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  1. Reporting Personnel: Khaled Al-Bastaki Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security Game ID: Diona event - b87-br5S Commended Personnel: (Name, Job Title) - Emily Cress, Idris Security Contractor - Eliza Ingerlund, Detective Witnesses: (Name, Job Title: Short description of what they witnessed) - Khaled Al-Bastaki, Head of Security. I oversaw security operations for the shift from start to end. - Time of Commendable Act: Round long act. Real Time: (E.g 1200GMT+4 12/09/20) Location of Act: NSS Aurora, actions were spread out to the entire station. Overview: Before I explain what each did, context to how they stood out is important. Given the events that occurred on the shift, the lack of a Captain and a Research Director, their actions allowed me to greatly focus on my duties as a member of command with my other command members to oversee the station operations and crisis management over the events that unfolded. They went above and beyond to execute my orders to the fullest despite any dangers and difficulties that presented themselves. We had captured a number of the Diona as requested by the first set of orders from command and then improved relations with the Viscerabelt as requested by the second set of orders, it would not have been completed as well as it had without the great effort put in by the two individuals I put forward today. Emily Cress: I instructed Emily Cress to act as a team leader for the force of security officers I dispatched to the surface after the crash, their restraint from issuing any orders to aggressively deal with the Diona that impacted and depressurized a good portion of the surface level and safe guarding the crew present meant that when the order to bring them into custody for research by Central Command due to their great value, they were still unharmed and in good condition. They also executed the order for capture as relayed by me from Central Command well enough that we did manage to capture some of them even when a gestalt split into nymphs. This proved to be greatly beneficial when their true nature was proven and allowed us to hand them over to the representatives from the Viscerabelt, which improved relations as requested by Central Command. Their actions cut down on the amount of direct management I had to conduct allowing me to focus more on the well being of the entire crew as opposed to just my department. Eliza Ingerlund: I instructed Eliza Ingerlund to catalog, archive and log everything of note, especially a number of blood bags found from the initial impact on the surface level, in essence anything of note from the events of that day as it seemed like there was some measure of connection to recent kidnapping of high level Nanotrasen employees. Their proactiveness and determination meant that I did not have to give them specific instructions and that they pursued my orders to the broadest sense in a positive and beneficial way. Their ability to secure pieces of evidence, specifically the blood bags, meant that when the representatives of the Viscerabelt wanted what they claimed to be their blood back, we were able to do so thanks to the thoroughness of Ingerlund, which improved relations as requested by Central Command. Additional Notes: I did not list other witnesses, even my other subordinates or my peers in command as I had the only complete insight on the actions of my department and neither side had the full picture. The actions and events of that day, hectic and time consuming in nature disallowed any thorough briefing or even debriefing over the events.
  2. First things first, the ban reason. Secondly, as a matter to state for the record, I put as much time and effort as I can with my position to keep you from retribution as well. For me, the ban was the end of it and I was not interested in causing witch-hunts or any further issues that may potentially arise from making this public. Thirdly, a reply towards your quotation of the rules. I present you something that is the first thing you can see in the rule page. Now onto the conclusions I've made, some of which you have given me clear and undeniable proof to further solidify my decision. Before it is asked, I will not be posting any names or logs in public for the reason that those involved are protected from any form of retribution. All relevant information was forwarded to some members of staff as I sought feedback on this matter. Those relevant people can also ask me for further information should they need it. For the sake of clarification before I go into more details, originally the plan was to apply a warning that would act as an ultimatum to cease the above actions outlined in the ban reason or what will be posted after this in addition to raising the matter of your IPC character for review by the relevant lore team. Though as more people were questioned, specifically having talked to around a dozen people, give or take a few, which is not the complete number that may have been affected by you as I stopped seeking out more people, a very clear and severe pattern was noticed. 1- Your character AIMMO would act in a very forceful and clingy manner to force people to eat a lot of food, such people seem to be limited to a specific demographic of characters and/or players. Best described as a “feeder”. You have admitted to as much. 2- You as a player would approach characters in a way that is defined creepy, attempting to establish or otherwise hint at a relationship. Such advances were ignored or in-character told to stop, varying from person to person. This would further be pushed in the form of ooc communication with players. 3- You as a player seemed to understand that some of your behavior was not right, even apologizing for it. Apologizing would normally be good if not for the fact you persisted further, even trying to justify your actions on your character design. So what’s the conclusion from all this? All these incidents on their own look innocent enough, maybe some do cross the lines, but on their own, they would have never gotten such a severe punishment. The punishment comes from a very clear and established pattern which coupled with the fact you seem to acknowledge some of your acts were wrong, you still carried on. No one in the community deserves to feel uncomfortable, to have to completely avoid you as a player or your characters, be it by avoiding where you are playing or simply not joining the round when you are on. You are either in complete denial of this or are trying to seem innocent, both of them are unacceptable for this community. If I cannot trust you as an adult around other adults, I cannot trust you around minors.
