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  1. So based on the round logs and observation over a number of rounds, I believe that Yermak does not violate any of our server rules in terms of quality of character. Yermak while dipping into the aesthetic of a paranoid conspiracy theorist do so in a way I don't feel is obnoxious to disrupt rounds or unrealistic in that it removes immersion. The character chooses to live differently and is able to engage/discuss things with the crew. They aren't hostile or aggressive in that they cannot conduct their work to an acceptable standard and do not attack people. The cited round showed vampi
  2. You need to make a staff complaint if you want to contest the administrative action. We don't double up punishments when a punishment has already been dished out beyond some very specific cases. Wanting a stronger action to be done counts as contesting it.
  3. Just posting to say I'll give this a few days before posting a verdict. The wait is primarily to see if there are other testimonies out there from people that are related to this incident. If you are unsure if you're able to post your input here, you're free to contact me on the forums or on discord Aboshehab#0211 even if you just want to be safe.
  4. Unban appeals are for when you agree with the ban reason. Staff complaint if you want to contest, so someone else can look at it. It's been a while so some finer details escape me but at the time your ban was a joint decision between myself and others. Normally we don't care so much about conduct on other servers until it enters the area of illegal activities. Appeal denied.
  5. We've established they were mistakes, you've apologized and you promise you'll avoid doing them again the future. That still does not answer my question about why you did what you did, but that doesn't matter I suppose. Since this is your first permanent ban, you'll be given a second chance, and while you'll be viewed with more scrutiny you'll have a fair chance to show your capacity to play here by the rules and without abuse. Appeal accepted.
  6. I reviewed your notes. You have a total 46 entries, 11 of which is a combinations of punishments including this server ban. The fact that this is your first server ban is honestly baffling as the kind of behavior I read tends to be dealt with with more severity than in your case. That being said, I noticed a trend of very aggressive gameplay both as a regular character and special roles like antagonists, rude attitude with people and what disappoints me the most is that you abused your aghost verb while playing an antagonist when you were a moderator. There are also rule violations for other t
  7. I'm denying your appeal. From what I recall, I contacted you since I wanted to know why you did certain things during the round including beating yourself in solitary. You told me a cat jumped on your laptop and caused this, but here is the thing. 1- Your cursor needed to be properly positioned. 2- Harm intent needed to be selected. 3- You had to somehow click yourself five times, give or take one as it has been a while. 4- Not sure if I'm misremembering this part, but I think you were also targeting your head. There's also this part, unban requests are for when you
  8. This would remove anonymity some people want when playing as it’s not hard to know who is who when the roles are made obvious and compared to the manifest. I don’t mind the idea but not in the current version.
  9. I haven’t really had the chance to see your trial in effect, so I can only commend on your standard play. A number of things comes to mind. 1- You reach out to people for ideas, suggestions and feedback. 2- You’re a friendly person and I don’t believe I’ve seen any incidents to the contrary. 3- I have seen your roleplay and believe that it is of high quality. I am positive your trial will go well and you have my support. +1
  10. Let us take this chance to talk about some of the good memories we have had. Personally for me, I've met some wonderful people that I consider myself to be privileged to be able to call my friends. Some specific occasions that come to mind in terms of some genuinely fun and enjoyable rounds on the server. The recent Tajara and King of the World arcs, which to me were events that despite it having some issues, were still ultimately successful and greatly enjoyable periods on the server.
  11. Hello everyone. We hope you are all doing well. It has been a tough year for everyone here, different people having to endure different issues. With COVID-19 and other situations happening across the world which have altered our lives one way or another. That being said, as we have entered a new year, we can hopefully look forward to better days. It is our sincere hope that the situation each and everyone in this community finds themselves in improves. This has always been the ultimate goal of this community, to provide a medium where time spent brings joy to us. The server ha
  12. I don’t think you understand still. The ability to hand something off to someone else due to bias is a luxury. You need to be able to understand the measure of bias you may have and be sure to one as objective as possible to be fair. And the above only works if a member of staff is able to police themselves. If you see something from the lens of hyper negativity you’re liable to over punish someone or to disregard what they have to say, making the incidents you handle liable to be handled improperly. There is also the component of trust. I don’t think people can
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