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  1. Sharp

    Player awards results!

    Extreme margins of error are not uncommon to anything Garn touches.
  2. Sharp

    [Denied] MoonTruthers ban appeal

    While I'm not going to handle your appeal, I did say you're not getting an appeal accepted this year. Something for the person handling this to consider.
  3. Sharp

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    1) I want to congratulate @ShameOnTurtles for being my replacement. I'm sure they'll do amazing. 2) I'd like to air my appreciation to @Synnono for the work they've done through their tenure in CCIA and especially their job as CCIA lead. Always been a pleasure working with them. 3) Transition period is complete. I've uploaded a picture of my last word.
  4. Sharp

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    Everything said here has been extremely moving. Thanks everyone, it's been a pleasure working for Aurora.
  5. Sharp

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    Resigning from my Head Administrator role.
  6. Sharp

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    Asalam Aleykoum, I’m sure all of you know me so I’ll skip any introductions. For some this is unfortunate, for others, I’m sure they’ll find this fortunate. After my long tenure on staff, I’ve decided it’s time that I resign from being a Head Administrator for this community. What follows isn’t necessary reading for people that are only interested in the tl;dr of this, but as I write this, I feel certain emotions and experienced some memories, flashbacks of sorts. I tend to be a very sappy person, at least in private with friends, so I’m going to take this moment and indulge myself. First, I want to start by apologizing to anyone I’ve wronged or have been unfair or unjust. I doubt throughout my tenure I’ve been immune to errors, no matter the effort I put in, we are all humans after all. I’ve had my moments of being snappy, happens to the best of us, yet it’s still not an excuse I accept, even from myself, so I apologize for that as well. Second, I want to thank everyone, staff and community members, present and former. I’d also like to thank those applying and those that apply in the future. The maintenance of this hobby of ours require effort from some of us, as do all hobbies that are worth it. I won’t lie and say I’ve liked everyone, but I’ve never truly hated anyone here. We’re all a community, and we all spend some of our time together since we want to, we enjoy it. So in regards to this, I think it would always benefit everyone to be nice to each other, I’ve seen far too many petty incidents and aggression when none are necessary. Thirdly, the reasons for my resignation are largely personal. I’ve never been the kind to really throw out personal circumstances or issues out in the public, and as a result for some, people have viewed me as largely distant. I tried to deal with this issue by trying to approach people more often and engaging with them. What I’m willing to say is that I’ve got certain circumstances and problems I’ve been dealing for years, and it’s gotten to a point where it has affected my willingness to continue as I am. For something I care about, Aurora can stress me out at times, trying to continuously make it better and more inclusive to people. It’s also extremely hurtful when people throw out comments that we don’t care or that I personally don’t care about the server as a whole. Finally, I got promoted relatively fast. I was a moderator for two months before being promoted to a secondary administrator and then three months later when Shadow/Itzal resigned, promoted to Head Administrator, skipping the primary rank. I appreciate the faith put in me and I hope that throughout my tenure on staff, that I’ve been capable and have done good for the community on all fronts that I’ve been involved in, and that I haven’t neglected anything that was within my power. In a sense, I’ve put my heart and soul into this server, I didn’t care much about server politics or drama, and at the end of the day, I just wanted everyone to enjoy Aurora. I’m going to stick around for a bit, assist the transition, and I’ve also offered to stick around staff in a minor position, assistance and advisory in some management or lore related matters, but I’m not really capable of maintaining what I used to do. This isn't a full out good bye as I still enjoy the community and do intend to keep playing. Feel free to ask any questions if you have them. To reiterate some of the above points. Again, I apologize if I've wronged anyone and hope that I handled my role appropriately. Edit: I am NOT quitting the community. This is only the staff team.
  7. I'll leave this open for a bit. I'd like @Bath Salts Addict to clarify on @Kaed latest comment. Perhaps insight on their antagonist actions can bring a better perspective to their actions.
  8. Sharp

