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  1. These are very bad ways to address things. I found them on the recent complaints. You should not be conducting yourself in this way. Attacking the source of the argument as opposed to what they're arguing is exceedingly low. Instead of saying the equivalent that haters will be haters, argue why the reason for hate is misplaced or false. The way you are now is only supporting their argument. When there is an increment of people complaining, then it should be realized there is an issue. 1- The person that placed this complaint is an upstanding member of this community 2- I don't know why you're acting as my white knight. Cake has been in the community longer than I have and have been staff for longer than I have. The fact we re-applied together made me immensely happy. 3- You practically asked for this complaint, prompting people in others complaints and I believe elsewhere to post things in the appropriate places, which is here and got this complaint made.
  2. Yes, in regards to your ahelp, the issue being the conduct of the officer. Your ahelp outlined an issue which I declared not to be an issue, as the action of the officer was a response to how you acted. You're arguing semantics when I'm telling you what was meant. Even if I intended to clear everything as fine, Prat can still overrule my decision by virtue of them being the admin and myself being the trial. This should be all the logs on the situation, I found some in your images to be lacking, such as the line where you tried to get out of your restraints.
  3. Inaccurate. I cleared the actions of the Officer. There was intention to handle your actions but I had to leave, handing it over to Prat, which he got the following round.
  4. The reason I avoided any mention of regulation is that I foresee that the brig will simply be filled to the brim with crew every round because if you only remove the permission to do something that’s natural, people are still going to subconsciously do it. You raise some good points, the whole versus them thing is a topic for debate that I feel through some measure, should turn it into a “we”as opposed to us and them. I don’t think my suggestion is all pros and no cons, there’s definitely going to be cons, and while the easiest choice is to maintain the status quo, I feel like we should give this chance for a test at the very least. It’s impossible for me to outline everything necessary in my suggestion, so I would be very interested in what you have in mind to improve this suggestion. Do you have any suggestions or modifications to the main suggestion as to improve it? I realize the mistake of me outlining the scenario like that, but even then, I find the opportunities in methods other than common for communication to be vastly more enjoyable, even if it’s just a few curt words to deal with the order quickly.
  5. For the antag: 1. Steal a command radio. 2. Outsider antagonists can get access to common by default. 3. Steal an ID to give you access to station announcements. 4. Make demands to command/AI that they announce what you want announced or else. 5. Traitors could potentially buy those kind of headsets. 6. A mechanic could be introduced to illegally modify headsets. I could go on, the limit is your imagination. For the minor things: What's a party without inviting people? Spread flyers? PDA people and have them spread the word? Let command use the consoles that are spread everywhere to advertise the party? Maybe convince them to make an announcement about it? Again, the limit is your imagination.
  6. We have station announcements to address large amount of people. Regular crew can petition Command/AI for large announcements.
