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[2 Dismissals; Archive: 08.09] Job: Command Assistant


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A Command Helper Role, basically would do paperwork and get coffee for all the heads.

Access: Bridge, HoP's Office, Meeting Room, General Command Access

Due to it being a command role, and NT being pretty picky about what non-command staff get access to the Bridge, all Command Assistants are restricted from Antag roles, (Not Merc or Wizard, like Ling and Vamp.)

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Maybe make a Service sector HoS that also requires a Forum application

Not necessarily force them to be the other commands personal slave,but more responsible for managing the Service staff

make sure the janitors actually pick up the single cigarette butts left behind by literally everyone

make sure the Botanist isn't growing too much harmful plants they got from Cargo without their approval

make sure the Chef is not just making steaks while half the crew is skrell

make sure the Barman isn't shooting people with his shotgun and forcefeeding Tajaran beer

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The current problem I see with it is... What if there are no heads of staff? You just have an assistant with no one to assist. Or if the only head is the HoS and... well... they really don't need an assistant, do they? The way I see it is it's an Assistant-For-The-Captain job. It has great roleplay potential (Skrell Captain and young Human assistant that insults them accidentally at every opportunity? Yes), but again... it depends entirely on who is Captain.

Honestly... your best bet is to continue what it is you've been doing. Asking for the position when there's a Head in-game. Eventually your character will build a rapport with the individuals and the job will be a given. You've just gotta get your foot in the door, so to speak. Putting in your records some previous experience with the job might sway them ICly.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Command access with no responsibility? Not the best idea. Captains and HoP's can appoint assistants as they see fit, but making it mechanically supported would be a pain in the butt.

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Voting for Dismissal, as every Head of Staff can already recruit and promote personnel in their own department. (i.e. Medical Receptionist, ...) And the Captain / Command as a whole can decide to select someone as command assistant.

EDIT: We also have regular command assistants on the manifest.

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