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  1. Mel is absolutely the kind of person I would want to see representing the community as a staff member, they're nice, handle themselves well with tickets that Ive watched them handle in the past, and I don't think I've ever witness anyone have any form of issue with them as a person. We also need more people for the Australian time zone. I am in full support of giving Mel their ban hammer privileges back, and letting them represent our community once again. +1
  2. I did ask Bjorn what happened, infact what I was investigating was Bjorn, since someone ahelped as they didn't know if he had just frenzied for no reason and started attacking people. The only reason I asked about the pickaxe out the gate was because they're incredibly strong and miners have a bad habit of two handing them and attacking antags they shouldn't. You weren't the primary cause for the ticket, I got what I needed, and you never even got a note from me. I probably could have worded a couple of my questions better but I ended up with what I needed regardless
  3. Haydizzle is exactly what I would want in a lore maintainer, I can't imagine anyone fitting this spot better. +1
  4. Right, so I am going to deny this, after consulting with some of the other staff I have been informed that the door was not only open, it was being held open by a cargo technician, who probably could have opened the door for you should it have even closed.
  5. Right, thank you for the clarification. Can you give me a rundown as to what you did and why you did it, starting from just before you got stuck in that room?
  6. Hello, I am SampleTex and I'll come right out the gate with this: So did you have irl stuff come up or did you just not want to play anymore? There's a massive difference. Two, you have a history of doing things like this back in 2018, and while that is a while ago, I haven't even known you existed until recently, and considering your doing exactly what you have done before, which is valid hunting, this gives me the impression you've just come back to try and get some valids on antags secured before moving back on to the next server.
  7. Hello! Normally I wouldn't comment on this kind of thing, but considering how this thread has been going, along with a recent round I was involved with you where you shot at a security officer and cadet for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, specifically round b85-ar14, shortly after the mercenaries docked, I've decided Ill throw in my two cents. I play Slhaik Riu, I absolutely would say you the way you played wasn't acceptable. When I was looking in maintenance for the bluespace abnormality and encountered you, you asked if I wanted immortality, and considering how I was aware tha
  8. So, gonna get this out of the way since so many people have already said it, your good at RP, which is deserving of a plus one, but I'm more interested in your responses. You at least show you understand the importance of how command and other whitelists are for driving different kinds of RP, rather than just another means to an end with mechanics or securing valids. Since I also know you a fair bit, I'd say it extends beyond just showing that you just understand it, rather you truely understand it's importance. Tl:dr, he shows he knows his rp stuff both verbally and with his
  9. I would love to see more done with it, and personally would spend some time to think about expanding it's culture, such as new sayings/slang that may be used in place of other traditional language that might be seen elsewhere, since the flipping of gender roles there could provide a very interesting new way of life for the Unathi. It has a lot of interesting potential in my eyes, and I'd love to try and expand upon it more. Ideas to come on them if I end up working on the lore team, and hopefully I'll be able to pump a new, fresh breath of air into the Queendom rather than letting it sit on th
  10. 1. If my article is any indication of what I personally would love to expand, it would be the education guilds on Moghes, I feel there is so many different things I can help toy around with, and plenty of places for these guilds to pop up in the lore. Not to mention the Skalamar University only has a short page for it's lore, despite being an extremely old school. 2. I would love to get to work on different guilds and cultures, working on how they would interact with not only one another but people off of Moghes working with, as well as working on general culture, since I always find tha
  11. Ckey/BYOND Username: Sampletex, previously simontheminer Discord Name: SampleTex#1892 Position Being Applied For: Unathi Lore Dev Past Experiences/Knowledge: I've created my own species from the ground up in my free time in high school as a hobby, something I haven't quite completed but when has lore ever been something you can slap a finished seal on? Examples of Past Work: Tex's Rutikals As a note, this is something I did and still work on from time to time as a hobby and for myself, it's the biggest example of the lore I have made, since this has the most effort and time
  12. The caulk gun looks like it belongs on a construction site, you might want to consider remaking it or using something else, since I don't think it'll fit in on the server.
  13. Hello, I'm going to give my perspective on the issue. First off, starting out a respond to an ahelp with "no" is never a great start, "do you have a moment" is more of a courtesy thing, and a chance for you to tell us that you need a moment, had you asked for a moment I would have given it to you. You not only have a history of being rude in tickets, seeing this glaring at me when I open your notes is a big red flag that no (you don't have time to respond to my tickets) so you can continue searching backpacks is a huge red flag. Now for the "Multi tasking my guy," yes I probably c
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