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  1. I honestly only glanced at your notes after I viewed your warnings and bans. Even if I removed your notes from the equations, your notes which you could view and the bans which you had to be there for to receive, they are still too immense. I also noticed that your “I’ve learned and grown” is essentially a repeat of previous times. I have zero reason to believe any of it would not just happen again. It might not be nice to hear, but this is the reality of the matter from my perspective. I remain firm with my decision on denying your appeal. Edit: I’ll be free enough tomorrow most likely for a more in-depth review of my decision.
  2. These are the terms Prat gave you, which you accepted. You've used up your chances. If you want to contest this, file a staff complaint,. Presently, you've lost your ability to appeal and I concur with Prat on this. Appeal denied.
  3. Denying this application. Your application lacks any feedback, while they may not be a complete deal breaker, the following is. That and your played roles as John Neves, which are: Roboticist, Xenobiologist, Scientist, Warden, Psychiatrist, Chef, Bartender, Station Engineer, Librarian, Chaplain, Shaft Miner, Pharmacist and Atmospheric Engineer. This tells me you don't have a proper grasp on our rules. Furthermore. This is an event from around three years ago. The question requires you to explain something that has some measure of affect on your character. You briefly described an event and said it has no effect on your character.
  4. I'm going to have to decline this. I don't think the application details enough to show an understanding of skrell lore. There are only three I've spotted that showcase the lore are the education bits, the mention of Aliose and group of parents. The education parts aren't super expansive beyond detailing the length of 19 years, which is also wrong. Kindergarten stage lasts from the age of 5 to the age of 19, not that it lasts 19 years. If I removed the years, it would just be a regular schooling education. Aliose as a place was mentioned, nothing beyond it. It's a place with a somewhat unique culture and background that I didn't see you link to your story, which while you're not required it, could've been an avenue to flesh it out. Group of parents, another unique aspect of skrell lore that was just named and left. The issue with this application is that the above three aspects were described briefly and plainly without providing the aspects that make them unique to the lore. If I removed these specifics, or even if I left them, they could still work for a human. Feel free to apply with an improved application in the future, we have a lore channel on the discord and you can have a look at approved skrell applications in the archives to see what set them apart.
  5. I debated heavily to apply for this same position but due to a few reasons, have not. Having read this application and @Juani2400, that notion on itself has left as I think they’re both very capable. I’m also going to use this post to cover both applicants. Both Kyres and Juani have been stellar members of staff, both bringing a lot of good experience and level headedness to the table. Kyres is a person I’ve always supported for management of lore due to his earlier work and investment he put in. Juani is a person I’ve worked more closely with on the administration team and an individual I to this day do not regret having them as an administrator, in the past and now. So here is where they differ. Kyres has a more in-depth understanding of the working of the lore team, a stronger presence in the community and has been tested to facilitate things to the enjoyment of the community. This is not to say Juani is not suitable, I think both are quite suitable for the role, I just find that Kyres might be better equipped to handle it. So if I’m deciding between both, I’d have to lean towards Kyres. Staff teams regardless of branch have tried different things over the years. The proposed lore stoppage is a thing that could be tried, and if no measurable success is seen within a reasonable time frame, could just be abandoned, so I’m not averse to trying it.
  6. It's a well thought out character and you don't have any outstanding roleplay issues I see. I'll be accepting the application.
  7. Sorry for the delay on this. I do have a few things to bring up. There’s a few language issues with the application itself, nothing too major but a spell check might be worthwhile next time you apply. So I read it over and it seems like you intend to play them as an officer? I see that they have around half a century of experience and college education. Don’t you feel they’re over qualified for it? If they had so much pull and experience that Nanotrasen went out of their way to get them hired, I’d imagine it’s for detective/warden at the very least. I feel like it would be better writing and a way to tell more about how the character is if you described the sort of errors they found with the checkpoint. Were they too soft? Too harsh? Lazy? Professionals but just lacked the tools? Who is this enigmatic caretaker? I don’t see any details about them. You mentioned showcasing tactics and such. Did you think of any yet?
