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  1. I'm fine with this, you can lock the thread.
  2. If no measure to is done to show that this behavior is unacceptable, then it'll keep happening. And when you say this, are you also saying that not even the lighter administrative punishments are even considered?
  3. @Mofo1995 It's why I raised this point, and this isn't about drama. If we're all honest we can come out of this better. Oversight is part of his role, but the way it seems does look somewhat negligent? Might not be the suitable word but you get my point here. A fully even spread of attention is impossible but it can stand to be more even. I feel team morale has tanked to a degree because of this as well. Coalf has spoken to me about certain issues as well. He personally felt that it was too overbearing, while the degree of what both of you feel might differ, the point I'm trying to drive is still experienced by both of you. Additionally I'm unsure if you're aware but he also felt he was unfairly scrutinized for their work, that he found it less of a hassle if others tried to push content in his stead, even if he was the one to work on it. @Senpai Jackboot I'm not asking you to internalize all your thoughts. I do appreciate that the projects being referred to have been canned due to push-back and/or feedback. The point I'm making in those projects is that there tends to sometimes be a lack of diversity and painted in "red". There was a proposal by you to have GAIA merge with the other parties being Workers Party and Utopia, which was cancelled yes. Then what I cited before about the Syndicalists and Populists in Tau Ceti. I'm not hounding you for the act of suggesting things, but when it comes to politics and governments, it could stand to diversify a bit more when it comes to these suggestions. We're in the future, we can try so many different things out there. Perhaps new beliefs even. Additionally when it comes to your comment about @Skull132 being your boss and forcing @VTCobaltblood to pick someone, I'd like to show you a brief portion of a conversation I had with Skull. @Neinbox I don't want to shift this complaint towards you but for fairness, I feel the need to say there's a level of unfairness levied towards Jackboot by you. Presently Jackboot is the Lore Master and responsible for the lore team. He's entitled to making his opinions known about your projects, so asking for commenting permissions on a doc you're writing is not something out of place. Secondly, the perception of activity plays a big role, you can be working and people can still feel you're absent. Your work has been trickling in slightly compared to before yes, but their visibility is not exactly out there compared to other teams. You could also stand to be less hostile towards them in general, I felt uncomfortable trying to imagine myself at the receiving end of some of the conversations you had with them.
  4. I honestly like this. Antagonists have always been a conundrum, perhaps a measure to help would be relabeling them. An emphasis that the core concept behind “antags” for Aurora does not have to be mutual to other servers. Visitor roles could do better if the player was given a choice between either or as well. Wizards could also do better with a wider variety of attire. Perhaps a chameleon kit sort of thing that has a number of options which when a person is satisfied with, they can lock it in. As for the other outsider group antagonists, especially for mercenary, they could have an item that dispenses an assortment of items. Instead of having to map everything into a room something akin to the Arma 3 armory boxes could be made. Maybe have them pick a shuttle design to pick from? I think there’s something similar implemented in other servers.