  3. For reasons belonging to antagonist play that are clear violation of the rules, the player in question has received a indefinite ban from the server. This was independent of this complaint. I had made some progress with this complaint by breaking down the incidents here and breaking it up so I can seek out specific round ID's. Since the matter is essentially solved in the form that nothing can be upgraded beyond such a server ban, I'll be deeming it as resolved. I will however add a note entry stating that this was under investigation when the ban was applied. My initial thoughts on the complaint was that there seemed to be behavior that was not acceptable, not everything reported here qualified as unacceptable, so only with the former cases, some corrective measure would have been taken. Could have ranged from a warning or a ban followed up with a talk on how to improve and avoid these issues. I will be considering this for the most part resolved and will close it in 24 hours if nothing extra needs to be done.
  4. I’ll let this post stay this time but in the future I don’t want anyone to be playing devils advocate in this thread. Future ones will have their post hidden and likely incur penalties in the thread. Furthermore, there has to be some verifiable information in the form of dates, round ID’s or anything that can be used to verify anything said. While we will go through every report, we cannot do anything if we have no evidence to work with.
  5. Hello. I will be taking this complaint under administrator supervision. A few ground rules. 1- Only post when you have something relevant to this campaign. Leave detailed reports or events that have transpired. Posts that are “X person is bad.” without any form of proof or detailed reaccounting will be ignored. 2- Be courteous. No ad hominem. Standard things. 3- If you are ever in doubt whether your post is valid or not, you can contact me on discord privately to discuss its validity to avoid any issues. Aboshehab#0211 4- Include as many round ID's as you possible can. I’ll let this sit for a bit before I post my thoughts or any questions for information gathering.
  6. Vandalism applies in this case as throwing trash defaces the station.
  7. There is genuinely TOO much to do for security in this sense. It's either very little or max chaos. Having to deal with a combination of two to three digits worth of mobs, blobs and hivebots can often to lead to even more hectic rounds than some of the craziest antag ones. They need to be toned down or to scale different to have a middle area. Running from window to window to shoot carp is very mindless and boring.
