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Player Complaint - Plahunter101

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BYOND Key: Tainavaa

Player Byond Key: Plahunter101

Staff involved: N/A

Reason for complaint: LOOC insulting and ranting, resorting to behaviors he promised not to when being unbanned

Approximate Date/Time: ~2000 UTC -05:00

Okay, so I wasn't going to make a complaint until Plahunter started acting like a child in LOOC. Beforehand I've read his unban request and haven't personally had an issue with him except when he took the Warden slot and immediately went to cryo when he wasn't selected as an antag on nuke rounds. I'm making this thread because I want this formally brought up to the administrators. I don't believe the unban was deserved after this altercation.

Throughout the round, Haruspex was being his insane self but as a traitor. A note (hilariously) points out that he's a syndicate agent verbally and written apparently. Long story short, I call Hunter over to investigate. He wants to take the all-but-confirmed syndicate agent to his office alone. That's a no-go. That is a huge security breach, so Anna demands that an officer will be an escort at all times since detectives are not officers. Hunter then suddenly decides the interrogation will be done in the interrogation room. Suspicious, since the only thing that changed was that an officer needed to be present.

Revvy Black watches, Revvy reports to Anna that Hunter is conspiring with Haruspex. Anna is told that Hunter told Haruspex to play along and Anna goes to watch the interrogation as well. It was horribly acted and obviously staged. Anna is paranoid that he's going to try and free Haruspex. Anna tells Revvy to report it to the head of security which I'm not sure if that was done, I don't actually think it was. But regardless, long story short Anna is 100% certain this man wants to do something suspicious with the prisoner.

Hunter insists he escort Haruspex to escape and I inform him that I'm the warden, that is my job. That's my jurisdiction. He tells the commander to let him and Revvy escort the prisoner and he allows it, but funnily enough, I needed to go to escape as well so I go with them. They're there, and Anna watches Hunter with a hawk's eye. She doesn't take her eyes off of him. They get on the shuttle and everyone's sitting in the shuttle brig. Hunter walks up to Haruspex and writes an emote, saying something along the lines of "It's for the money" and taking his revolver out and firing five shots into Haruspex.

OOC, I don't have an issue with this, even if it is in the shuttle. Blah, blah, end of round grief. Don't really care about that to be honest, even though Hunter was just going to prison after that and there was no real sense in shooting him in front of everyone. Still. Anna is still paranoid as fuck that he's going to release him. So after he typed out the me, I waited until he pulled his gun and fired a shot. Then I pulled out my taser and shot the hell out of him. He managed to fire two shots. Which, after saying it was for the money, and pulling out his revolver and firing a few shots, is reasonable time to respond. Especially since the recoil from a revolver shot causes a serious delay before a second shot.

That happens, and then this happens in LOOC.




I decide whatever, and I walk out of the brig because there was no room to sit. Then I walk back in because I didn't want to sit with those non-security losers personnel.

I was just going to leave it be and let him be angry, but then this happened.




So. I think it's only fair it's formally brought up. I don't believe the unban was deserved if he's going to be that quick to revert to his old behaviors.

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Ill be honest, at first I didn't think it was horrible as I didn't see the spoiler. Then after seeing him call you a "Cunt" because of what happened, that is very upsetting. Were trying to cut down on the hostility...apparently, and calling each other Cunt for something as simple as stopping him from emptying all five shots into a person is childish. If he wanted a RP like fight, say so in LOOC before you do so, otherwise you will get baton'd/shot with a taser because you /just pulled a gun out and started shooting a person/.

Just my two cents, really tired so Ill elaborate more later.

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Quite frankly, I see a lot of this sort of behavior coming from antagplayers lately that were/are dissatisfied with the end of a round because they came out on the bottom due to security overwhelming them.

This really isn't exclusive to plahunter, I'm seeing this behavior from a lot of people.

And that's not okay, either.

If we're going to punish him for this, we're going to have to start punishing people for being shitters in (L)OOC at the end of round because they were frustrated with their failantagging.

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What personally concerns me more, without speaking out of turn, is that Plahunter was not banned for unloading his gun on the shuttle upon another player. While in the same round, a player who blew out a cell window in the Odin was pretty much immediately banned. Personally either one of them shouldn't have even tried risking it, but the fact the one who did the worse crime got off easy is concerning.

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Maybe stating the obvious, but I don't believe we should have players on a last chance from a perma appeal running around calling others "cunt" in LOOC.

Edit: Also, I'm fairly sure the EoR rule specifies not to start any new fights. So executing someone on the shuttle out of the blue would be a no-no.

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I already talked to Valkrye about it, and its funny how you cherry picked this Taiv, you said some insulting things before me.

For clarification: Valkrie said I would be permabanned if it happens again, and he agrees both you and I were insulting each other, so I don't believe you're so pure in this situation yourself.

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Let me step in here.

I said that what you did was wrong, and you admitted to that. Do not, however, take that as me agreeing to the points that you brought up. We were only focused on you in the discussion, and didn't bring up Tainavaa.

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What cherry picking are we talking about? These are all logs taken from the the time of the incident that were generated over OOC or LOOC by both of you. You knew the conditions of your probation, Hunter. Give me one reason beyond, "I was let off with a warning because a Moderator said so," for me not to move as we agreed upon. Because you didn't present any, and I would wish to hear them.

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For clarification: Valkrie said I would be permabanned if it happens again, and he agrees both you and I were insulting each other, so I don't believe you're so pure in this situation yourself.


A probation of 30 days, during which any offences falling in line with the initial ban reason will result in an immediate permanent ban

Here's what I'm not clear about. I guess most of this case is going to rest on the evidence of whatever Tainavaa said to provoke Plahunter and whether it actually warranted Pla's reaction (though Tainavaa claims nothing more was said, so it'd be up to Pla or admins to clear that up).