  5. I’ll try to be short since there’s a lot of volume here. Don’t be shy to ask for more clarification. I want to say that Jackboot has the capacity to do good, I feel he’s come a long way from what he was before. Yet, I wouldn’t be involved here if I didn’t notice any flaws. Firstly, the most recent issue seems to be this whole deputy limitation. I support the rule as it makes sense. My issue comes from the fact that there seems to be an issue in communication or formalizing it. Personally, I’m not too happy and would not have applied had I known someone would’ve been removed because I was accepted. The timing of the announcement was odd. I could also be misrepresenting something said by Alb so feel free to correct me, but after being accepted as deputy and the rule announced, @Alberyk mentioned that no one needed to be removed, but the rule was a necessity. You can find the whole conversation in the lore chat on staff discord, it wasn’t really a long one. Again, no issue with the rule itself. My issue was how it’s being handled. Secondly, a recent theme would be the usage of “red” themes. Normally not an issue but it feels like there’s been a lot more recently that it treads into the territory of injecting personal political commentary. For this I’ll cite a proposal for the depression arc. @Garnascus and @Skull132 have read this I believe so correct me if I’m wrong. I’m also paraphrasing this. In essence the station would be dirtier and lacking. There were going to be two groups, Syndicalist and Populists. If for example you wanted insulated gloves, you’d grow potato’s for the coop. Similar aspects also discussed passionately in the political thunderdome. I admit this point is a bit iffy since intent is hard to gauge behind a screen and text, but I’m not the only one that holds this same opinion on this. Thirdly, mismatched focus to the lore team. Now, I understand that it’s impossible for a person to give them same focus and attention to everything. Different things resonate differently. Yet I feel what Jackboot has done in this regard to be a bit improper. Joining some mediums of lore groups but not others when they’re on the same level. I’m quoting Coalf on this as compared to other lore teams, the tajara team found themselves constantly micro’d by Jackboot. In essence for this, I’m trying to emphasize there’s uneven quality control here. On one hand he may be overbearing on one team and on the other hand he leaves another team to their own devices. Fourthly, again quoting Coalf here. He found it less problematic to have someone else push his work under their name than it was for him to do so personally. I think to have this mindset is troubling and points out an issue to possible bias that might go beyond what is acceptable. I can’t personally say for sure as the point of view I’ve seen and heard this from is only one sided. The thread had a few other points but I don’t feel like I can address them adequately due to lack of involvement or evidence. I may also be forgetting something, busy week.
  6. I disagree. The note placed eluded to it possibly being a mistake. I brought extra information that was not present during the ahelp. TT’s verdict at the time was fine, I’m not asking for it to changed. I’m asking for this extra information to be acknowledged and considered, whether you want to want do more or keep it as is, is up to you. I’d have put a staff complaint had TT been aware of the extra information I provided, since as the revision of the guidelines which I made myself would mean. Again, this is not a carbon copy of what TT worked with, I don’t disagree with the verdict at the time. I brought extra information. If I’ll be honest, it feels like this was looked over quickly without regarding the fact there is new information, then cited my own guidelines to mark it as resolved. As for Orleans, you’re quoting me when you quote the guidelines.
  7. On phone so excuse the formatting. I’m also going to say that people that post here shouldn’t be part of the problem I’m trying to have address here by being rude and insulting others themselves. Furthermore, I don’t really think Kaed and I need to have this turn to a kangaroo court, so I agree with him and say that this is my second and most likely last post unless something new occurs that matters or a member of staff tasked with this complaint posts. So in regards to the post I posted which you scrubbed. I already explained why you scrubbed but I feel that scrubbing the post after leaving it for a while really does nothing as it is very likely the intended or referred to individual has already read it. You didn’t post it and change it a few moments later. Secondly, I can’t say for sure if you’re a toxic individual but the behavior I’ve seen does lend itself to be toxic behavior. I won’t act like an arm chair psychologist here and debate on the whys. I just think that this behavior is not acceptable and when you sum it up with other people’s behavior is adds to an undesired environment. I don’t even think the deleted comment was acceptable either. I also do not think being in a phase is an excuse, I’m uncertain if you meant it in that way. Thirdly, I’m not judging you for a singular act. This post was sparked by the comment I posted but it encompasses the sum of it all. Though I avoided posting anything ancient and not handled as I feel that time can skew perspectives and weakens our understanding of context. You may have improved but I feel it doesn’t cut it, it still happens and it’s a negative behavior that I feel is not welcome here. I didn’t want to post this before as I don’t like to post anything with little visual proof so take this with a grain of salt. You’ve established yourself as an adverse individual in this community by numerous people to the point it has shied people away from interacting with you. I’m not asking for the community to be thrown in a padded room to avoid people from getting hurt. I just think we can avoid driving people away since this behavior does, and when that stops, I think the rest follows.