  8. Server Moderator Application Basic Information Byond Account: Aboshehab Character Name(s): Current: Khaled Al-Bastaki (Head of Security) I have more characters beyond this that I play but I've kept them as private ones that only a few know about. Retired Characters: Raymond Hawkins (Captain), Mike Knight (Paramedic), Charles Hall (Head of Security), Rasheeq Al-Sammach (Cadet/Officer), Weirup Vi'lees (Officer), Needle (CMO/Surgeon) I have more but those are the most relevant. AI Name(s): Greatness Mk2 Discord username + tag: Aboshehab#0211 Age: 24 Timezone: GMT+4 Dubai, UAE When are you on Aurora?: It fluctuates depends to real life demands, but I can be seen during most parts of the day, primarily my afternoon to evenings. ------------------------------ Experience How long have you played SS13?: 1869 days if we're being exact. My time with SS13 has been Aurora. How long have you played on Aurora: Since July 2015, with breaks, I've never officially "quit" the community, sometimes my attention shifts to other things. How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: Engineering is still my weakest point but I have a strong grasp of all aspects of gameplay. Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: Just for the Aurora. I've been a moderator and all the way up to a head admin. I compared the dates of trial to resignation and it amounted to 1061 days spent, though this isn't accurate metric due to breaks and needing to focus on other things. I'll link my mod applications. Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: Yes, completely. These are qualities I've demanded of myself and would not be applying if I did not feel I could adhere to them. Though I may not be immune to mistakes, I've always sought to correct them and apologize if I've wronged people. Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: A seven day ban from antagonist roles back in 2016. I have some other notes, but I don't believe I have anything severe other than this. ------------------------------ Personality Why do you play SS13?: My answer has not changed much from the other two times. SS13 allows me to play Aurora, which I enjoy. Why do you play on Aurora?: Again, same answer as last time. I'd only be rephrasing something and deliver the same meaning if I wrote something new. I've played briefly on other servers but I enjoyed Aurora the most. Originally it was just for the gameplay, I'd play my rounds with ooc muted or just ignored it. After a while I gradually started interacting with people, some that are still here and others that gone. So I'm here for both the gameplay and the community. Aurora introduced me to the whole concept of roleplay, and even though I felt I was atrocious at it, people were supporting and taught me how to improve, and while we may have had a few rotten apples, I still enjoyed the interaction I've had with the rest. What do moderators do?: My answer hasn't changed here as well. My expectations of a moderator has always been that they are present, willing and active enough to handle round-to-round matters/forums/discord, be it reactively in the form of questions and admin helps sent and proactively in that they don't wait around for issues to come to them but instead investigate things. They help with maintaining a consistent atmosphere with the game and with the community as a whole. Handling a person that has broken the rules appropriately helps maintain this consistency that others want when spending time on any of the community platforms. They should also be present to help the administrators with their needs, be it assigning them to specific teams or handing our specific tasks like complaints. It's a collaborative effort and moderators act like an integral part of the community. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: No change here. To me, I can split its meaning into two. First, that the person applying intends to dedicate time and effort for the maintenance of our hobby here, in the capacity of a moderator. Secondly, it means that individual is entrusted with a level of responsibility and power that should not be misused either maliciously or carelessly. A bad staff member or even a subpar one can drive people away, decide the outcome of rounds in a bad way or in some cases, thankfully rare, abuse for personal use. Why do you want to be a moderator?: For the same reason I've applied for staff positions and contribute to the server without being staff. It takes people that enjoy this hobby to pitch in and maintain it. So now with new found free time and the will to contribute, I am applying again. Anytime I've quit a staff position it was never due to lost of interest to the position or the community, it was due to outside factors, factors I never have control of. The most recent time I resigned I was deployed as part of the covid response for a number months and juggling my education for my bachelors at the same time, I simply did not have much free time and I could not anticipate how long I would be busy with being on response, so I eventually quit after some time of uncontrollable activity to vacate my slot to someone that can dedicate their time instead of putting people in the uncomfortable position of having to remove me had it lasted for much longer. