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  1. Imran Zadeh, perhaps one of my favorite CEs to interact with. He and Riu get along very well, and Imran is definitely fit for the job, and handles it better than some other command members have from my experience. I'd be upset if my bananathi won't be able to work under Imran anymore, Solid +1
  2. Byond key: SampleTex Discord key: SampleTex#1892 Character Name: Slhaik Riu Item name: Custom Welding Mask Item function(s): Functions identical to a normal welding mask, differences being cosmetic and shape from the original welding mask Item description: A custom painted welding mask with a nice red paint on the bottom half of it. It looks like it was designed to fit the face of a xeno who has a muzzle of some sort. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Considering all the welding mask sprites look like they were designed with the human face in mind, I wanted to make a custom item for my character that not only fits his anatomy (and fixes the sprites sticking out the front of the mask when worn), but also has a visible but not overly complex personal touch to it. How did your character obtain this item: I'm sure there would be some place that sells welding masks designed for xeno faces, and painting it wouldn't be very complicated, only requiring well, paint for the painting and tape to protect the visor from getting covered in it. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: It'd be one of his tools, and Riu isn't one to mistreat his tools considering he's still in school and broken tools and supplies are just more expenses to pay either to NT for breaking equipment or for replacing any tools he owns himself. I think it'll also add some more diversity in terms of items for xenos, since their anatomy wouldn't permit them to wear quite a few things that humans can wear, and vise versa. Sprites: Additional Comments: If wanted, I can also make some non painted welding masks for other xeno crew to be able to select in the loadout, I'd just need someone to handle the coding/pr side Riu Welding .dmi
  3. You've got a solid application, but that 2 month experience with playing the game is a bit concerning since you need a lot of knowledge on the mechanics of the game in order to help people out. You did say you have gone through the code, how confident are you on your ability to help guide players with sometimes confusing mechanics like surgery, engine set up and rescues, various antag mechanics?
  4. +1 for several reasons They're a good rper, and plenty of people above have stated that From my interactions with them, they seem to be real good at keeping their head about them and playing CMO can quickly become extremely chaotic sometimes, hell any head of staff position can be. I feel they would be an amazing addition to the team, in addition would be fun to bully during trial They're highly respected and well known as a player, and that goes miles with being a staff member They already have the bully admin attitude needed when holding admin hands
  5. Amazing player, have always had great interactions with them and they stay in character really well. I am skeptical about it however, why would you put yourself through something that you seem to dread having, but having read the reason for why you are applying for the spot, it makes sense. I want to see you playing a corp liason, I feel like it would fit you and your play style very well. I am however going to beat you up if you don't get this whitelist, don't disappoint. +1
  6. Enjoyed Xiang Zhou as a HOP, and I'd love to see them around the station even more +1 from me
  7. Hello, considering the last reported attempt of ban evasion from you wasn't even a month ago, that looks incredibly bad. You dug your own grave, and when given a chance to get out, you kept digging instead. Had you just waited without ban evasion, there would have been a chance for you to get unbanned, instead, you evaded again and again. I'm going to deny this with no chance of appeal.
  8. Sometimes, I dream about cheese.

  9. This sprite is hella nice, though I'm curious as to how well it would protect against chemicals, unless its an actual labcoat with a hologram projector, Definitely a +1
  10. As much as I'd love to participate I will be unable to do so because of time zones, so I will instead ask, what are the odds that this will be posted as a recording after the fact for the rest of the server who can't participate or are reluctant to do so? I'd love to learn.
  11. I highly support this as well, it can help with diversity in round type (AKA less failed round starts because no one had those antag selections enabled), as well as make secret somewhat of a guessing game again, instead of cycling through tator and its variants as tator seems to be the most popular antag type. I have no issue with playing things like cultist or revolutionary if that means that it'll be better for the other players in the round as a whole, and it'll in my eyes, encourage people to try and come up with more entertaining gimmicks for the less popular game modes since if they make it more entertaining in general, they'll likely have more fun playing an antag they normally dislike.
  12. I like the forum post, and I like his interview. I would enjoy seeing him on our moderation team as another trial to bully +1
  13. I think this is the first time in my life Ive dreaded my birthday

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  14. Hello! Unfortunately this perma ban appeal is going to be denied due to poor attitude and ban evasion. Feel free to try applying again at a much later date.
  15. I'll have the ban lifted then, make sure you ahelp if you have questions in the future about what's acceptable.
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