  8. BYOND Key: Aboshehab Game ID: Not applicable. Player Byond Key: @Kaed Staff involved: This has involved me when I was an administrator and numerous other staff members. Names can be found upon checking forum entries and WI entries. Reason for complaint: This is probably a novel complaint. It's novel since I cited myself as staff involved, which I'll explain further. I'll also keep this complaint short and state that I have no interest in debating good manners. First, I'm going to list the issues: 1- Insulting, belittling, passive aggressive and condescending. 2- Doing things out of spite. I named myself as staff involved is because I've had interactions with Kaed from a staff point of view, without citing any specifics, my last action towards them from memory was a forum ban. I could be wrong since I avoided using any privileged information making this complaint. To sum it up, I find that there is malice involved when Kaed voices themselves and at times how they act. It takes more effort to be abrasive than not saying anything. His attitude is not healthy to the community and demoralizes volunteer staff. If up to this point if they can't help but act this way to others, then maybe they should not be here. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No. It's a long term issue. I was going to report the post I posted but they modified it after Jackboot informed them they won't be part of the topic if he kept his attitude up. Approximate Date/Time: All if any relevant time stamps are present on forum and WI entries.
  9. So I’m mostly familiar with Ryder and recently familiar with Sterden. I’m going to start by saying that I don’t support this application. Let me tell you why. This point can be invalidated if things have changed with Ryder but the last things I’ve seen was that the character made it a habit to overrule actual medical practitioners. I think it’s fine for chemists to know first aid, it’s a thing that everyone on shift would know and it would be reasonable. What is not unreasonable is to overrule and jump into the territory of the roles that’s job is to heal people. This tells me that you muddle the line of in character and out of character knowledge far too much. Secondly, your IPC Surgeon Sterden, perhaps a thing you’ve also improved on but something I’ve witnessed last week, was apparently capable of chemistry, surgery and parts of what the psychiatrist can do such as crystal therapy. Even IPC’s have limits and just trying to be a super doctor that can do everything isn’t really healthy for an RP environment. Limitations and challenges are part of roleplay. This is also pretty much against the rules as well. Lastly and this is also my WORST offender here. I heard this from a grape vine which I felt was reliable, but I won’t touch on all specifics. But the essence of it was that you willingly as Ryder a few days ago send an adminhelp ticket asking for permission to attack two hostile antagonists, was refused, proceeded to do it ANYWAY. You then practically low key bragged about the effectiveness of what you did. I’m not sure you deserve to be even staff let alone get your actual whitelist here. Big -1, re-evaluate what you consider is acceptable behavior.
  10. Ckey/BYOND Username: Aboshehab Position Being Applied For: Deputy Lore developer Past Experiences/Knowledge: I have experience working with our staff team, and under people. I was a moderator before I became an admin and so on. I've worked with numerous lore developers and deputies either through creative suggestions or simple reviews. I worked extensively with other teams as a Head Administrator, chiefly among them the lore team as I feel they are vital and the content they produce for the community matters. I've created a number of lore items as my time as a Human lore deputy, though I did resign relatively quickly due to the fact that I both realized I was taking on too many duties and that others pushed that idea as well. I've cared for the quality of whitelists and have tried my best by pushing the bar higher, either by working with the teams themselves or reporting any major lore violations I've seen if trying to correct them did not work. While English is not my first language, I feel that my capability to write in English for narrative purposes is sufficient. I've recently learned how to make maps from scratch. Might be useful. Examples of Past Work: Lore applications Articles: Wiki entries personally added. I've done a few fixes to other wiki pages and I'm familiar with using that platform. I have also helped with a few events not counting the few that I've personally hosted, though that's really nothing compared to what Alberyk has done. Additional Comments: Instead of writing one essay on one topic, I wrote one essay for all four topics. I've never been fond of throwing everything out there, I like to leave a bit to the imagination when it comes to lore, so that the players and the characters can form their own opinions on things, just like us real people. Naturally, I don't intend to do anything drastic without testing the water. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L8HnImaqUJM86sza4QBwQCxq2wS9OapQgJE3LNsaOM8/edit?usp=sharing I don't really have any interest in taking any major projects like I have in the past for anything long term. Perhaps the odd one there and there if permitted/asked, but my preference is remaining as a support role, what a deputy is supposed to be. I have things going on that I don't want to go into detail about, but after some thought, I decided that I will most likely have the time to dedicate to this role. I'm not fan of using absolute terms when promising time as things happen. I'm GMT +4. My times are flexible in terms of availability as well. Edit: Decided to add some of my Skrell characters.
