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Nanako's Coder Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username:NanakoAC

Position Being Applied For: Coder

Past Experiences/Knowledge: Hello, i'm a 28-year old, autodidact coder. I've been programming on and off for ten years now. Main languages i've worked in are LSL, AS3, and C#. Also moderate amount of work with HTML/CSS and a little PHP. I'm familiar with object oriented environments and all the important concepts within.

I learn by very quickly by example, and the existing codebase provides a massive example to work from. I look at things, dissect them, figure out how they work, and reuse them. I've gotten the hang of a fair bit of .dm so far this way and i'll continue doing so

Since i became a wiki dev i've spent a couple of weeks delving into aurora's code, learning the ins and outs of various systems, I started actually coding for aurora sometime last week. I've submitted seven pull requests and fourteeen bug reports. Three of those PRs have been merged so far, two more are about to be, and two are yet unjudged

I've worked in a group environment before using tortoise SVN, working on a civilisation IV mod. And am familiar with most of the concepts concerning code repositories. Arcbot has helped me get up to speed on the eccentricities of github, and i'm feeling fairly comfy with it now

Examples of Past Work: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=+is%3Apr+author%3ANanakoAC+

current work is best.

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.):

Discord: Nanako#2320

Skype: warkirby_magojiro

Additional Comments:

In this brief span of time, i seem to have become a go-to codemonkey, for a couple of staffmembers, and i have a few projects and fixes in the request queue that ill be doing up and submitting soon. Killerhurtz wants nymphs to be able to eat food to regrow, and cake has some bugs about cyborgs ill be sorting.

By virtue of anyone being able to submit PRs, i seem to be functioning as a coder already. But it would be nice to have the ability to label and manage issues on github

All of my PRs focus on fixing things. Sometimes direct bugs, sometimes quality of life improvements, and efforts at standardisation. Baycode has a long way to go, and a lot of things to fix. I don't have any intention of working on wierd flights of fantasy, at least not without making a suggestion thread and gathering public opinion, as well as getting skull's personal approval for major projects. Most of my work is aimed to be uncontroversial and agreeable improvement.

That said, i'm perfectly capable of fabricating new systems from scratch, and can work on larger features in a team as needed. I don't intend to leave the wiki team, my work on documenting things is what leads me to a lot of bugs, i think the two roles complement each other well, and i'll do both

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Being a dev is a huge responsibility that gives you the power to crush the server or make it better, You have a shady history of making poor decisions so I am abit skeptical, If you could tell me what coding language we use to make advancements in our server, and what you intend to do as a coder that would be great.

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Being a dev is a huge responsibility that gives you the power to crush the server or make it better,

Actually, all code submissions are done via pull requests to github, where skull holds final and sole power of approval or veto, regarding what is merged into the code. Nothing becomes a part of production code without his approval.

In addition, anyone at all can submit pull requests, being a registered developer isn't a requirement. You can do it right now, as i'm proving by already doing it before i applied.

I'm not sure what extra power i'd have if the application was granted right now. The only thing i'd particularly like is the ability to label and manage issues on github, to clean up things that are solved or misfiled.

If you could tell me what coding language we use to make advancements in our server,

DM is a whitespace relevant OOP scripting language for a proprietary closed source engine, with some rather questionable properties like list indices starting at 1

It's fairly functional though, and i've worked with similar things before.

and what you intend to do as a coder that would be great.

Largely i'm concerned with fixing bugs, and overhauling deficient features. The old saying goes, start as you mean to go on.

I think my PRs submitted so far (https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Apr+author%3ANanakoAC+) Give a decent idea of what I'm about. Some of them are simple bugfixes, some of them are slightly more complex bugfixes. The cyborg grippers PR is the largest thing i've submitted so far, consisting of a new feature to replace one that was objectively broken (cyborg beakers) and a small package of QOL improvements for cyborg players without sacrificing the core design of keeping them specialised and limited.

At the time of writing i'm currently working on an overhaul of cyborg jetpack modules to make them fit better within existing systems and be less of a strange snowflake case. As well as making them actually function.

On all matters of balance concerning this project, as with most previous, i've consulted with numerous members of the staff team, and the community.

Once that's done, my next major project will be an overhaul of diona nymphs, at the request and explicit design of Killerhurtz (diona lore developer) to allow them to eat food, consume small mobs, and drain blood from players, as a requirement for growing into worker gestalts (basing it on nutrition gathering instead of being timebased). I'll probably end up doing lots of work for the various lore developers, adding mechanics that they dictate appropriate for their species

And as can be seen from my MASSIVE contributions to the suggestions forum, i'm very keen on gathering community feedback before doing things. I intend, in time, to sweep through the backlog and implement ideas that seemed popular and uncontroversial.

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All feature merging is done by Skull, his word on what goes in the code and what doesn't is mostly final.

Worst-case scenario, Nanako gets blocked by a lot of red tape and gets credit mostly for bug fixes.

I'm hoping you're working to improve your attitude. A person's accomplishments start to dim in the eyes of a staff manager when they see some of their weaknesses in their attitude towards others. We've had some really ept coders before but a few didn't make the cut due to their overall attitude.

Keep that in mind, please. Leaning on supporting, but I'm hesitant to outright support you based on your attitude and how you treat portions of the community.

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Coders and iconners are given ingame powers such as BST and other debug permissions, after an extensive background and attitude review (usually takes one month to review a person) I enjoy your responses and will consider on too support you or not based on your ooc interaction with the playerbase as a whole.

EDIT: After reviewing Nanako's OOC Interaction, I think you could give her a shot at this dev role, The worst she could do is fuck up a round or two if she abuses the power, Good luck!

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Coders and iconners are given ingame powers such as BST and other debug permissions,

I use these things extensively in debugging and testing on private servers, anyway. The novelty has long since worn off.,

I guess having the ability to help people out with bugs would be nice, though that seems like more of an admin thing. I probably wouldn't use these powers much unless specific/hard to reproduce bugs are reported and I need to investigate variables onsite

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Nanako has already been extensively testing code and researching Baycode. As far as I'm aware they already have contributions to our code. This application would formalize her abilities and contributions. Her work as a loredev has been a blast; when she has genuine investment in getting something done then it gets done. She has the work ethic of an opossum eating a rum ball filled with cocaine and expresso.

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I'll be straight up here. Work ethic is good, no problem there.

But Nanako has a high friction personality that I don't know will mesh well at all with the existing dev team. And for that reason alone I say - while I invite and welcome them to do more contributions, it would be best done outside the role of a code dev - nothing more than a codemonkey.

So TL;DR: -1 unless the code team wants to deal with a stubborn, strongheaded high-friction person, if yes then +1

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I came to Nanako today randomly with some queries I had about the code; specifically how to implement some small sprites I was working on. Nanako was extremely helpful, going far beyond what my initial question was to help me with setting up numerous other aspects of byond and configuring things like git and dreammaker. They definitely seem to have the experience, drive to work and patience to code and deal with idiots like me. As Jackboot said:

She has the work ethic of an opossum eating a rum ball filled with cocaine and expresso.

Considering all the great work they've already done so far, can't see any good reason why they shouldn't be an official coder +1

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Try speaking to skull directly about it. I highly doubt you'll have friction with non-devs, considering they'd have zero influence on your work.

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