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  1. Spoke to them in private. They won't ready up if their connection is not working properly or is weak. Appeal accepted and ban lifted.
  2. A follow up question I asked the other applicant. What's your stance and intentions regarding whitelists and their standards? Personally, I've been fairly heavy handed and proactive in controlling standards. A few private warnings, announcements and some edits to the wiki. Are you more lax? Reactive? Easy get and hard to lose? and etc.
  3. Compared to Paradox's app, yours is rather lacking. Guessing you just wanted it out there for people to know while you prepared your writing. Some questions. 1- Your last application, you mentioned wanting to push Glorsh back by some time. In general and as a deputy, I'm highly opposed to any shifts in lore that would affect character concepts and backgrounds. This will especially affect some of the older skrell characters that are actually old enough to have been from a time during the whole oppression timeline. Is this still your opinion on the matter? 2- What's your stance and intentions regarding whitelists and their standards? I've been fairly heavy handed and proactive in controlling standards. Personally, I've been fairly heavy handed and proactive in controlling standards. A few private warnings, announcements and some edits to the wiki. Are you more lax? Reactive? Easy get and hard to lose? and etc. 3- What gripes do you have with Skrell lore as is? What other bits do you intend to change? You can ignore this question if your piece of writing will answer it, though I'd appreciate if you pointed to the bits that answered this question best.
  4. Reporting Personnel: Khaled Al-Bastaki Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security Game ID: A round of Extended has ended! [Game ID: b2K-cfJ7] Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - xxxInvolvedPersons - Smoke Thums, Shaft Miner: Offender Ignus Volkov, Science Contractor: Offender Clockwork, Scientist: Witness Shiki Takahashi, Detective: Investigated the incident Time of Incident: Real Time: 2000 15/08/2019 Location of Incident: Nature of Incident: [X] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [X] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [X] - Other: Sharing of classified and privileged scientific data. Threatening harm to a Nanotrasen employee. Resisting arrest and starting a manhunt. Overview of the Incident: Fax that was intended to be sent to Central Command. What follows is a collection of evidence we have acquired. Now attached is the interview with Smoke Thums. And now the paper in question, which I believe is a security breach, a sentiment shared by another researcher and my own detective. After the investigation was finalized and electing to pursue Ignus Volkov as the true offender here, we just processed and archived the evidence for record keeping. This is around when Smoke Thums decided to harass and threaten Clockwork, an employee of Nanotrasen. They seem very adamant on telling everyone of their former military experience and training, which amplify the prospect of them being a security threat. Security intervened in attempts to de-escalate the situation, transcripts to be posted below. Smoke decided to resist arrest when it was pressed and started a manhunt, allegedly trying to escape via EVA, which presented a risk of depressurization to my team who were pursuing him. Due to shift end, the systems were on lock down, disallowing us from charging them with threat of injury and resisting arrest infractions. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: I was the highest ranking member on the installation. Actions taken: 1- Investigation was done over the data security breach in addition to cataloging evidence and acquiring witness testimonies. 2- Smoke was apprehended following their attempts to evade security, but no charges were placed on record due to the system locking down for shift end. ((Round ended at that time.)) Additional Notes:
  5. Application accepted, here is why. 1- Player complaint resolved with minor administrative action that was essentially asking for a character rework. 2- No administrative action taking during your trial, both during the regular seven days and extended portion on the server itself. 3- A fair amount of people supporting this application with sound reasoning. Locking and archiving.
  6. Application accepted. Beyond what I've already said, I believe I've had a round or two with you and no red flags. Hope you enjoy it.
  7. Make sense and surgery/MD can tie in nicely with the research aspect as biochemist does touch on the research aspect of this station, maybe even collaboration with science department. I just want to emphasize that the character should avoid stepping toes on other characters being present. It's one thing to help with surgery due to no other surgeons being present and another to take surgery patients when a surgeon is around. An issue I've had with certain whitelists that I've been cracking down is people knowing too much, in that they end up able to do everything in a department or two, when the wiki states that they specialize and any extra degrees they have fall within the same type/field. I think you understand this given your history on the server but I'd like you to affirm that you understand. Other than that, your whitelist is exceptionally good from my point of view. You gave me a clear timeline of a character that if I made right now, I think I'd get it close enough to how you desired it. Informative answers, no redundancies to inflate word count and a tightly woven/interesting character story. While I won't give a verdict now, things are definitely looking up for you. I'd encourage you to advertise your application once a round in ooc to garner more feedback. You can expect a verdict within 3 days.
  8. So with the equivalency in mind, your character has the qualifications of an Medical Doctor, Surgeon and Biochemistry. What role do you intend to play them?
  9. Trial duration will be extended until the completion of the current player complaint.
  10. A very rough draft I made of Khaled. Scars aren't realistic and need more work on them, as well as a few other proportion issues. Given this is my 5th or 6th drawing since I'm started, I'm pretty proud of it.
  11. Sometimes thing we don't particularly want happen during the round. That's not necessarily bad. We don't particularly wish or plan for accidents, injuries and so on, not everything happens with our permission nor does it need it. You join a round with the understanding you are not the only moving part, there are other moving parts, these parts can work together, clash each other, ignore each other or even be indifferent. People have preferences and opinions. I'm indifferent on either, both can drive the narrative. Cloning does not stop people from removing you from the round. It's a tool that permits the returning of certain characters. It does not stop people from destroying corpses. It does not stop people from destroying cloning lab. It does not stop people from destroying any number of things that is necessary for the cloning process. We have round types that do not have antagonists. We also have rules, which you enforce, that covers improper escalation and unwarranted murders. Anyway, this is not much of a suggestion and more you ranting about the events of a round, having a kneejerk reaction in making this and sprinkled with a couple of insults towards a certain group of people based on their opinions, preferences and play style, none of which are necessarily a rule violation. Edit: You are all part of the same story. You log in to roleplay, people are roleplaying in the same environment as you are. This mentality is dangerous because inversely it means you can join as an antagonist and people can just completely ignore you.
  12. Conflict and tension is part of the gameplay. While I'm not an advocate of cloning removal, it should be a somewhat cumbersome process where medical are required to prioritize things and who to clone. Cloning has never been a right to every player, it's a privilege sometimes given when the circumstances of the round permit it. The only times a death is an issue if it's in a violation of the rules, which is resolved in it's own way.
  13. Application Accepted. Here is why: 1- The answers to the ooc questions are sound, while it does not cover everything, that's to be expected as the player gets more engrossed and immersed, they begin to catch on more cues and learn more about the lore itself. 2- The character concept from my perspective is unique and in a good way. A federation citizen with beliefs that's been shaken, fallen from grace as an idol, moved to Tau Ceti for a new life following a new belief. Honestly, sounds immensely good and brings a level of friction to the more Federation aligned citizens on station. 3- Witnessing the player themselves, both as a person and their play style, I believe there will be little to no issues from them on server with this whitelist, nor do I see them abusing aspects of the Skrell to push the line of powergaming and metagaming. 4- There's some good puns here. Locking and archiving.
  14. All slots filled up. I’ve had a lot of applications, I think 20 or so. Unfortunately I could not pick everyone and even went for my maximum of 6. Given this interest and depending on how this campaign pans out, I may run more in the future.
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