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Make blood/oil puddles (not shoe tracking) slip

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Walking over wet blood/oil/tomato juices should have a chance (30%) for someone to slip and fall, and suffer a 5 second stun. Grants incentive to keep the hallways clean. In addition, it should cake the person's clothing in blood.

I mean if we wanna make people 'care' and 'subber', make them suffer in fun "oh no i just slipped in a puddle of blood and fell on my face" ways

e: garbage spelling

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30% may be a bit high... a 10% chance is sufficient to make it a hazard which should be respected, and to occasionally allow for blood-related comedy, without being more of a bother than it's worth.

Oh, and it should apply to vomit, too. People who regularly walk through vomit deserve to slip and look like idiots.

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What about 30% running, 0% walking?


The point is to make slipping a real possibility, not to turn every combat or triage scene into a slapstick bit.


Ok ok, 100% running, 101% walking (you have achance to slip walking if blood is anywhere on the map).

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I'm for this at the lower values. Say 5% chance while running to slip, or maybe a bit less. It's be reason to have it cleaned without causing the mayhem that a higher chance presents. People in combat don't really bleed that much that fast and I feel the slipping mechanic if set that high would cause melee combat to become a joke. This is on top of the medical side of things where they learn to walk or clean up the blood as they go, since magic space cleaner exists.

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At high values I'm imagining the very real chance that someone weaponizes blood puddles by pulling people over them in a fight. As hilarious as that sounds, it only further serves to enforce the "stun meta" that's seemingly being fought against. At low values you're just introducing even more annoying RNG into this game.

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