  8. Hello, I will be judging this application. So I've noticed a few pros and cons with the application itself. I'll start with the pros. You've got people vouching for your skills, always good. Your time with the community has had few issues, and none of them really major. As for the cons, I have to say that the app itself feels very minimal. While we don't actually require extremely verbose ones with a high word count, we do need to see that there's effort and thought behind it. I don't quite understand this statement, because it is a roleplay aspect for the Skrell. A method to differentiate. Gives me the impression that you just threw that in and other stuff as buzz words to catch our attention. So the character has rather large spread of interests. I'm going to quote something from the wiki So what I get from the above is that you want your character to have a wide scope in terms of server mechanics. So your character would be able to do medicine, do chemistry and when applicable do genetics. The way it's written, it's important to specialize. They don't tend to be jack of all trades, they instead master one. Then the whole split between their life points feels like it was written irregularly, remove the headers of early and mid life and it's hard to differentiate parts of it. I feel like the background story itself is lacking much in terms of what skrell lore has. You brought up aspects of skrell lore but didn't implement it in the story. For this reason I will be declining your application. I do however encourage you to apply again, read over other accepted applications. On the front of people vouching for you, you have enough, so we only need from you a rewritten application to judge. Denied. Locking and archiving.
  9. I'll be taking this point by point and trying my best with keeping it short. 1- While it may be applicable to have given you a measure of benefit of doubt, we feel that given your history, which has been mentioned, around sixty entries on record going from notes, warnings, job bans, antag bans, server bans both temporary and indefinite, that it wouldn't be appropriate to do so to the degree of someone without a history. 2- We reviewed the logs of how you acted. It was deemed that the reason and escalation for the shoot out were legitimate, thus it was removed. However, it was also deemed that other actions were not okay, so the ban reason was changed. This was the simplest thing to do without disrupting the staff tools. This does not mean Garn was right. To expand, if we deleted the ban and placed a note in place of it, when staff look up "ban" entries, they wouldn't see it. 3- Reasons for a punishment are rarely independent or first time incidents. The escalation to temporary server bans is a result of cumulative rule breaking entries. 4- The time it took us. This might not have been the fastest complaint we handled, 3 days isn't exactly a lot of time to go through everything. The thread itself had around twelve thousand words. Your entries around three thousand words. The logs around ten thousand lines, some of these lines having from simply five words to an entire paragraph, which then had to be trimmed multiple times to see different perspectives and making sure our decision aligned with the narrative. Couple this with the fact Alberyk and I are quite busy as of late, it paints the picture of why it took us this long.
  10. What articles have been retconned? Specific articles.
  11. Per feedback by Arrow, I will be converting the present descriptions to "fluff descriptions", if you examine an item and check the examine tab, you will see the expanded description. I will be using a condensed version as standard description now.
  12. PR is up. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7495 Nanotrasen was attributed to most weapons we see on station. Namely the .45 and laser/energy beams. Necropolis already has plenty of ballistic weapons and this PR only covers a single ballistic weapon which belongs to NT. Hephaestus as well already has an assortment of energy/ballistic weapons. I gave them the Stun Revolver. I'll be handling the rest of the items at another date and will look into improving descriptions with already set brands/descriptions. Thanks to those that helped.
  13. The application is good but the lack of any feedback is troubling. It's hard to connect an application to the player if no one can attest to it. So unfortunately I will have to decline it. This is not to say it's impossible for you to achieve the whitelist, I just recommend you upload it during a time where you are able to play consistently for the time the application is up and to advertise it in OOC. You're allowed to post your application once a round.
  14. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wS9ANx3FA2UPLoL89NBX4HEtxDDHdGpsqZ-kGihDC5c/edit?usp=sharing Implementing this is trivial, feel free to comment on the document. PR won't be made until I'm confident that the choices put are good. Remaining items might be implemented in another installment.
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