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halorocks22 fan club

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Hello, halorocks22 is my inspiration and helps me through everyday. Sometimes I'm feeling sad, but then I remember that halorocks22 is really cool and good at video games. When I was a small child, I looked to the sky and wished for guidance. I was taken on a spiritual journey, my soul was ripped from my body and taken to a higher plane of existence. At first I thought there was actually nothing for me, I was simply floating in an endless void of meaninglessness. But then I saw it. The visage of halorocks22 watching over me in silence. He delivered unto me a message, one that I carry with me to this very day..."ayy lmao" After this experience, I have not seen my hero again; but I know he is with me.

I'd like to think of myself as a member of this fanclub already, as I already own all of the halorocks22 merchandise and have his posters all over my wall. Sometimes I kiss them, but only a little. Please consider me for the club, as I think I would make a perfect addition, as I have directly interacted with halorocks22 once in my lifetime.

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