  11. I think you’ve calmed down with acting like a bull and seeing red when interacting with people. That has always been my biggest gripe with you. I haven’t seen any glaring issues when it comes to you handling your trial either. I’m still a bit skeptical at the attitude issue as it’s either for real or you’re just repressing it meaning you could blow up, figuratively. That being said, I think you deserve a pass.
  12. You were decent on staff but I found there were attitude problems sprinkled around your tenure. I felt that sometimes you made things personal even and resorted to ad hominem when trying to argue your point. You also tended to side towards some inflammatory comments towards members of the community. It’s one thing to be able to handle tickets and another for the community to feel comfortable about you in a position of being staff. With that being said, I’m curious about your thoughts.
  13. People like to post massive manifestos which usually don’t get read. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. I’ll also provide a tl;dr at the end. I also want to say that I do not want any psychoanalysis of the community or long winded explanation to why people are the way they are. I’ll even be happy with zero replies as long as some of this post was taken to heart. Antagonists are nice for the round, but they shouldn’t be depended on to have fun for the round. Playing on Aurora is not like other games, you can’t always expect fun to come your way, sometimes you need to make your own fun. When you make your own fun, that fun and enjoyment seeps onto others. When others have fun, there’s less of a negative vibe. A few examples of making your own fun. You can skip the spoilers until the end. Command Roles: Standard Roles: Negativity, it’s part of a vicious cycle, wide and continuous negativity demoralizes people, which in turn stifles creativity and willingness to do things. Having a thick skin should not be a requirement. This is a community, we spend our times together on a hobby we are interested in. For some, it develops further, making friends. I’ve met some exceptionally wonderful people during my time. In the words of a friend, we should not have to wade through a lot of shit just find good stuff. We have rules and a setting, sure it posses some limitation yet neither of them are highly restrictive. We have both for a controlled and consistent environment, one in which we can immerse ourselves in. This still opens to you limitless concepts to use for character you want to make. Don’t be shy to experiment, acknowledge that not everything will work perfectly, sometimes some concepts don’t work for you or to your liking, try others! Down the line, you’ll find one that sticks with you, or even several. Elitism. Don’t look down on new players to the server, byond or role playing as a whole. None of us have started as a master in role playing. We all were novices at some point. Some of us may have been taught, some of us have kept at it and so on. So don’t discourage people or be allowed to be discouraged. Instead, advise or ask to be advised. Play time may be a metric for certain things, they are however not a metric to being better than people. I feel these things needed to be said. I only hope what I said improves the general feel and atmosphere of the community as a whole and our experiences playing in-character. I don’t want any name calling or psychoanalysis of how people behave. I’m perfectly happy if this thread got zero replies as long as people took it to heart. tl;dr Make your own fun, don’t rely on others all the time. Stop being negative. Be creative, rules and lore aren’t that restrictive. Elitism kills communities, stop it.
  14. Neither a verbal warning or a discord warning. First because I tend to not do verbal warnings, I prefer something is written down as proof. Second because you can't give discord warnings to staff. I previously maintained my own database for staff members, imagine a note system for players but this one included activity, productivity, issues they had and so on for the majority of staff. Coalf had actual warnings, which became less of an issue as time went as Coalf showed improvement, could also call them strikes as they could have gotten him punished/demoted/kicked like other previous members of staff who have even been banned and removed from the team. So yes, I said Coalf is fiesty, is was a con amidst a lot of pros to his character, though I have never used that an excuse for anything, nor anything close in regards to anyone else. I've never accepted my own so called immunity to the rules, even forcing a trial mod to apply a note they mentioned might be warranted for me because. I don't really accept the notion you've presented in how I've handled things.
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