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  1. I can't really comment on them for their trial as I haven't really seen them play or shared a round with them. I can comment on how I've played with them before. Sherman is what I'd consider a new friend of mine, but before that we've been playing the same rounds for months. In that time I've seen them play in a way I'd call well thought out. In that they'd thoughtful of others and considerate, without really leaning towards the dramas and outrages communities sometimes have. All in all, they're a thoughtful person with a play style that meshes well with the flow of a round. I think they can be trusted with roles that have greater impact and control of the rounds itself.
  2. Their character drinks bleach whenever I play Head of Security
  3. Hello, just posting to say I’ve seen this. I am immensely busy so if I don’t resolve this in a few days I’ll hand it over to someone who can.
  4. Easier is not always better. Even at a slow pace, I imagine it would only take a few days to go through the 808 books in the library. Get a group of 4 people and each person gets 202 books. Checking if a book is viable won't take long since the determination if a book is worth it can be determined quickly.
  5. There's some history to some of the books present. You can trim the selection down which has been done a number of times already.
  6. You don’t need clout or popularity to handle things.
  7. Staff complaints. In the context of contesting a decision including an appeal, it's the appropriate place.
  8. It's a declaration that I'd like to see you interact with the community more. A more thorough breakdown of your activity is that 2020-02-26 21:45:36 was the last time you were active, those 6 connections being from 1st of February to that posted date, despite the search range being from the 1st of February until now. You have been active on the Github, 3 requests up, a request which you closed, all four within the span of 15 days, anything else was you reverting due to being unwilling to maintain a feature or closing a PR, which were for fair reasons, but they are things that I looked up to determine your scope of activity. Activity is a metric which we use as a factor to determine if a player will repeat problematic behavior. You most certainly could do this, others have, and an escalation of punishment was dealt out. This is usually followed with a stricter punishment and less to no more chances given to them in the future. This is a consequence of actions done. Ultimately, at this time, I don't feel confident enough that you won't repeat the problematic behavior if I do unban you from the forums. The other alternative is to contest this appeal denial, where someone else will look over this.
  9. For clarification. You'll need to independently apply for your command whitelist, as it was stripped as opposed to a command job ban. As for the forum ban. I have no qualms with removing it, but not presently. I feel like you've been given a lot of chances to improve on this behavior and that you have not exhibited enough activity with the community since the forum ban was applied for me to feel certain that this won't be a reoccurring situations. I asked for some information and you've had 6 connections on the server itself with 0 rounds joined, which to me I feel is insufficient at the time being. Appeal denied.
  10. An issue is that the suit only works for humans I believe.
  11. So looking over some information, you came back around the 21st and you've played a fair amount of rounds since. However, given that this was the highest punishment that could be applied barring an actual server ban, there will be a measure of scrutiny. Personally to me, the two years hiatus does not really factor into this as something relevant. I look for improvement of play, which requires time on server. Being around from the 21st to 26th is not enough to me especially when you factor in player history. As written previously, a hiatus of two years does not give me any indication of improve or change. Appeal denied.
  12. There's still some connections before the date of the appeal, giving us the impression you have tried to ban evade before and during the ban appeal. Both situations being clearly against the rules. So I am going to deny this. You may appeal this in two months, no date before 13/05. If we catch any attempts at future ban evasions, we'll forbid you from any future appeals. Appeal denied.
  13. What's the deal with you trying to log on with guest128141354, taktak123, societygamer and gamingshark? The information I'm looking at is giving me the impression you've tried to ban evade.
  14. Bear is an overall pleasant and enjoyable individual. I think he has the temperament for the role.
  15. Good amount of rounds played, the above stands. Lack of feedback while slightly problematic to ensure player perception is similar to mine but that can't be helped, can't force feedback. Trial passed, application accepted.
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