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  1. The admin got busy. I've removed your ban as it's been a while but keep in mind that this isn't a fresh slate. Appeal accepted.
  2. Ban request retracted by OP. We will however finalize by checking any reported instances that haven't been already handled.
  3. Expect some official statement in the next few days. The volume of writing in this thread is quite substantial that it's going to take some time to properly go through.
  4. The person that banned you is on break, so I'm handling this. You've had more chances than I would ever give, four permanent bans on records, one of which was given by myself. You've exhausted all your chances to participate with this community as it's clear to us you either refuse to abide by the rules or are unable to. I am denying this appeal and all future ones. Edit: To clarify, this last ban was essentially a community ban. In essence, you will need to move on.
  5. It is a research station. DNC's meant it's an opt-out thing. Cloning was being researched. Just like there are trials for medicine and such, there was one for cloning.
  6. It means that the cloning process for these deaths are subject to lore approval, just canon events, not regular rounds. If you try to gun down Dorn during a visit and you die thanks to their protective detail, it's unlikely that you'll be allowed to be cloned and return to work.
  7. I want to firstly apologize, a certain situation that I could not control has kept me away for some time after taking this complaint. So from what I can see, this is essentially solved from the discord perspective. Moderation interfered, tried to stop it, both sides didn't seem to stop and reprimands issued. Furthermore, the player in question is reiterating their apology. However, I want to point. This is the definition of benevolence. If you're being nice about it, there's really no need to throw words around about it and demanding recognition. The reward of kindness is for ones self, while recognition by the community is a possible product of how you act, it's not really set in stone or even a mandatory thing to do. The whole "I am benevolent" portrays a contrary image to a lot of people, including myself if I did not give you the benefit of doubt. This bit isn't really a reprimand but more of a outside perspective on this thing to consider for the future. I will consider this resolved with no further actions put in place. I'll leave this open for a day or so if there's any other input.
  8. Due to a change in their schedule, trial time frame is changing to start today on the 19th until the 25th.
  9. Due to real life circumstances out of my control, I've been unable to handle it on time, though this had the good side effect of seeing more positive feedback. Logs show you've played Rakt for 10 rounds as Chief Engineer and managed to get a substantial amount of positive feedback. None of the previous negative entries seem to have been an issue here. Trial passed, application accepted.
  10. Cnaym and I will be handling this. Do not post unless it is within the rules of the subforum. If you are not sure if a post follows the rules, contact me via a forum PM, discord or the same method but to Cnaym.
  11. Another thing from memory is that I’m fairly sure the body returned back to where you threw it from.
  12. I just want to also add that the mining equipment used for the deed were left in the miners locker covered in Vaurca blood.
  13. I'm looking into alternatives. Namely that it stands to reason that density of walls from an x-direction should be similar to that of it from a y-direction. Right now walls have a explosive resistance of 10 while floors have it as 1. I'm going to tweak with the floor value to find an acceptable one, or perhaps find something else that can do it. It won't nerf the venting but it'll cut down on how often it occurs.
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