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  1. I find this joke to be posted in public to be done in poor taste and don't really appreciate it. While I don't think it should completely void the prospect of the whitelist, I feel like it's steered my opinion of you in a negative direction. There are certain types of jokes that shouldn't really be posted in public, even if a disclaimer is attached to it.
  2. In regards to the content of the complaint. They seem to have already been spoken to about these things. I encourage you to ahelp these things in the future even if they've logged off as we can still question others, gather information and question them about it next time they're on. Furthermore, this is no longer an issue as they've been banned until appeal from the community for other reasons, so this has been indirectly resolved. If there is nothing to be added, I'll mark this as resolved after 24 hours.
  3. Doesn't it need a command ID to even use? So you'd still need to find a command level ID to use.
  4. A previous issue with it was that it put an emphasis in people going for "shrapnel hits" where they'd use ballistics just to get shrapnel embedded and from that cause a lot of damage but essentially leaving them to bleed out on their own if they move or get surrounded if they don't. Danse has a fair compromise where they limit it to running only.
  5. The way you phrased this implies that this is a reoccurring issue. Can you potentially cite other times where this was an issue?
  6. I observed this for the most part, I have to agree to an extent. While it's alright to have some measure of friction between command staff, it needs to be reasonable. The bar for conflict might be somewhat loosened given that the story of the station is undergoing difficult and divisive times, but even then I feel the Director was overboard. The issue is that it seemed like it was overly hostile and confrontational, don't really recall any attempts to help the HoS considering they clearly informed the Director that for a number of reasons they aren't able to deal with this is
  7. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Hocka learn and progress as a coder. They don’t give up easily even when faced with a problem that halts their progress. Very open to collaborate and work with people. Goes out of their view to get feedback and ideas. Very easy going with people. I could go on but I feel this summarizes Hocka well enough. +1
  8. You seem to have recently come back and even then play in irregular bursts, this is not an issue as a player, but can be an issue for staff. How confident are you of being active? Lore staff have a lot of stake in the progress of the server, they're by no means required to stay for years, but leaving a few months in can be extremely jarring especially if there's unfinished business?
  9. Can you be more specific on what aspects you wrote? Like what part of the changes were you responsible for? Additionally, what steps will you be taking in the future before starting a lore arc to avoid cancelling it when it is in process?
  10. I need you to play more often before I can consider removing the antagonist ban. You've been very sparsely active this year. Same issue as the same time as you appealed here. You can appeal this in a month, so the 6th of December. Should there be enough activity and no outstanding issues with staff, an unban shouldn't be an issue. Appeal denied.
  11. Noticed you're on the server so I'll assume no issues then. Locking and archiving.
  12. Alright, I think you're honest enough about it. You've been unbanned and will be given a fair shot on the server again. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules as ignorance of them will not be a valid excuse. I'll keep this up for a day or two in case you have issues joining the server. Appeal accepted.
  13. I'll give you credit as you don't seem to have tried to ban evade since your last appeal, though I think you're understating your ban reason. There's a difference between a sexual joke and with what you did, roleplaying someone that's pulling a gun on someone to have their character "suck them off". This is pretty rapey in its theme. So while you don't have a long history of misbehavior, the short list does have a very vile case of it. This was all done because you were bored. We have people of all backgrounds and most importantly ages. So if I were to entertain this ban ap
  14. You seem like a nice person, and your experience speaks for your suitability for the role. So on that front, you have my support. Though there is one concern, and that's burnout. You've recently become active with the community and seem to be putting a lot of work in. So the worry is you burn yourself out and end up not enjoying the community.
  15. For clarification, I am not handling this. I am posting my perspective as a member of this community present during this event round and interactions with the player over the years. tl;dr at the end. From what I recall and based on what others shared with me, the Director was supposed to bring 4-5 people from science with preference to people with expertise in geology and 2-3 miners to assist. From what I saw and heard, this was not the case, both in numbers and in the preferred expertise. It is my belief that there is very little distinction between the player HunterRS and t
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