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Tajaran Reproductive Customs

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Hello! First off, thanks for stopping by my thread! I'm not the most active member of the forums, but I pop by every so often to make my rounds, and try to stay integrated in the community. I strongly believe that Aurora has one of the most engaging and emotionally connected societies on the web, and it's always a pleasure to come back and see what's going down around here. :D

Now, I would like to apologize. Last time I was active for an extended period of time on the forums, I was under a bit of fire for some disrespectful things I said towards the Tajaran player community. I am truly sorry, and looking back, I am completely mortified by my actions. Anyone whose feelings I had hurt, I hope can forgive me, so that we may move forward as friends. However, I would like to note that it was all in jest! Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been a huge fan of the great intricacy and diversity that the Tajara race brings to the game, and I was just joking with the post I made. (in fact, some friends might say I'm a furry. >_< but that's ok)

Alright, now! On to the meat of this suggestion thread, forgive me - once again - for getting sidetracked. As I have always been a MASSIVE lore-buff for this game, (it's come to be a bit of an issue with some friends... sorry!) I found that, whilst playing several rounds among our furriest of brethren - and, as one - that there were a few inconsistencies between the lore and the role-play(at no fault of the players! I have a huge amount of respect for all of the AMAZING Tajara role-players on this server, and have honestly learned many of my role-playing tactics from watching them perform).

It arose questions within my mind as to the reproductive customs of the Tajara race. The first and foremost of which, is the incredibly hormonal tendencies of this race. As I know the lore states, the culture of this race points at a more conservative and de-sexualized era. This kind of lustful activity seems a bit out of place within the confines of this ethic. However, after extensive mulling of this topic, I have hypothesized what I think might be the reason to this hole in the lore. Do Tajaran, although very conservative, go through a state of heat (could become canon in the lore) which results in this uncomfortable longing for such things? And, perhaps this intense abnormality in physical control is integrated into their society in a way that they can contain it without causing massive psychological damage to their kin?

Anyways, that's all I'm going to ask for a start. Please feel free to post below, and together we can flesh out and enrich the quality of lore for this already amazing species. Thank you for taking your time to read!

Add. Please join me in discussing the topic of Tajara sexuality, not just pertaining to my original question! ANYTHING that pertains to the topic is worth mentioning. Is polygamy possible within the confines of their cultural shackles? Do Tajara have fetishes? etc., etc.

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While Ive been wondering these things as well myself, plus more, I highly doubt they're ever going to be answered, ever. Ever serious, professional questions about the reproduction of the species, no matter how mundane and tame it is, seems to get shut down nearly instantly, and removed. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if I went to hit "Post" right now and it'd tell me someone from the staff already posted something along the line of "No, bad, we're not talking about this, forget your serious questions."

I am pleasantly surprised.

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Looking at this as more of a 'Tajaran looking for a relationship partner' than 'Tajaran looking for sex' being the canonical thing here, I'm not too keen on the idea of it being a 'heat' since there's already negative stuff about Tajarans and how the species is all furry all the time in some peoples eyes.

That said, Tajara do have a shorter lifespan, and a culture in their past that sounds like they have tight/close bonds with their mates/families. Those two things combined I can see being a contributing factor to Tajarans as a whole being more susceptible to loneliness, and going on that 'journey' or finding someone to be with (And as with humanss, there's different ways that different Tajara would go about that - Whether it be the flirt, the cassanova, the hard-to-get, etc).

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mfw Mate is used. I cannot explain how much I hate the term 'mate' used by Tajara. That's literally just a term carried over from the furry community. Something like 'partner' is much better, and less likely to be used as fuel against them.

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mfw Mate is used. I cannot explain how much I hate the term 'mate' used by Tajara. That's literally just a term carried over from the furry community. Something like 'partner' is much better, and less likely to be used as fuel against them.

To be fair, lore wise, I would almost assume humans would have taught Tajaran to use the term "mate" and all other terms that cycle around that concept. I'm not saying it's 100% right, but it's a term I can kinda justify humans giving to Tajaran "beasts".

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Shall I insert r/K reproductive theories here? Tajaran are a species of apex predators which evolved on an ice-age world with all the pressures of that environment. If a pack or tribe of cave-Tajarans took the opinion that they should be happy-go-lucky swingers, it would be a very fun summer before they all starved in the winter with pregnant females and starving children in the cave and frozen males trying to find something to kill and drag home. Population growth is very deliberate in species like this. Consider northern species of wolves; reproduction is a right to be earned because the alternative strategy of everyone breeds will doom the pack. Just as with humans, agriculture and herding relieved these pressures to a great degree and today we have people who would starve if not for legalized bread stealing. But I digress. There would definately be a strong conservative element, particularly among rural or poor or built-themselves-to-power Tajarans, that frowned upon libertines. Libertines could expect shaming akin to the 1900's, because not being able to support your children meant someone else would support them out of charity. Just like today, only you don't have to physically beg for a check in the mail so there's no social stigma. But I digress yet again.

Children require a very large investment of resources in an intelligent species or an apex predator. Long pregnancies, slow development to adulthood, and huge investments of resources into the next generation. This is why they tend to pair-bond or operate as an extended family. Some human societies had fathers and brothers and their wives gathered into the same household or cluster of houses, Athens for example. I can only see this being exacerbated by a very cold and hostile climate where warmth and fuel had to be husbanded.

If you want some very interesting notions of family life, read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress in which humans on the moon live in marriage arrangements that got the main character arrested on a dozen separate blue laws when he visited Kentucky. This was half to adapt to the harsh enviroment and half held-over from when the Moon was 90% male political prisoners. I can see Tajarans having line marriages quite easily, in which the whole family selects the next spouse, male-female alternating, resources are shared and children are able to be taken care of in a household complex with eight or ten adults of various ages. And, if you get absolutely sick of someone, you've got a whole family trying to keep the peace instead of two people splitting and children starving. Its kind of an interesting idea.

Or course I'm not a qualified source on Tajaran anything. I'm only qualified for science fiction speculation.

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Thank you everyone for your contributions so far! I really appreciate the activity on this thread, despite the somewhat taboo topic. However, we need to go deeper! (haha)

Something we've neglected to discuss thus far, which I was saving for after the conversation fleshed itself out a bit more, was the details of certain bits that might change how the creatures act. If it can be assumed that Tajara carry some primal instincts possessed by feral cats, then one instance of such roots taking effect would have to do with their emotional tendencies, due to and in regards to their lower bits. Although, I understand the server does little in terms of getting down into these things, as they lack some relevancy to in-game activities. However, the character and global lore for the species is most likely effected by this stipulation. Depending on certain characteristics - which do NOT need to be described to be inherited - of their no-zones, primal cats - and possibly, Tajara - they will react in an emotionally different way from Tajaran-to-Tajaran with each approaching dilemma.

ADD. To make this clear, for example, size difference might mean a braver or more cowardly character. Once again, not that this has to be detailed in-game. Simply something to keep in mind as the player of said character.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Every time these threads pop up my reaction is always the same.

When you ask me about Tajaran reproduction habits and structures my answer is always the same.

Tajaran genitals are live scorpians. To mate, Tajaran scorpions must fight to the death, the loser detaching and forming a new Tajaran child.

This is our canon. You are breaking canon by doing anything else.

If you don't want ridiculous answers don't ask ridiculous questions. This server has no place for this discussion. I encourage you to find other mediums to explore your interests in these kinds of things.

This thread will be locked.

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