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  1. Good amount of feedback, pre and post trial. I've seen you play well personally as well during your trial. Application accepted.
  2. While the lack of feedback is a bit problematic, I'll consider the lack of negative ones a positive aspect. You've also got a good amount of rounds in. Application accepted.
  3. I'd honestly prefer a mechanical solution to this. Start scientific at a level where any scientist can raise it with just steel and glass.
  4. Alberyk is an individual I do not sing the praises of as much as I really should. I'll keep it concise, within context of this application and the applied position. Active, communicative and caring member of the community, and particularly as staff. Has a no nonsense attitude when it comes to things. So I have zero concerns when it comes to whitelist quality. Has already put a lot of investment towards the species as cited above, be it lore wise or development. My only gripe was the astonishing volume written up, while I delight in reading other peoples work, it has gotten to a point where it needs to be condensed. Though you have already addressed this and I am happy with your response. Additionally, loved your essay as it touches up on a forgotten aspect of the Tajara lore and has given me a character concept to think about. You have my full support and I'm frankly excited.
  5. Generally how it goes. You can advertise this thread once every round.
  6. I'm going to give you a trial, be sure to advertise your application in ooc chat when playing command, so that people can grant you feedback. Trial starting on the 4th and ending on 10th.
  7. Few posts got removed, keep it serious people. Handing out infractions next time.
  8. Applicant withdrew their application. Feel free to apply again in the future.
  9. The applications has a few good things and a few things that could be improved. The good for me is that you used known and notable locations to this species and incorporating the appropriate ones to suit the character backstory. There's also a measure of acknowledgment in regards to the synthetic issue. While the aspect of information volume here is not much, it is enough to allow me to get some amount of insight to this character you created. Unfortunately, I do find a few other things lacking. The question regarding what makes them different in my opinion to not be enough. You mentioned diet, humor and relationship to be different than humans, but you didn't mention how. Your history with the server is limited and far in between. You have five rounds in May and one round in August as a total of all characters you have listed. Your last log in of the server was actually a couple of days before you posted this application. So overall, while I'm not averse to endorsing your application as a deputy, given that my gripes are addressed and the background fleshed out a bit. I cannot see myself doing so currently, due to your low round count and lack of feedback or endorsements of other players. My personal recommendation is you log a number of rounds and to advertise your next application for feedback.
  10. Being a former resident of that discord, I can attest that. 1- I haven’t really seen any major rule violations by Shestrying and that the discord is effectively dead by the time I left it. 2- I have not seen nor believe that Shestrying subscribed to any controversial beliefs listed above. While they may not have stopped any debates, they didn’t encourage any of it either. And my own piece here. Overall, I think Shestrying is just an overall friendly person, which is why they have a large list of people they’re on a friendly relation with and friends. Sure there’s a concern of being impartial and fair, but I don’t think we can really base any of that on the discord which was just supposed to be a group of people hanging out. I think they deserve the chance for a trial. It’ll be a good experience to see what has merit and what doesn’t in terms of both the positive and negative things said.
  11. Trial starts today at 2019/09/21 and ends on 2019/9/27. Try to get as much feedback on your command play as possible.
  12. Hello, this seems to have fell through the cracks. In the future, if an application stays unanswered by staff over a certain limit, dependent on the type, contact staff to remind them. For command whitelists, it's a week. Here is a link that helps you in finding out who to contact. Regarding the whitelist itself, the application is decent enough and you as a player have a good record on the server, only minor accidental stuff. You do however lack feedback, but I'm willing to grant you a trial, but before I do, I need you to affirm that you're going to be sufficiently active for the trial period, being a week. Just write a reply here. If there is no reply within three days, it will be denied.
  13. I'll keep this brief. The following are the clauses that can result in a whitelist removal. The player has received too many administrative actions related to being a command player. Some of these actions are relevant to incidents that have been listed here. Their whitelist has been removed. They are free to apply again in no less than a month, which is the 21st of October. Locking and archiving this.
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