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  1. An issue is that the suit only works for humans I believe.
  2. So looking over some information, you came back around the 21st and you've played a fair amount of rounds since. However, given that this was the highest punishment that could be applied barring an actual server ban, there will be a measure of scrutiny. Personally to me, the two years hiatus does not really factor into this as something relevant. I look for improvement of play, which requires time on server. Being around from the 21st to 26th is not enough to me especially when you factor in player history. As written previously, a hiatus of two years does not give me any indication of improve or change. Appeal denied.
  3. There's still some connections before the date of the appeal, giving us the impression you have tried to ban evade before and during the ban appeal. Both situations being clearly against the rules. So I am going to deny this. You may appeal this in two months, no date before 13/05. If we catch any attempts at future ban evasions, we'll forbid you from any future appeals. Appeal denied.
  4. What's the deal with you trying to log on with guest128141354, taktak123, societygamer and gamingshark? The information I'm looking at is giving me the impression you've tried to ban evade.
  5. Bear is an overall pleasant and enjoyable individual. I think he has the temperament for the role.
  6. Good amount of rounds played, the above stands. Lack of feedback while slightly problematic to ensure player perception is similar to mine but that can't be helped, can't force feedback. Trial passed, application accepted.
  7. There's been some feedback on the following. 1- Tunnel vision 2- Lack of presence/communication Keep these in mind when you play in the future, any gross examples of these may result in a whitelist removal per the guidelines of whitelist removal. I'm going to pass this trial, just consider the feedback presented here. Trial passed, application accepted.
  8. Unfortunately that due to the lack of feedback and generally being new to the server that we're unable to give you a trial at this time. Feel free to apply in a few weeks and consider advertising your application in the future. You can advertise your application once a round. Application denied.
  9. Good application, good conduct and good playtime on the server which I've observed. Approved for trial, 18/02 to 24/02.
  10. Can you tell me why the assortment of color able items on the loadout don't suffice? Additionally, a new name would be appropriate. We'd rather not implement items that clearly state owner in the name.
  11. Read the new character and spoke to the individual briefly over discord. Trial starting on 13/02 and ending on 19/02.
  12. Good feedback, good play time, no staff issues, overall a very successful trial. Trial passed, application accepted.
  13. Good feedback, no staff issues, overall a very successful trial. Trial passed, application accepted.
  14. I apologize for the delay. As it stands, your application is mostly suitable and I'm willing to provide you with a trial, but there is a portion that needs correcting due to a new change. These are the modified qualifications of liaison/representatives/counselors roles. You'll need to either modify your written character to accommodate this or create a new character.
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