  7. People are free to carry station radios if they want to speak to their friends. As I said above, an implementation where only command can speak into the common frequency unless they swipe to make it available for everyone. Calling for help is an aspect of these changes, if that's your entire focus here, then you aren't looking over the whole change. Nobody is talking about removing headsets, you still have departmental radios. I advocate that headsets are present for everyone due to how our setting is portrayed, I simply not a fan with the common radio, and I feel we would benefit by some measure of change to encourage others to interact. Additionally, there are a plethora of ways for people to call help without counting the common radio. I disagree with your assessment that roleplay-wise, that it's stupid. As it stands, the common radio can make the station feel like a huge VoIP lobby. I attribute it to the fact people are simply used to the availability of common radio. I've played on a server that makes radios extremely rare, more rare then what I propose and people simply adapted to it by walking to people, sending messengers and so on. When I inquired and even played, it felt like there was more life in there. It's possible I'm completely wrong and that this implementation does the reverse, while I am doubtful this will be the case, we should give it a go, even as a test. You're also not wrong about the privacy aspect. But beyond privacy, is there a reason? I want to compare to scenarios. 1- You use the common radio as a Director. "Cargo, order food for the crew." They most likely will reply with an aye, maybe ask how many. It won't be a long interaction, and to me, it feels lifeless. 2- You use a holopad as the Director to call cargo. You step on it, set the destination and the call is picked up by somebody there, maybe it's a technician, maybe that person is enough for you, so you place the order, you converse on a more personal level as you're both committed to an interaction. Alternatively, maybe you'd like their superior, a Quartermaster, it takes time but they show up, you run through the motions with them of what you need and so on. Maybe no one answers, that can happen, we call people irl and sometimes they don't pick up, maybe no one was around to accept the call or maybe they were ignoring it, so you walk down to cargo and you find a reason on why you were ignored. It could be that they were goofing around, lazy or maybe they just weren't around. Regardless of what you found and why, you have a number of actions you can take. Maybe send IAA after them. Maybe give them a stern talking to. Maybe speak to their HoP? Captain? Maybe they apologize and take your order, no harm done right? I feel like in the long run, with some form of implementation that puts value into more interactive measures, we'd benefit. The reason I'm not too bothered about people making private frequencies to chat with people is because we lack a proper alternative of people communicating at range. A miner goes out to the rock and has a radio set within his suit to talk to his buddy in the kitchen? I don't see the issue with that. I think we're at a point where we can trust the community not to just use station bound radios To clarify to people. I'm not asking for headsets to be removed. I'm asking for the common frequency to be limited.
  8. I think this speaks to how forgettable and redundant other methods are.
  9. People can call for help, it'll just require more effort. There's still departmental radio, running away, calling the holopad for the AI to look in and so on.
  10. Right now, it's my belief that in common radios current iteration, that it cheapens interaction and more or less makes other methods of interaction as redundant. Let me list what things we have right now for communication. 1- PDA. It's most likely the second most used method of communication. You can just use the common radio to speak to them. 2- Holopad. It's very rare to see holopad calls. You can just use the common radio to speak to them. 3- Request consoles. Again, very rare and used by a small amount of people. You can just use the common radio to speak to them. 4- Personal interaction, walking to people. You can just use the common radio to speak to them. 5- Intercom. You can just use the common radio to speak to them. 6- Bounced radio, setting up private frequencies to chat with friends. You can just use the common radio to speak to them. Not only that, it cheapens the feeling and sense of risk. A person teleports a tile in front of you with lethal weaponry? Before he has the chance to even threaten you or do anything, these words are usually heard over the radio. "; Help. Intruder. Science." So here is what I propose. We can make the common radio listened to by everyone but only broadcasted on by command headsets, re-branding it as a frequency that is used for emergency coordination instead of chatter. I'm unsure on how possible it is code wise, but we can add another emergency thing to swipe for by adding the option to permit everyone to broadcast by command if there's a need, this'll still make it rare. Through this, I hope we can accomplish a more interactive environment, getting people to use more personal methods of interaction and making the station a bit more lively.
  11. I don't think there's an issue with maintaining both sprites. I've used both. Why limit the choices of what people can wear?
  12. Can you make it so that it needs the person to remain motionless? Like if the exosuit has you cornered, it shouldn't be able to suck you in if you are beating the exosuit.
  13. My personal belief is that paperwork shouldn't be used as a way to delay people too much from doing a thing. Paperwork can sometimes add some spice and enjoyable aspects, but I feel that in the case of expeditions, they are a brick wall that research directors need to break down with their bare hands just to get expeditions going so that they wouldn't face severe consequences as expeditions can be quite dangerous. I propose that all crew members, by default, as part of their employment contract, have effectively signed a waiver for participating in these expeditions and that in the absence of a Captain, a Director can still order an expedition. This cuts down on a cumbersome process that takes up time, even if it was only a five minute process, that is time that could be spent on more engaging things for the players. This is the waiver.
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