

- Being backed into a corner repeatedly by other staff over the Sue and other issues after expressing my opinion, making me feel extremely uncomfortable.

- Being told repeatedly by other staff to stop talking.


Permabans for talking

- http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=2043


Permabans for talking


The first link is the one that caused my resignation. Going from a warning to a permaban because someone wasn't taking it serious is badmin-levels of conduct. I expressed my disagreements and was told to drop it. Other issues besides this, too. At one point, I was proud to call myself part of Aurora, seeing it for a fun community where everyone was treated fairly and decently. The original guidelines laid out, agreed on by the majority of the original community were:

1. Create a fair and fun environment for players and staff.

2. Ensure equality is clear, because everyone deserves a voice. (The primary reason everything was originally done with up/downsides, to ensure everyone felt like they had a say)

3. Build a close-up community that is willing to help others, no matter what.

Looking back now, and looking at the server currently, I don't feel like any of this is true any more. People have been forced out of playing on Aurora because of other people's conduct on the forums and in-game, as well as that of staff, and now I'm one of them too. Aurora has changed from a community where everyone tried to accept everyone else, and to help them become a better part of the community, to what it is now.

All in all, this is my resignation as a staff member, and a player.

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Since the first reason you have provided is the reason for your resignation, allow me to tell you a few things about the player in question that I gathered while I was observing the round:

1. That Atmos Tech had tried to pump sleeping gas through the distro loop to the entire station while the round was nuclear. People ahelped this, and as far as I know, SierraKomodo was the moderator who spoke to them, but I don't know if they were issued a warning or anything before Sierra had to leave.

2. He then proceeded to evade Security and spent most of the round in space, with a firesuit, a gas mask, and a firefighter helmet. He kept screaming over the comms how he was going to build his own station, and went to the destroyed outpost.

At this point, I try to ahelp him again, instead of having to make a staff complaint against SierraKomodo, since the rules state that if I'm not satisfied with the outcome of the ahelp, then I have to make a staff complaint instead of a player complaint. Baka started talking to the player shortly before or after my second ahelp, and that's the conversation that ensued. Then I saw him SSD in front of one of the solars.

From this, I think it's fair to say that if they were already given a warning for pumping sleeping gas in the loop, and then did everything I just listed, AND replied to staff the way he did, a permaban is more justified.

But the issue is how Chaz was treaded when inquiring about the incident, and the incomplete reasons for which the player was banned. I can't stand it when people tell others to drop subjects as if they are trying to hide something, as in either being afraid to have to admit something is wrong, or telling the person to shush people they don't like them and don't like to hear criticism from them.

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Now that makes a lot of sense.

Still. Chaz, I'm sorry to see you go. I hope the example you pushed for will never be forgotten. It's been a pleasure.

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Come to think of it, I remember Letz Shake (I think?) had a mute atmospheric technician. I really liked him because he had one hell of a unique look. I don't know what happened to him but he was played very well. I don't think anyone had a problem with him.

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Guest Menown

1) Having a mute doctor can be a hindrance for the medical team. I doubt you'll find many medical professionals that won't talk to you face-to-face. If you truly need a mute doctor, perhaps you need to reevaluate that, as not being able to move past that, is a serious lack of sturdiness(?) on your part.

2) No incidents of 'bullying' have ever been addressed in an admin complaint, which is why we have that section of the forums. We have a complete section for staff complaints, as you've comment on.

3) I personally believe that if a member that has recieved an ahelp continues acting like a complete jackass in response to admins contacting them, a permanent ban should be allowed. They're here to keep the peace and to assist people that require help, not to act like baby-sitters to unruly brats.

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Guest Menown
Lets not turn this thread into an argument please.


Not starting an argument. The only 'argumentative' thing I've said was how I feel about him not being able to play a character being the top of the list of his reasons for leaving.

I've stated ways he could have handled the other situations, as well as how I think another should be done by the administration.

All of that said, I wish Chaz the best of luck. I'll always remember following him and Tool over from Apollo, and I'm thankful for what he's put into the server. All I can say is, he'll be back. We always come back.

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