Is Plahunter's response something that can be really justified? Blowing up at someone for not /me'ing while you are yourself shooting a gun, and going as far as to verbally insult someone in LOOC, seems to fall well within the original kind of behavior staff promised they would no longer tolerate from Pla. And people should be responsible not to act like dicks /regardless/ of others' actions (especially if proven these actions were not really reprehensible), so is Pla actually deserving of a free pass here?

Edit: Skull posted the logs, all is well.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

The concept of /me'ing combat is still incomprehensible to me. It' basically just repeating what the action text says but with a custom flair to it, and nothing actually happening. If you want me to /me out the battle, you arrange it with me beforehand, otherwise I'm going to /me with game mechanics as it tells you how many bullets go into your eyeballs.

Pre-combat actions can be p. bad-ass though. But being angry because an entire scene wasn't /me'd is a bit silly. While everyone can get bootytickled when things don't go their way (LOOC has two functions: for people to say 'void' and to complain about something) Plahunter's response was a bit excessive for a plan going awry in a 2d spessman game.

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Because the complaint also has:

resorting to behaviors he promised not to when being unbanned


I'm going to point something out.

The issue about the attitude, is that it isn't limited to once instance.

Plahunter doesn't seem like a bad player, but just gets really angry, quickly.

I recall the first time that he was told he couldn't play Detective. He, using ( )s, said (if I'm recalling correctly), "you can't bar me from a role, fuckers", as well as a few other things, to generally be a bit annoying. He went on to keep telling people to get an admin, even after Josh, who was playing on Security that round, told him he was not allowed to play a Detective, due to DO intervention. This isn't as huge of a thing by far, but it's not like it's only happened once, as a heads up.

That said, something I did notice him do, was stop playing Detective afterwards. Also, I don't know if it's due to this attitude as well, but it seems a few people seem to try and avoid him ICly (which shouldn't happen, but does).

So, is this complaint based mainly on his actions that round, or his attitude overall?

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I dunno, is it really a good practice to ban someone over being rude?

I mean, ok, he thought you were a cunt, that's kinda insulting, but is it really worthy of a whole complaint and trying to perma ban him again for breaking this supposed temporary guideline.

I don't know, maybe its just a feeling of being disensitiezed, because i personally don't see insults as anything that bad, i mean someone calls you a name once, just who gives a shit, just tell them to piss off or something and move on with your life is generally my conduct.

Ok, so hes displaying personal insults in an argument. And being slightly paranoid(?), evident from him thinking the staff was out to crush his ambitions the first time around and now implying Taivanna was also saying stuff when it's evident she has not from the logs.

Question is will this impact roleplay for more then 2 minutes after the insult when it was spoken?

And shoul we really ban someone over baseless insults?

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I was not personally offended by it. I ignored it and had a laugh about Haruspex. It's a matter of principle, not emotion. There was an agreement, and it was broken. He failed to keep his end of the deal.

Well, seeing as his original ban was literally

*Reason of Ban*: Reason of ban, the extended one: Repeated harassment of players over TS, forums, despite multiple warnings to the contrary. This also includes harassment of players over LOOC. Note that the player was warned to on multiple accounts about his conduct, over the course of roughly 2-3 months

He most likely won't imporove and probably made the deal he did out of pure desperation to get back on the server. His current offence granted isn't as severe, and i doubt this will be/was the only instance of him getting angry and insulting someone. He technically should be banned again i guess, due to the poor deal he made.

But then again if no one was hurt, andhe has apparently shown improvement, a purely principle ban leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Bleh, i'm gonna stay away from picking a side this time

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Maybe it's just me because I put emphasis on principles, but part of the point with him reverting back to his old behaviors is that he has not really changed. Maybe it IS an improvement, maybe it's just that I didn't piss him off that badly compared to other people. I don't know.

I just know he had a deal with the admins, and he failed to keep it. I'm not personally pushing for a ban, I'm content with the one warning from Valkrae; that's giving him a bit more leniency than was originally bargained for. However it appears Skull is thinking about a reban, and that's a decision I support as well.

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andhe has apparently shown improvement

That's the crux of the issue. This complaint would appear to show that he hasn't.

And it's not because I don't really care about people being douches that I want to live among a community of them.

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Yeah, pla broke probation. Honestly, I was expecting that pla had improved over the 5 month break he had, more than ample time to improve.

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Honestly, being provoked shouldn't have any effect on this situation. If they provoked you, then that's a separate issue that you can feel free to place a complaint against them for. The issue is that by calling them a cunt in LOOC, you broke the rule marked "Don't be a dick".

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I think calling somebody Tainvaa a cunt when she made the snide remark of "I thought you would have improve by now." when I was already upset was provoking to me.

You overreacted in LOOC to something not going your way - regardless of the issue, the way you brought up your discontent with immediate aggressiveness and sarcasm was uncalled for.

What Tainavaa did was call you out on this behavior, which is what landed you a permaban, and was at the core of the reason for your unban (you promised you'd be nicer to people). What in her remark do you find snide? I'd say it was pretty on point.

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I think calling somebody Tainvaa a cunt when she made the snide remark of "I thought you would have improve by now." when I was already upset was provoking to me.


Ok, but after you accused Taivanna(and others?) of being a "powergaming asshole", and brought into question everyones ability to roleplay, your next logical progression to being questioned 'bout your behavior is to call Tai a cunt and be making passive agressive remarks.

Point 1: Tai wasn't being snide, you were tip toeing the line even before the cunt remark

Point 2:you seem to get upset over really overall insignificant matters, perhaps the problem is still in you?

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