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: Similar to my last application. I feel like I’m patient. I feel others know I’m patient as well. I feel like I’m understanding of others. Sometimes rule violations aren’t malicious, a mistake, and I feel like I can understand the difference and handle that according to the circumstances. I’m honest to myself and others. At times this can be seen as curt, I’ve always placed great importance on doing things right and honestly, so this has lead me in the past to telling what I felt as a the truth, even as it may upset them. I’ve handled a lot of staff complaints and if I felt a staff member has been wrong, I have been honest about it. I don’t shy from conflict. I feel like I have the capacity to take on confrontational people without sacrificing the fair handling of an issue that arises. Sometimes tough measures must be made and I’m fine with handling them. While not a suitable metric, I do feel that the amount of actions I’ve done as a good indication that I will punish a person if necessary. I think my experience on this part speaks for itself. I have shown in the past that I do posses good qualities to be staff. It is also my hope that feedback here can illustrate, and if it proves to the contrary, I'll retract my application as I have no desire of being a negative influence to the community. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I feel like I handle the three well. There have been time I’ve been angry, and while it’s hard to imagine being angry within the context of Aurora, we have had serious cases that have made me “angry” as a catch all term. That being said, I feel like regardless of my present feelings, still handle anything thrown at me with both a calm and logical mind. I do admit I have in the past snapped at people for a number of reasons, and even though it is most likely influenced by outside circumstances, I have never justified it nor accepted it as an excuse. I believe I’ve apologized to everyone I’ve wronged and I’ve also given a blanket apology to anyone I’ve missed or not realized I’ve wronged. I could go on, but I’ll just say that while I’m human and not without my faults, I have a good control over my emotions. Anything Else You Want to Add: (Do not put words here) I just want to repeat myself in saying that some of my responses were copied from my previous application with some minors edits or additions at the end. This is because my feelings on certain things have not changed and if I were to write it from scratch, I would just be rephrasing it while conveying the same core ideas.
  9. I read through the thread to make sure I don't post any duplicate feedback, which after checking shows that it's already been posted. I'll just label some of the issues to show I'm not the only one with them. 1- Disorienting gameplay due to how environment shifts. 2- Walking and pulling someone being confusing and require constant checks. I believe both have already been mechanically addressed already. With that out of the way. I just want to thank @Myazaki for all their hardwork and active communication with the community.
  10. I’m glad you got the position. You’ve done good work.
  11. I'm going to stick to facts here as there's a lot of misinformation going on here, a history lesson and clarification all in one. First, I'm going to quote two relevant things from the rules. The disability rulings have always been under the believable character rules, they were merely reviewed and discussed by staff back in 2017. This is no different that reviewing the decision on how to handle players that SSD to absurd degrees without justifiable reasons, which was also discussed in the same staff meeting. And to save you time, here is the quote. It was never a blanket ban, you just are not supposed to play a character with disabilities and obstacles that can seriously affect their job. I want to emphasize that this was a meeting you attended and had 14 days to prepare for it, those that could not attend meetings are given the option to prepare something written which would be read out in their absence. So I'm positive the way this was described was never the case, though I will attribute this to forgetfulness as it has been a few years since the meeting, which if I'll repeat you both attended and had a two weeks notice to prepare something towards this topic and others. So my take on the matter? Things are fine as is.
  12. You've had more than this, can you make a simple list of what else you did before I throw in some questions?
  13. The post as a whole is very well put. I just want to echo this part especially. I can see the attraction to proper medical roles based on equivalences but just leave that behind and establish something fresh and novel I feel would benefit us much more. I'm positive characters can easily be migrated from the current medical jobs to the new medical jobs so that is also not an issue.
  14. Your name is familiar as a member of this server. I'll post some more specific questions at a later date, though I have a concern that I'll post today. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall you would show up somewhat irregularly, play for a bit and disappear. This itself is not an issue, we all have our obligations and interests. The issue here is you seemed to have returned recently and applying for one of the more important roles on staff, the section of lore that governs the largest portion of our player base. So I have little to base on whether or not you would stick for long. An issue lore has in terms of its writing is best explained with the "too many cooks in a kitchen" idiom which coupled with your proposal of a political roleplay system that will require supervision and administration to properly function and that I have little to base on in terms of your consistent activity has me concerned. There's the potential that you enact the above and then leave not long after, needing a replacement who may need to axe what you have done and then add another "cook to the kitchen". In general, staff has seldom accepted new players or players recently returned into staff positions, especially one of the more important ones.
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