    Pandolphina Job Unban Request

    Locking and archiving.
  9. Sharp

    Pandolphina Job Unban Request

    I'm accepting your appeal. If you need to leave in a hurry, feel free to send adminhelp. If you sometimes need to leave suddenly and don't have the time to write an ahelp, you can make a macro to send a ticket with a single hotkey.
  10. Reporting Personnel: Khaled Al-Bastaki Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Head of Security Game ID: A round of Extended has ended! [Game ID: bXg-dhwq] A canon event. Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Syd Picard - Phoron Researcher: Offender - Edward Crawford - Detective: Witness/Investigator/Present on Arrest - Simon Price - Miner: Witness/Informant - Shawn Carson - Warden: Minor Witness - Angela Ulery - Research Director: Minor Witness - Cameron Fisher - Roboticist: Bystander - Django Siulusi - Security Officer: Arresting Officer - Shawn Carson - Warden: Assisted in Processing Time of Incident: Around two hours into the shift. Around 12 pm mark. Real time: 3:30 am GMT+4 11/11/2018 Location of Incident: Science hallway Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault []Misconduct [X]Other Terrorist Acts Overview of the Incident: (General description of the incident, to include as much detail as is deemed necessary) The brief summary is that the offender, Phoron Researcher Syd Picard is at the extreme plotted and tried to recruit others in a plot to bomb the PRA visitors, and in the least is guilty of severe negligence, though I'm led to believe it is the former. The incident started when a miner Simon Price reported to me via PDA the supposed malicious intent of Syd Picard, this was during a period of general unrest amongst the crew, accidents by the tank crew that resulted in one death which seems to be attributed to medical malpractice, but I lack information on the medical side of it and a mine that was planted for the tank. So the mood was tense and only recently from memory did we drop from code red to blue, so the atmosphere tense all around and people were rather fearful. Simon Price said they supposed tried to recruit him and bring him into his plans, due to the miners ATLAS ties and previously during the day, rather inflammatory behavior towards Tajara and especially the visitors. I called some of my security members and stayed in the robotics room with Cameron Fisher and Angela Ulery to watch for Picard. It had been reported to us by Simon Price that he was by the surface garden and then gave us general directions of his destination and present whereabouts, which we verified as true. He also reported that they had a bomb on them. Once Picard entered, we intercepted him, even though we downgraded to code blue, there was a possible threat and a very dangerous one. Once he was restrained, he was searched, whereupon we found an explosive device which the detective said and I quote "professionally made" along with signaler that was linked with it. I don't have full case information on hand so you'll need to contact the detective. After further investigation in the brig, they were believed to be guilty and sentenced to terrorist acts, whereupon they were transferred to the NTCC Odin under restraints and escort. I'd like to note there were suspected accomplices but due to the transfer and present investigation into this individual, we weren't able to expand the investigation. There was supposed to be a meet up of those with distasteful opinions of the Tajara, specifically from other Tajara that seemed to despise the PRA. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: I reported my findings to the Captain. He didn't disapprove nor interfere. Actions taken: A forceful search operation which yielded results, followed by processing, interrogation and sentencing. Additional Notes: I'd like to add that we had another incident previously where a mine was placed to disrupt the tank. It was triggered before we could fully investigate. We have been unable to pinpoint the source and we had numerous suspects. We were exceptionally spread thin handling numerous situations. Simon Price transcript. https://pastebin.com/3xRVxmkk In the personnel involved list. Anyone after Simon Price is a secondary witness, I added them as they may be needed but I don't think they are wholly necessary.
  11. I need to echo the concerns raised by Coalf and others, not about the quality of the content but your interactions with the community, not in its entirety as I do get the added benefit of seeing you on staff discord. A portion of the community, a number of whom contacted me when you made this application about their dislike to your general attitude, bordering into the topic of how approachable you are, and I feel this heavily weighs against your application. I've asked those that contacted me to post their feedback here, even if it's repeating a singular issue. Additionally I'm slightly puzzled by the fact that you created the PR to "delete Skrell" due to a lack of a dedicated Skrell lore developer and then proceed to apply for the position. Why not just apply from the get go? I understand the purpose of the PR alone, but this follow confuses me. Lastly, your activity on the server is fairly low, in that I feel it's practically none existent. The last round I've been able to find on the WI is this. And even then I saw no proper pattern of activity when playing. I'd post the exact figure of numbers joined for the past few months, but I don't have them yet. It's important to me, specifically as a Head Administrator to have a lore team that does join the server and play, which for the most part everyone does play as often as they can with consideration to their life obligations. The issue with previous lore developers which aren't around anymore for obvious reasons was that their inactivity made them detached from the community, world building for themselves and just handling whitelists.
  12. I'll post something a little more in depth later, but for now, can you cite any examples for us to work with?
  13. The administration is aware that not the whole character is irredeemable. Yes, there are certain tendencies which do brush against the rules and in some instances outright violate them, that doesn't disqualify Willow Harper as a character that can exist. An example of one I've recently resolved and their part of it was being investigated by another moderator. I'm not personally handling this complaint but I feel it's beneficial to add certain insight to what we know and what we're looking at here. This example https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=11979#p107069 Has Willow Harper threaten physical violence to a person that was asking questions unrelated to Willow herself, with no prior interaction. The other character retorts and Willow Harper resorts to breaking into their workplace with a maglight. That's two reinforced glass panels and a grill, showing strong intent for major physical harm to a person over a very minor verbal confrontation that Willow initiated. With this example, I'm trying to emphasize that we aren't going to interfere with a player in this context based on people throwing around personal gripes, but rather actual proof. Is the administration considering some action? Yes, this action could range from feedback to other more extreme things, player history in mind. Are we assuming everything posted or said as complete truths? No. Every post is reviewed and evidence extracted, personal gripes irrelevant unless they directly correlate with our rules and server culture. Do we plan to be fair here? Yes, the ones handling this complaint have no intention to rush this. Are we planning to use this complaint as a platform for the player in question to improve primarily? Yes, all punishments even certain bans are used in an attempt to improve or curb certain behavior. Now to the people that have posted here or those that plan to post. Keep your posts constructive. Saying action needs to be taken without further adding any proof of anything that the staff needs to correct only saturates the thread, a thread which staff have to filter through every post and extract anything of merit to the investigation. Arguments for the sake of arguments only serves to derail this, while certain positions here are commendable in that we have people coming forward for or against the character here, keep it factual and backed with evidence. Your testimonies do count as evidence but it's also important to add things we can verify. "X happened." may have very well happened, but we can't take it as a fact because at the same time it might not have happened without something to prove it. Additionally, for a lack of better words, white knighting doesn't serve much here.