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  1. @Flamingo and I went over the complaint and we have a verdict. ----------------------------------- First is regarding @PsycoticCone, we felt like they did not do anything improper to the extreme as it appeared to people. It seems like the idea behind what they wanted to do was act out as a hijacked IPC in order to assist other antagonists. They didn't have any indication that Unity was a traitor and were even shot before they could tell them they were on their side as well. The fights also seemed to have been entirely focused on security as well which seemed fair considering they are
  2. @Rushodan @PsycoticCone What was the purpose behind the medical incursion? From what I see, there was little communication behind it. Markos went to embed in security to betray them and then Unity showed up in medical and forced their way in and started a firefight. Additionally, what was the general idea behind sabotage? I've not seen much in terms of tangible or direct goals.
  3. @Flamingo and I will be taking this complaint. @DanseMacabreCan you give us some timestamps on the video itself?
  4. This isn’t a -1 persay, you haven’t done things that I would say detract from my experience in the round. I however still don’t believe you’ve done much with the whitelist. I’d say I believe I played around 3-4 with your consular. Most of what I saw was very passive roleplay in the shape of just going to the security reception and hanging out with the Tajara groups that frequent security. Aside from looking fancy, I’d assume you’d be just a visitor if I didn’t see your ID or manifest role. I haven’t seen anything in the form of furthering the cause of the nation you represent. I can
  5. To clarify, this unknown is me. The issue that I have with your characters is that it feels like most if not all your characters from the interactions I have had have this reoccurring theme of simply saying shocking things for funny value even during inappropriate times. The simplest way to describe your characters from my own interaction is that they are played in a way to "shitpost" whenever possible. When it comes to your character Swan, I cannot tell if they're supposed to be human-like based on how they interact with people or robot-like with how ruthless and aggressive they can be.
  6. If you agree with the ban, you appeal. If you disagree with it, you need to make a staff complaint so someone else looks at it.
  7. You have too many entries over this issue. Looking back, you have a lot of notes and frankly the justified punishment would've been a permanent ban. Putting that into consideration and the fact I applied this ban on the 28th of this month, not enough time has passed for me to consider this appeal. Try again on the 1st of May. If you have no more new issues, I'll appeal it. Appeal denied.
  8. Put aside the VPN for now and focus on your hardware. You've done something to your hardware that is having it caught because it belongs to someone that is banned, this identifier is supposed to be unique. Whatever you did or happened, you need to reverse. If you cannot solve this on your end, then I'm afraid you're out of luck since we won't be removing these identifiers from the server. So I've lifted your newest mirror, please do not join until you're certain you've made an appropriate change.
  9. It has been corrected again. Due to a combination of your VPN and the fact that your computer identifier has changed and matched those ban evaders have used, you will likely keep getting caught. If you want to be able to play here, you will need to correct whatever change you have made. If you are unable to resolve this on your end, you likely will not be able to play here as we won't be unblocking the parameters ban dodgers are using.
  10. Alright, I'm going to unban you then. I'll keep this thread open in case you have any issues. To clarify, Jaxonmaxx has received a permanent ban for the following reason. "Going ssd again without heading to cryo at round start" Familiarize yourself with the rules and keep in mind given the nature of this appeal and previous appeals, suspicious behavior will be scrutinized.
  11. Here is what I'm seeing. You've connected to the server several times after you were banned on the 12th of March, which if you weren't aware, this is the ban reason. "Reason: Going ssd again without heading to cryo at round start - This is a permanent ban." before piston1937 was ever banned. The changes in your IP is something we can attribute to a dynamic system you are likely using. The issue is that in combination of that, your computer identifiers matching that of that other offender and that you are also using a VPN is making this extremely suspicious. Ban evasion is not an im
  12. The person that applied the ban is no longer present as part of the moderation team, so I'll handle it. You've gone through three permabans. These are the ban reasons I found. 1- "Griefer" 2- "OOC: ISplendid: ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE FILTHY MONKEYS AND SHOULD BE LYNCHED KILL NIGGERS KILL NIGGERS KILL NIGGERS . Repeatlyly in OOC." 3- "Low RP, self-antagging, general bizzare racism and powergaming." We rarely give two chances let alone three, and accepting this would mean giving you a fourth chance. Plus I'm seeing evidence of attempted ban evasion. It is unlikel
  13. How many accounts do you have?
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